We have bit love for first person shooters here on MGL. It’s a classic genre and has gone through a number of evolutionary changes since the classics of Doom (the 90s one!) and Wolfenstein (again… The old one).

But with a clash if the FPS about to happen we’ve decided to have look at the 5 big upcoming games that look to steal this year’s top FPS from the outstanding Overwatch that currently holds the title.

While this article is a list done in release order, expect no clicking from page to page. More words to read than huge pictures with a caption! Each section is on the one page and you can get a good amount of information here. If you like how we do things here on MGL we’d love a share or like on social media, and please leave comments via Disqus or Facebook at the bottom of the page.

Destiny: Rise of Iron and Collection – Out Now! Released September 20th

does-rise-of-iron-matter-for-destiny-4Yep, I’m opening that can of worms early but that’s simply due to release dates as Destiny launched both Rise of Iron expansion and the Destiny collection on September 20th  and this could be the best time to play Destiny. Especially if you never have before.

When the game was originally released there were the bare bones of a great game but no meat. After a year and working on The Taken King, and re-recording the voice of Ghost they took the game up in quality massively.

Now 2 years since launch the game is one hell of a package with all the expansions, added perks, loot and that core gameplay that’s always been excellent. I’m currently taking in Destiny again myself and am liking what I find so far.

Check out if Destiny is worth playing 2 years on, plus David Game is considering how much Rise of Iron Matters to Destiny. And, if you are not sure what comes with the new package, check the key details below.

Rise of Iron

This got me looking back into Destiny the moment I saw the above video with details on the expansion from Bungie. It looks the best expansion to date and has some big features:

New Campaign Story

The wall which stood for centuries along the southern border of Old Russia has collapsed, a battle-scorched reminder that our enemies still seek to destroy us all. Fallen mutants now scavenge the tombs of the Golden Age, and the plague they have unearthed in the wastes is more dangerous than even they understand. Join Lord Saladin. Journey into The Plaguelands. Learn the fate of the Iron Lords and stop the growing threat before it is too late.

New Locations & Features

  • New Zone: The Plaguelands
  • New Social Space: Felwinter Peak
  • New Enemy Faction The Devil Splicers
  • New Six-Player Raid (live September 23)
  • New and Updated Strikes

Private Matches come to Destiny

Private matches – a new mode that will allow solo players or parties as large as 6v6 to form in a private lobby and choose the map and the PvP mode they want to play before jumping into the action. The keys to the Crucible are now in the player’s hands.

New PvP Maps and Mode

Competitive players can jump into the action with a brand new 6v6 objective based PvP mode called ‘Supremacy’ where players collect the crests of defeated enemy Guardians to score points while also denying the opposing team a chance to score by collecting the crests of fallen teammates. Rise of Iron will also feature three new PvP maps.

– – –

This seems the biggest package yet, and it really could bring people back to Destiny. This includes me, after almost 2 years i’m back with it to experience the game now. Let’s not forget what a good shooter Destiny is, maybe Rise of Iron can complete this game once and for all.

Check this article here for more details as Rossco Revisits Destiny.

Battlefield 1 – October 21

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions Battlefield 1A month after Destiny and 8 weeks after the Beta were going in for some World War 1 action in what people are hoping takes the Battlefield series back to the quality of BF 1941 and, my personal favourite, Battlefield Vietnam.

Many because of the “Back in ‘Nam” discussions with friends the next day.

There are high hopes for this game and even hollow trains and glittering graphics and dodgy weapons fire isn’t worrying fans just yet. The core of the game looks so good there are a lot of fingers around the gaming world that these can now get fixed and make the game awesome.

