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But after the event was over we were left feeling very happy we stayed up. Doom was awesome and a release date This Year for Fallout 4 was amazing.

Obviously this all happened very late at night/early morning if you are in the UK so we’ve updated all the big news from the event on the site here:

David Game’s Reaction

Ladies and gentlemen, we had believed in this conference. We were invested from the moment we heard of its existence. Fallout 4 being largely responsible for that. Faith paid off this early morning, as all things Fallout-related hit us like a 100% accuracy VATS attack.

Doom looks enjoyable, particularly the melee kills. It’s more of a “return to glory” than a huge innovation, but returning to glory is far better than returning to mediocrity.

Battlecry. Well, what can we say? Perhaps a game that simply doesn’t display well. I imagine you need to play it, so my views are reserved until then, but at first glance, I’m simply not interested.

The Elder Scrolls Online had something of an obligatory placement in the conference. They fed it to us in the way of “we have something to show you”, and….well….they did. They showed us things. Didn’t elaborate too much, just showed. Unfortunately, there are better MMO’s, even on consoles, and it doesn’t seem like what they’ve shown will do anything to change that.

Elder Scrolls Legends. A strategy card game I’ve affectionately referred to as “HearthScrolls”. We didn’t get to see enough of it to judge, but I enjoy mobile games and this is a wise move for Bethesda to make, though I don’t feel people are as invested in the Elder Scrolls Lore as they are in Warcraft’s. Still, I wish it all the best.

Dishonored 2. I loved Dishonored, but you know what I don’t love? Teasers. I have faith in Arkane. I know they do great work. I don’t need to see anything until you’re ready, but I’ll admit it has me intrigued, though I already was. Still, its full confirmation is a good thing, and Dishonored is returning in its full package for current gen consoles in the Autumn, so hoorah!

Finally, Fallout 4. Fallout FRICKIN’ 4! Where do I begin? From the Collector’s Edition with a WEARABLE PIP-BOY that houses your iPhone, to the Pip-Boy App that’ll accompany the game, to the “Fallout Shelter” App Store game being FREE and AVAILABLE NOW, to the customisable bases IN Fallout 4, customisable guns and power armour, knowing that you begin the game pre-war, and FINALLY…. a FULL RELEASE DATE. I did not see that coming, but a part of me could feel it as it drew to a close. Officially, Fallout 4 will release this year. Specifically? 10th November 2015.

So all in all? Fallout blew my mind in to a million little pieces. It practically overshadowed the rest of the conference, and it’ll be a tough showing to compete with. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to be frozen until such a time as I have my hands on that Collector’s Edition of Fallout 4.

Respawn Rossco’s Reaction

What a start, and not at all the way I was expecting. I went into the show expecting a few things but to be greeted by Doom as the first game out was not one of them. I also didn’t expect to be so engrossed by it, your classic FPS game has been done so much now it’s hard to be original in the modern era in my (now outdated) opinion.

Doom has just smashed that idea to gorey pieces. I loved the animations on everything, from the bullets going into the gun, the smoke coming from the chainsaw to the bits of demon splattering all over the place. It was just amazing. Multiplayer looked good but the best element for me was the SnapMap feature that is totally open to all gamers to make their own Doom experience.


Now, I was awaiting one of my favourite games that launched in 2012 in Dishonored coming back with a sequel. It did and it looks outstanding in a short video but it was more a tease than a demo. Emily is playable in this game but an option rather than the only character. Corvo is there but his powers and moves are his own. Emily brings her own skills and powers, making the gameplay options massive although it’s not a co-op title and you pick your character at the beginning and can’t swap.

I wanted more but we didn’t really get much other than a surprise definitive edition of the original game. A HD version of Dishonored with DLC and add ons which might be enough to keep me quiet. The game is due spring 2016 at present.

Fallout was always what this show was about and it didn’t disappoint. It was amazing to hear the game started back at the launch of Fallout 3. The artwork was impressive but the gameplay was jaw dropping.  So much customisation and options with weapons and all looking so polished. Character creation was clever in its simplicity, a face in the mirror you adjust as you move around it. It really did look outstanding.

Myself and Dave hoped, more than expected a 2015 launch and we were scared to comment on the game looking so ready & polished. Still, when they confirmed it, it was a drop-the-mic moment and we were stunned. November just got epic, and E3 started with the bar set very high.

Bethesda have made it hard for the other studio’s to do better and hopefully they are inspired to pull out their big guns during their events. Time will tell but this really did make an incredible start to E3 2015!

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