We are getting ready for the launch of the next instalment of Bungie and Activision’s opinion dividing shooter. Following the original Destiny many are hoping for a much more complete package this time as the sequel nears launch. We’ve already looked at the Destiny 2 Single Player features for us lone wolves the developers seem to be addressing. But the big one for many players is finally delivering a great story.

And the Destiny 2 voice actors, including the outstanding main cast of Nathan Fillion, Lance Reddick, Gina Torres and Nolan North are key to that happening.

It’s a wonderful cast and more to come from some underutilised characters in the original game. As Destiny 2 heads to PlayStation 4, Xbox One in September and PC in October, will it finally have a story to match the quality of its cast? Here the MGL Voice Artist Spotlight feature returns to look at the characters and actors behind the game.

“An Epic Story” is the promise in recent videos on Destiny 2 which also seems to revolve around Vanguards. Considering the loss of the city and our power Cayde, Ikora and Zavala will be more active this time. Let’s check out the characters and the voice cast below plus some of my thoughts on the story overall.

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Cayde-6, “The Wildcard” – Nathan Fillion

Starting with the much loved rebel of the Vanguard trio is the wildcard Cayde-6 who is worth playing as a hunter for alone. The fact that Nathan “Firefly” Fillion plays him is also a huge factor as his delivery is excellent.

Cayde has been the focus of much of the Destiny 2 marketing so far and a character that seems to be taking a more prevalent role in the sequel. Considering the situation as the last city falls, all of the Vanguard are going to be more active I expect in Destiny 2… but more on that later.

Personally, and like many others, Cayde is my personal favourite character. He’s witty, bordering on anti-hero and the first few trailers based around him for Destiny 2 were excellent. As such I want him to get his wish. He’d often ask in the original to go with you and get back into the field. Let’s hope we get some specific missions with him as part of the new story.

I doubt anyone is concerned about Nathan Fillion’s performance either given his ability. The actor is no stranger to games featuring as Buck in Halo and goes way back to one of my favourite titles, Jade Empire where he played Gao the Lesser.

He’s really made Cayde his own however. More of him in the sequel can only be a good thing.

Ikora, “The Fearless” – Gina Torres

As a Warlock for my main Destiny character I was very friendly with Ikora in the original game. Nothing happened… honest.

Her character is that of the determined, described as fearless and merciless in the latest trailer. It’s hard to argue with that and from the Beta, it was clearly seen. She destroys a ship with her raw power in a rage at the attack. Not someone these Cabal want to mess with!

Given her leadership of the Warlocks, she is going to be hurt massively by what Ghaul does with The Traveler. Taking the Light is not going to be taken lightly (get it?) by her that’s for sure. Hopefully they make more use of her and the potential of the character this time as a really strong female main character can really make a game excellent.

They certainly have a great actress to take on more of a prominent role in the story too. Particularly as Gina “Suits” Torres has that FireFly connection, it makes for natural banter with Ikora and Cayde. While staring in many movies and TV she’s been Wonder Woman in DC Universe Online and a few other game roles.

This is the big one in video games for her though, and I really hope Bungie make more use of what could be a really strong character. I always felt she could take more of a role in what little story there was in Destiny. Hopefully this time they have realised the potential Ikora has played by someone with such good delivery.

Zavala, “The Man With A Plan” – Lance Reddick

For all of you Titan lovers out there, and there are so damn many of you, Zavala is the main man. He’s the strong, serious leader type and has plenty of power to go with that. He’s considered the strongest of all Titans and from his video it seems we are going to see this first hand.

It was awesome to be in the Beta and fighting alongside him, I personally hope for more.

Every story needs that down to earth serious guy. The one that plays the true hero and stands up for the people. But we need not forget that he is a badass too. He looks pretty damn cool tearing the Cabal weapon out of one big guy’s hands and getting ready to blast away with it.

I also have a lot of love for Lance “The Wire” Reddick, which is still my favourite TV series. He was also really good in Quantum Break, a game that takes a little over criticism in my view. Regardless of the game’s overall quality though, he was great.

As a person to lead the fight against Ghaul, I think he’s going to be a key character to pull the story along.