There are certainly a lot of things to look forward to in the game from EA themselves:


  • Only in Battlefield 1 will you bring a horse to a tank fight and squad-up with your allies in epic multiplayer battles with up to 64 players. Through ever-changing environments at the dawn of all-out war, no battle is ever the same.
  • Battlefield 1 takes you across multiple and varied locations in a bid to fight your way through immersive battles. From tight urban fights in a besieged French city, to big open spaces in the Italian Alps and frantic combats in the deserts of Arabia, discover a world at war through an adventure-filled campaign.
  • In a true multiplayer sandbox experience, take to the skies and engage in high-octane dogfights through treacherous landscapes, or have a battleship obliterating the coast from the sea, and engage in some of the biggest battles ever seen as empires clash for supremacy.
  • Intuitive destruction and dynamic weather ensure that no battle is ever the same. For even more gameplay possibilities, carve a path through walls and buildings, take down your enemies in creative ways, and leave your mark on the terrain around you through intuitive destruction.
  • Operations introduces a completely new way to play multiplayer. In Battlefield 1 will you play a series of interconnected battles across multiple fronts. Play a sequence of battles where your actions have consequences beyond a single match, as you try to conquer territory or push back your attackers.
  • At those times when you feel all is lost, call in the Behemoths – the largest fully player-controlled vehicles ever seen in Battlefield. Roam the battlefield and rain fire on your enemy to break their defenses. All-out war never felt so epic. Take control of the Armored Train, Air Ship, or the Battleship to dominate the battlefield across land, air, and sea.




– – –

Despite some criticism of the final package, DICE delivered a really entertaining package game in Star Wars Battlefront last year. What Battlefield 1 needs to do is get that core gameplay fun and engaging but also not repeat the same mistakes.

EA love to make a game that’s all about DLC and additional content. So much you wonder when the time comes all you get in the main game is one map, one gun and maybe one pixel before the first DLC pack arrives.

This needs to be fully realised game with lots of content from release. They do that and we could have a winner.

Titanfall 2 – October 28th


A week later and we can go the offer direction with a shooter. A ground based technological battleground with wall running, Titan pounding and sky falling gameplay that looks so cool.
And the best parts are the new single player campaign and PS4 owners get to play this one too.

It’s fast, fun and already felt very solid in the Beta launch in August. Respawn have added a number of new features too and one I can’t wait to play is the story mode that explores the pilot & Titan link that should be entertaining.

But what do we expect from TitanFall 2? Here are the main game features:

About Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 delivers a single player campaign packed with action and inventive twists.

In single player, step on to The Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming a Pilot. Stranded behind IMC enemy lines, you must team up with a veteran Vanguard-class Titan, working together against overwhelming odds to uphold a mission you were never meant to carry out.

In multiplayer, Titanfall 2 gives fans more of what they want including six all-new Titans, a host of deadly new Pilot abilities, an expanded customization system, new maps and much more, Titanfall 2 gives fans the deeper multiplayer experience they’ve been asking for.

Single Player

There is a lot of hype on this one, almost as much as the game now coming on PS4. The story mode here may well launch the game to new heights as the plot centres around the Titan and Pilot connection.


– – –

This is clearly a game for the future tech crowd, it won’t please everyone but a huge number of people out there must like this style as sales aren’t exactly bad.

Speaking of sales, the multi-format release of TitanFall 2 should be big for the company. However, the launch window is the same day as Skyrim coming (yes it’s a remaster but the sales will be huge) plus the Last Guardian Releases the series week.

While different games, games don’t just play one thing, but they do only have so much money to spend at once. This really has to stand out to succeed so close to Battlefield 1, Call of Duty and other big games in ain very busy month.

More on the October-Games-Fest later this month!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – November 4th

Sony E3 2016 PlayStation Predictions Infinate WarfareAs if the madness of October wasn’t enough, the moment we start November the current king of FPS games arrives. Now I hear you grumble and I’m not a big fan either but popularity and sales wise it simply is the dominant force right now.

But is this going to change?

The reaction to Infinite Warfare saw the biggest fan backlash ever with dislikes, pissed off comments and Twitter meltdowns everywhere. The game had some serious impressing to do.

Yet, at the same time a typical conversation between Call of Duty fans tends to go like this:

“What you think of the new COD?”

“Looks s**t.”

“It does look s**t, really s**t. You getting it?”


“Me too.”

