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E3 was a fantastic showcase of gaming this year, one of the best ever for the sheer quality of the gaming on show and the presentations. Are we ready for more with Gamescom live this week?

Hell yes, and what a line-up from Microsoft once again as they show off another batch of eagerly anticipated games.

Fans were worried about the E3 line-up omitting some quality games from the line-up, specifically to show them at Gamescom. But without them, they managed to wow us all with some great showings of Halo 5, a new Rare title in Sea of Thieves and the new game called Re-Core that looks excellent.

Will we to see more of these? We’ll look at that down the page along with what new games may be announced.

For now we’re going to look at what we know, and that includes 3 outstanding titles I am very excited about personally.

Quantum Break

This was the game that first turned my PlayStation focused head and looked at the Xbox One as a console I really wanted. As a declaration to those who haven’t read my work before, I do like all gaming and have every console but I tend to prefer the games that are produced as exclusives on PlayStation more than Xbox exclusives. And this was what struck me about Quantum Break, it wasn’t your typical Xbox type affair, and I liked it.

Time travel is also a bit cool, it messes with your head to as you try and even explain how something can happen in time, then you go back and change things… but how can you go back if things changed..? And how do you go back? Do your memories change…? Etc.


I love a good old time travel story and games like Timesplitters or even the story told within Final Fantasy XIII’s sequels.

But Quantum Break looks a game of sheer quality and, given its delays, I think that is really what Remedy have gone for here. A high polished action adventure game. If this is the case when it comes out, all delays and issues will be forgiven for me.

For Gamescom though we now need a few things: some new gameplay that really gets people excited and out of their seats. I want this to really stand out as a moment where everyone is talking about it on Twitter and the world is ready for a new, impressive IP.

Secondly, it’s release date time Remedy!

We really want to get going with this one and I certainly hope an Early 2016 release is not out of the question. While Tomb Raider is the more natural gameplay competitor to Uncharted, Quantum Break could be the game to compete release date wise in 2016 if it’s ready.

I for one certainly hope to see this sooner rather than later.


Another new IP and a game that has a lot of people really itching to see more after a very teasing video shown back in 2014. The game is described as an action title but nothing like those experienced with Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. In fact, very little is known about it at all and it’s about time that all changed.

At Gamescom the first thing I want to see is some gameplay, the movie sequence was cool and it looks like an interesting game. But I think we all need to see it in action now, and not just some pre-recorded elements. A solid video or live demo of gameplay really can make a huge impression, look at what people thought of Horizon: Zero Dawn after a few minutes. I want to feel like that after seeing Scalebound.


We know there is potential here, the dragon is your companion on your quests in this title and helps you in battles, which then suggests the scale of what enemies you will be facing may well be pretty big and imposing. It’s also hinted that the game is rather big and that gamers can be playing it for a very long time so it will be interesting to see the scale of the game and the development of the characters.

Everything here sounds good, even the name is good, but I want some substance putting on the game over the next few days. Once again, a release date or at least window would be nice to know too.

One interesting thing here is, after some rather obviously angry tweets and public upset from the developers at Platinum games, how much of a united front will there be between Platinum and Microsoft on this exclusive title? It certainly adds a bit of added spice to the situation.


Let’s all, just for a moment, repress anything to do with the disappointing sequel and think about how good the original Crackdown was. Remember..?

It was seriously cool, one of the most fun sandbox experiences out there on the Xbox 360 at the time it came out and more than a few games have picked up some of its traits since.

Crackdown image

Once again, we have been left hanging for over a year now following the release of the teasing trailer at E3 2014 and now we are finally getting some more. We know more about the game than Scalebound given the series has been out there before but this adaptation is sorely lacking in details.

One theme that Xbox need to master a bit better with their Demo’s at conferences and E3 in particular, is gameplay. Too much of what they keep showing is movie sequences and again, with Crackdown we don’t really have anything to go on, I’m hoping this changes.

The type of things I would like to see is a vast, open world city with lots to do and options to make things go BOOM! Then I want to see some cool powers and upgrades alongside a well presented, cell-shaded world. I think it’s time to see people playing it, live on stage.

More from E3?

While the focus will be on the games not shown at E3, and some newcomers as we’ll look in a moment, you can’t see Microsoft not getting us all excited for a few games coming up.

Halo 5: Guardians is going to be the main one people will be itching to see more of and while it might not be a long slot I can see a really solid video or live demo of some gameplay being shown and maybe some additional details being shared as we close in on the busy season of gaming.

Forza 6 will get all the racing gamers all revved up (sorry) for some more action, and the game so far is looking good although seems a little close to the last game in release in my opinion. But there are some other games I really don’t want to be left waiting on.

Recore Featured image

Since Microsoft promised that all games shown at E3 would launch either this year or next, then it’s certainly worth giving us some more Re-Core, Sea of Thieves and definitely some more Gears of War.

Re-Core was another trailer that stood out as a not so Microsoft game. It looked stunning and its concept is really unique and if we are to be playing this next year, it’s time to get me more excited and show off some more. Both Sea of Thieves and Gears 4 looked very playable too at E3 so the chance of more is something I’d relish seeing too.

But we can’t not mention Lara Croft and Rise of the Tomb Raider. After the big update on How the Exclusivity Deal will Work has broken, we now know Xbox One will be the only place to play Tomb Raider until well into 2016. The last showing of the game looked cold and harsh as Lara struggled to scale an ice & snow coated cliff and it was nothing short of breath-taking. Given the November release of the game, we surely have to see more.

More New Announcements

Phil Spencer has promised as many new announcements at Gamescom as there was at E3 which is quite impressive considering there were at least 4 to my recollection. So if we are to see some new games coming up what could it be?

Well, back before E3 I thought Remedy may have more in store for us than just Quantum Break and I can really see a sequel to Alan Wake being one of the announcements. The game was a real twist and involved some innovative gameplay techniques along with a cool story. Based on nothing but a hunch, I think we could see this one just after they show off Quantum Break.

Alan Wake

Another game that could come back in Perfect Dark, the classic game already got an outing on the 360 in Zero. It stands to reason we might just see Rare hitting a few titles at once after being very quiet over the recent years so maybe a teaser of some sort could come out at Gamescom.

Other than that we are looking at sequels and new games of their own right. Sequels could see us looking at more Titanfall or the outstanding Sunset Overdrive which would not be a surprise in either game given their successes.

New games wise, there isn’t much to say really. Microsoft have been quite innovative recently and that may well continue. They have been trying to match their rivals with games so far with Tomb Raider the natural rival to Uncharted, so perhaps they may address the lack of direct competition to God of War. Given the rather dull nature of Ryse: Son of Rome they may go for something in a more in line with God of War style mythology.

Personally, I think gaming needs more Vikings and Norse Gods so if they want to rival Sony’s major action game then a game that sees us smashing things with Thor’s hammer sounds a lot of fun to me.

Overall though, I think Microsoft have a very strong line-up for tomorrow’s conference and we are going to see them pushing even harder to catch up on the PlayStation 4 as this year looks to be more dominated by the Xbox One major exclusives than the Sony ones.

Bookmark this page for the live stream of the event tomorrow and keep on My Games Lounge for all the news and reaction to the show. More coming tomorrow including EA Preview and Sony’s lack of presence.

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