Ghost, “The Fully Voiced” – Nolan North

Peter Dinklage was actually a good person to bring into the fold for Destiny. I thought his acquisition was positive at the time, however they didn’t think a number of things through. Firstly, his commitment to Game Of Thrones for ongoing updates so he could record more voiceover. Secondly, the scripting and story didn’t use his talent properly for me.

Enter a gaming legend, Nolan North who stepped in perfectly. Now, he is back for more.

A silent protagonist needs a charismatic partner, it’s classic just like I loved in the original Jak and Daxter. So to have Nolan North, the man who was Nathan Drake and so many more outstanding characters in gaming – his performance in Spec Ops the Line is one of his best IMO – is perfect here.

Ghost needs to really speak for the player in a way, to really get the urgency of each mission. I’m really interested to see how the Guardian-Ghost relationship develops in Destiny 2 given they can work on it long term now.

Woking as a Team

While all these characters are awesome, and played by great actors… they were ALL in the original Destiny. The issue was not using them properly; they were all safe inside the city. But thanks to the events of the Homecoming mission, they have no choice but to join in the fight!

Destiny 2 Voice Actors image 1But what could that mean? Well first of all I’m really hoping for them to be more involved in some key missions you take part in through the story. Having individual members of the vanguard or the entire team at times would really make for more interesting missions. Plus, the story telling in cut-scenes would also have a greater impact.

Also, I think this is a way to take on the choice of playing as different classes actually having some impact. We’ve heard that there are 80 PVE missions in Destiny 2, but I doubt you can experience them all as one class.

I think a series of class-based missions, much like we saw in The Taken King could be involved. Taking that to the next level would see Cayde, Ikora and Zavala escort their fellow Hunter, Warlock and Titan respectively.

This is a want/prediction but one that makes sense to encourage people to play the game as more than one class. More on that later.

Right now, we need to talk about the MOST important character in this story. The one that drives all of this on…

Ghaul, “The Villain” – Neil Kaplan

Right, I’m a big lover of a good villain. One of my favourite games for this is Far Cry as they really delivered on this with Vaas and Pagan min. They even seem to be doing it again with Far Cry 5 and this strange pastor guy. There are more examples in gaming, but where I think Destiny needs to really deliver this time is in its villain.

There were lots of enemies to shoot and they all had their history. But they were basically a non-human thing to shoot and loot from. A truly Epic story of this kind is only as good as it’s villain for me.

Ghaul has some nice pieces to his evil character already. He’s arrogant, powerful and his initial actions are to take over the last city. Not to mention hold the Traveler and The Light hostage for his own use. Not only that but the attack at the end on your Guardian is also a more than decent start.


My question to his character is depth. He’s clearly the supervillain type here with the “tortured past” with demons leading him to be the power hungry, ruthless monster in the trailer. I really hope there is a really dark and deep story to go with his angriness.

They do have a very seasoned gaming voice actor who’s done a number of villain characters in gaming. Neil Kaplan is the man behind Ghaul and has been in Shadow of Mordor as a number of the nemesis orcs plus a number of “additional voices type roles. I just hope he brings his experience to this based on a really well designed script for this character.

Along with great villains are usually other lieutenant type characters too so I wonder if there are any unrevealed characters to work with Ghaul to discover, which you would expect. Again, lets hope they are more than bullet absorbers and have some character to them.

Hopes are high here, they are making the right moves but will it all tie together and make…

An Epic Story?

A few moments into the “So what is Destiny 2” video the phrase arrived: “…with an EPIC story”. Now, if this is true then we all win here because no matter anything else, it’s the original game’s biggest weakness for most players.

This includes me 100%.

The thing is, if the once again fail to deliver they have overpromised on two Destiny games. The first one promised so much and in the end needed a tonne of updates to even get close. They simply can’t afford to do that with the sequel.

I personally really hope they deliver this time. Bring the quality of the outstanding voice cast to the forefront of the game. Plus, use this world and it’s setting to it’s full potential. The key to it all for me is Ghaul and the situation with the Traveler. Get that right, and some interesting side quests too, and we’ll all be much the happier.

What do you want to see most in the Destiny 2 story from September 6 gamers? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook here for more updates on Destiny. Plus there is more on Single Player and Multiplayer Destiny 2 on MGL.

Until next time Guardians, game on

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