Now I am not ashamed to say that a number of gaming hours have been lost recently watching the Netflix series, Daredevil from Marvel studios. If you’re the same and feel a little guilty on missing quality gaming time, DON’T! I can honestly say it was totally worth it. Having expected a more lighthearted, Arrow style experience, I was very surprised at the dark, gritty and downright brutal tone of the series alongside some fantastic acting from all of the cast that had me hooked in right away and addicted by the end of episode 2 with THAT fight scene.

Then I got thinking… and, for those who missed my confession in My Piece about Mortal Kombat X’s Story ModeI am more of a Marvel person than a DC person. Not that I dislike DC, it was just in my upbringing. My old man would get me any comic I wanted so long as the Marvel logo was on it, basically so he could read them himself since he grew up with them when he was a kid… In fact, I won’t mention it too much, but my Gran (his mum of course) threw out well over 1000 original Marvel comics from his collection including Spiderman, Thor, Fantastic 4 and others from issue one into the hundreds… whoops!

So with that being said I also love DC comics and their characters, so it brings me both pleasure and pain to say that the Batman Arkham games are amazing and not only awesome as a fan but just as a quality gaming experience anyone can enjoy. One of the keys to it’s success is being built outside of films and other distractions and, of course being made by a top British Developer in Rocksteady that are currently in the final stages of another epic edition to the series in Batman: Arkham Knight, a game that we are very excited for here on MGL.

But I’m personally desperate to see a quality Marvel production of the same quality in the gaming market, but for a funny but unsatisfying Deadpool game and some decent Spiderman games that play nice but as at best a bit of fun. The Marvel library of solid games is pretty empty and I personally think Daredevil could work really, really well as not just a spin off game, something special like the Arkham games, if a little different.

The Defence

So in defending my stance here to those maybe a little skeptical, in typical Matt Murdock style I’m going to stick to the facts.

Daredevil is Dark, a really nasty and brutal part of the Marvel world and this is captured exceptionally well in the TV show and would work perfectly in the game. That’s one of the things that makes Batman so good to play, it’s not a world of bright colours and predictable characters like you’d expect of Spiderman (not insulting you Spidey!). It’s gritty, nasty and dark with people getting killed and when they are not, bones are snapped or they become mutated in some way and, one of the key things in making anything more serious: bad things happen to good people.

You also have one nasty villain, the Kingpin is a larger than life bad guy in so many ways. Physically he is huge, one of the strongest men in the world and also one of the most clever. Perfect for an antagonist in the series and the fact the way he operates from afar means he’ll have various people working for him to get past, too.


There is of course two major sides to Daredevil that could make all the difference here and make it stand out as being more than just an action game and make it more of an adventure as you play. It would be a good idea for the game to see you take control of Matt Murdock at times in order to find legal cases with residents of Hell’s Kitchen. This is where the game makes its own mark for me, going down a more split path than the Batman games that focus solely on being the hero until the job is done. Here you could have some very interesting NPC characters, listen to their issues and then find out more about them at night in that awesome red suit, piecing together what’s going on and unraveling more of the bigger picture as you do so.

Some can lead you to Kingpins men, others to simply their own conclusions or other side quests. The scope here is massive and could really work with the right balance.

Then there is the combat, Daredevil is nimble and fast with reactions based on his heightened senses of sound that let him perceive the world differently and react incredibly quickly. It could really work nicely in a fluid action-game mechanics with quick-strikes, counter and take-down controls similar to seen in Batman Arkham or Shadow of Mordor. Considering he has more highlighted abilities and training rather than out and out superpowers mean he fits right into the Batman Arkham style combat nicely.

I could go on here, it has so much potential to work as a game if done right… but then again so did building a game around Jason Bourne…

The Prosecution

Ok, so there are some people who are going to say NO, do NOT do this! And with more than just The Bourne Conspiracy as an example, there are many things that are a worry here.

Getting it in the right hands has got to be the biggest for me, the reason Batman Arkham is such a successful game is because of Rocksteady and their ability to make an outstanding game. Which is the worst game in the Arkham Series? The one they didn’t develop! Even with the template built, it needs a certain level of quality to make a game of this caliber, and this is no insult to WB Games Montreal it’s just the sheer quality Rocksteady can deliver.

So, if this is to happen it needs to be in a quality developers hands that will create something as remarkable as the TV show itself… but here lies our next issue.


Arkham games do not link directly to Movies or TV, they stand in their own universe with their own voice actors and plotlines. Of course these are based in the lore of Batman but they are their own isolated entity. Should that be the same with Daredevil? There are big pros and cons for both here but my concern with going with the TV show is then the need to get the same voice actors which cost more money which drains funds from other elements of the game. But you take that away and it may lose some of it’s appeal as Daredevil is nowhere near Batman’s stature as a character.

That is a tough one…

Lastly from me on this is the fact… well, he can’t see! So how does the graphical style of the game work? Obviously, in fight scenes we can use the “world on fire vision” to make it interesting but in general play the graphic style may have to be a little unusual to reflect his way of seeing the world. This could be a strength as much as it could be a weakness but, again, we’re back to getting the game developed by a top class studio aren’t we?

But that’s enough from me, this is My Games Lounge after all so what do YOU think Daredevil/Gaming/comic book fans? Register and Drop us a comment below or get on the Official MGL Twitter and Tweet us plus you can get talking on Facebook and Leave a Comment.

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