This is the thing about Call of Duty, while I joke with that conversation, there are people who will buy it no matter what. Its got a status of the top dog and people like to take jabs at the top of the pile. It’s standard.

But i for one feel I’ve judged the game harshly on first impressions and after the cheeky E3 trailer – the one that said nothing about what the game was and just showed some cool space gameplay – I felt a bit harsh.

Let’s not forget, the past two Call of Duty games have been excellent so why should this be any different? Let’s check out what the game promises below:


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a bold and creative step for the franchise and will lead players through an unforgettable journey as they engage in heroic battles with hallmark Call of Duty combat. The campaign spans our solar system, taking players on a journey from Earth to beyond our atmosphere. It’s grand scale war with unforgettable characters, rich emotional arcs, an epic new setting and blockbuster Call of Duty action.

Future War, Old School Fight

Set within a plausible future setting, the game puts players in the role of Captain Reyes, a Tier 1 Special Operations pilot, who takes the helm of the Retribution, one of Earth’s last remaining warships. In a time of unthinkable adversity, Reyes must lead the remnants of coalition forces against a relentless enemy.

Fighting a Fanatical Enemy

Led by Admiral Kotch, portrayed with voice and likeness by Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), the Settlement Defense Front (The Front) represents a splinter group of insurgents that broke away from the United Nations Space Alliance during a war of secession, years ago.

In the world of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, our planet has been stripped of its natural assets through population growth and industrial expansion. The people of Earth now rely upon colonies throughout the solar system to mine planets and asteroids for necessary fuel and other resources. The Front is a fascist power, comprised of brutal and militant radicals, toughened by the extreme conditions of off-world environments.

They seek to control those outposts and their wealth, putting a stranglehold on the countries of Earth. After years of uneasy stalemate, diplomatic relations are strained and it will take only the slightest nudge to tip the entire solar system into war.

Immersive, Seamless Campaign Experience

For the first time in Call of Duty history, many parts of the campaign – from boots-on-the-ground, to aerospace dogfighting, to zero-g battles and space combat, will be brought to players seamlessly, creating one immersive experience, with more player agency and autonomy than ever before.

The game will never give you a reason to put the controller down, occurring as a near seamless, action-packed experience with no loading screens, delivering the signature, blockbuster franchise moments that fans love.


For the first time in the series, air and space combat are a key aspect of the campaign. Players will experience new combat scenarios and environments that add tremendous variety and excitement to the single player campaign.

  • The Retribution: The Retribution serves as the player’s home and representation of their life on Earth, as they journey through the solar system. A massive warship housing the player’s crew, the Retribution is a key character throughout the campaign and a vessel that players will come to rely on and be responsible for.
  • Jackal: Throughout the campaign, players will also pilot their very own advanced space combat ready jet-fighter, better known as the Jackal.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer allows gamers to customize their play like never before, with the fast paced gameplay that Call of Duty is known for, giving players more ways to optimize their weapons and gear to their personal style of play. Infinite Warfare introduces the most advanced tools of war: combat rigs, high-tech equipment, and unique prototype weapons.

It’s an incredibly deep experience where everything – including weapons, equipment, lethals and tacticals – has been built around all types of play styles, and where players have the power to combine them however they want. The mode features unparalleled customization, and the fluid, momentum-based system of Call of Duty: Black Ops III evolved to custom-fit the new combat, combining to create a frenetic gameplay experience that centers around frontline engagements where every second counts.


Combat rigs (Rigs) are the ultimate combat systems. Each Rig (6 total) is built for totally different styles of play, as cutting-edge, tactical combat suits worn by the player in multiplayer matches. Designed as the cornerstone to a player’s loadout and play style, Rigs allow for a high level of power and customization through their selectable attributes. Choosing and customizing your Rig provides a layer of strategy for players, as they provide a customized suite of tactical options for every engagement.

Customise your Rig – Each Rig allows you to select different ‘Payloads’ and ‘Traits’ to customize your loadout before heading into battle. Payloads can be powerful weapons or abilities. Traits are either persistent, overcharged enhancements, or abilities refilled every few seconds. Payloads and Traits are used together in combination and are unique to each Rig and the play style associated with it. Players will select one payload and one trait to bring into the fight.

