Leading up to my 27th birthday I will be posting articles detailing the games that I love for each year of my life. My rules are simple, I have to choose a single game from that year and I must have played it, not necessarily completed it but must have at least made it a decent amount of the way through and spent some solid hours gaming.

These games might not be what most gamers or critics consider to be the best games of that year, but they are the ones that I have the fondest memories of playing and in all honesty still love each of these games to date. Some games I still want to play on but have yet had the time or money to go back and play them, so their will be no Legend of Zelda games on this list. The two N64 games are without a doubt two of the best ever, however I have not completed them or come close to. Their will also be no Final Fantasy, the only game on that series I have really played is 10 and although its good their were better games.

So lets kick this thing off with a bang, one of the games that many consider to be the greatest NES title of all time:-


Super Mario Bros. 3 – NES

This one should not be a surprise to anyone who has played this game, the Mario games before this were excellent and Super Mario Bros. 3 took the franchise to a whole new level. Super Mario 1 we all know is an instant classic, Super Mario Bros 2 sort of happened by mistake with the developers only using Mario characters as a prototype for a different game and Super Mario Bros 3 is one where they just made one of the most awesomist games ever.

Originally released in 1988 in Japan Super Mario Bros 3 is a platform game where you can play on your own or with a friend taking turns completing levels and trying to save the princess. The variation in levels and worlds was unbelievable at the time and considering this was released for the NES it was years ahead of most games on the market. Everyone had a favourite world, others had ones they hated(not a fan of the desert world personally) and the difficulty of the game was perfect. Gamers who say that Mario is a game franchise for younger gamers clearly have not played some of the more tougher Mario levels. But the beauty about Super Mario Bros 3 is when you play with a friend you can essentially pass the puck to them for the more difficult levels.


Not only was Super Mario Bros. 3 a fun game to play alone or with a friend, it was also one of the best made games ever. The jump mechanics were spot on, making it one of the best control systems for any game; with you being able to make Mario/Luigi make the most difficult of jumps. The game was so perfectly made it all came down to the players skill, not the controls, not the level design; if you couldn’t complete a level it was down to the players skill not due to a fault in the game or dodgy controls which was common around this time. The powerups were great as well stocking powerups and making the tactical decision on which one was best to use for the upcoming level and if you better hold onto it for a future level. Super Mario Bros. 3 certainly did take platform gaming to a whole new level.

Lets also not forget the graphics and sound of the game, its both beautiful to look at and listen too. Levels are colourful and designed perfectly, character design is highly detailed and pushed the NES to its limits maximising its true potential. The soundtrack is still to this date one of the most memorable and whenever I think Mario I think of the Super Mario Bros 3 tune. Its hard not too with it  sounding so good.


Overall Super Mario Bros. 3 is arguably the closest thing we will get to a perfect video game. Design, sound, gameplay and difficulty are all spotless and its still a great game to play 27 years on. Only Mario 64 can compete with this title for best Mario game in my opinion(not including Mario Kart). If your a Hardcore gamer this is a must play if you haven’t already(and seriously everyone over 20 should have played this by now) its available on multiple Nintendo systems but it still is best played on the NES. This is the game that made everyone take notice of Mario and when people started to realise that Mario was the real deal. 27 years on and Mario still is the biggest Video Game Character ever, with no small thanks to how much of a great game Super Mario Bros. 3 was.

Stay tuned to MGL, next up is my choice for game of 1989! And believe me the next game is no Joke!

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