Different Rigs are unlocked as you level up while playing multiplayer. Rigs have heads, bodies and cosmetic variations that allow for even further customization.

 –  –  –

Wow! Now that is some list of features! For a game that people are trying very hard not to like, there is a lot going for it. What I have enjoyed most about both Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 has been the single player campaign has not suffered for the multiplayer focus.

These are nothing of the caliber of Uncharted or anything but they have been very solid and entertaining. The multiplayer has been fast, fun and had something unique about it which looks set to continue with this space setting.

Many fans out there want a return to classic combat and they may turn to Battlefield 1. But if you can cope with more futuristic, wall running madness and being in space then this really could once again be the best shooter of the year.

Killing Floor 2 – November 18th

killing-floor-2-ps4And last but certainly not least is this gory beast from Tripwire Interactive and a game we see as having the potential to beat the big boys. Killing Floor 2 currently has a 9/10 rating from the Steam Community as the early access build continues to develop into a full game.

There is a lot to come too.

For those who don’t know here a some details about the game along with the features that make is so epically cool.

About Killing Floor 2

In KILLING FLOOR 2 players descend into continental Europe where the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has quickly spread and gained unstoppable momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union.

Just one month after the events in the original KILLING FLOOR, the specimen clones are everywhere and civilization is in disarray; communications have failed, governments have collapsed, and military forces have been systematically eradicated. The people of Europe know survival and self-preservation too well and lucky survivors have gone into hiding.

Not all have given up hope though… A group of civilians and mercenaries have banded together to combat the outbreak and established privately funded operation bases across Europe. Upon tracking specimen clone outbreaks, players will descend into zed-laden hot zones and exterminate them.

Key Features

  • Visceral Gore – Killing Floor 2 ramps up the gore with a proprietary, high powered persistent blood system bringing new levels of fidelity to the genre. Players will send entrails, severed limbs, and blood flying as they wade through hordes of enemies. But they need to watch out! If caught, enemies will rip them, and their entire party limb from limb
  • 6 player co-op or solo play— A multitude of varied playable characters await for players to choose from as they enter the fray in online co-op mode or solo mode for those willing to brave the horrific specimens alone
  • Versus Survival Game Mode – Be the Zed!  A 12 player PvP mode where two teams take turns playing Humans vs. Zeds in a pair of short matches. In the first match, one team plays Humans and the other Zeds until the humans all die during a single round or they beat the boss. For the second match the teams switch sides and when the battle is completed both teams receive a score based on their performance and the higher score wins!
  • Terrifying Zeds – New enemies and fan favorites from the original game are back with expanded and smarter artificial intelligence, dishing out powerful attacks, working as a group to weaken the player’s party and pushing the challenge level and fear factor to new levels
  • Unique Blend Of Weaponry – From modern militaristic assault rifles, brutal improvised makeshift weapons, classic historical guns, and off the wall “Mad Scientist” weapons, Killing Floor 2 has a unique blend of killing tools that will satisfy any gamer
  • Expanded Perk System – Perks from the original game have been reimagined with more added to the fold. All perks now progress with meaningful talent choices that amplify different play styles, giving players a progression path that is expansive and full of rewarding milestones
  • Brutal Melee Combat – Killing Floor 2 reinvents melee combat completely. Players now have control over the type of melee attacks they can perform, enabling them to deliver bone-breaking crippling attacks to Zeds

After struggling to get my laptop to handle the early access game I really can’t wait to get my controler loving hands on this with my PS4.

It’s a lot of fun, has solid gameplay and that amazing thing I just love to see in a shooter: gore! It’s not even finished yet and already has a large following with a number of gamers really expecting Killing floor 2 to do well.

– – –

That is some epic shooting action gamers! How many will you be playing and which will turn out winner of the First Person Shoot out? Drop a comment below or get talking on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll share the best ones.

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