Both our main gamers here on MGL watched the new event from EA live and were wondering why they had decided to go for their own event right before E3 rather than the usual press conference at the event. Being new, we expected them to come out all guns blazing but our EA Play Review here is all about the utter disappointment David and Rossco feel after this rather contentless show.

Its a huge shame, both of them were very exited to see what was on offer, particularly of the sci-fi franchises Star Wars and Mass Effect. Sadly they got neither, scroll down for their thoughts and check out the links below for more on the EA Play event and E3 overall.

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EA Play Round Up
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David’s EA Play Review

Now that EA has its own space to PLAY with (see? I can do it too. It’s not difficult), I expected they’d have a more focused conference. Perhaps drive straight past the bull and give the fans what they want to see. No celebrities. No nonsense.

Just a very self-aware EA for once.

But then we go the event full of nonsense and awkward celebrities leaving me with the feeling that E3 itself, can’t get worse than this… can it? I mean, Jade Raymond was there art the even and I am thinking Jade, save us from this train wreck— wait, no. No Jade, don’t do this to me! Not after what Mass Effect just did! Please. I’ll do anything. Don’t regurgitate information and leave me with a boring behind the scenes sizzle reel! NO! ….well at least Battlefield 1 looks great.

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EA have proven that, even given their own space with free reign, they’ll find a way to make it terrible. From the long opening to the painful Jose Mourinho guest spot, the whole event wreaked of desperation. A need to prove to the shareholders that there are projects in the works and fans are excited. When Jade Raymond walks out and gives lip service about a game to come in 2018, I cease to care, and I have nothing but love for Jade Raymond.

They’re far too pushy on the whole eSports segment. Look, guys, I respect your mad Madden skills, but I don’t see why you’re being talked about amidst a conference ordinarily designed to get consumers invested in what’s to come. Fe and Battlefield 1 didn’t save the show, but they were an out-of-place highlight within the darkness that was this terrible event.

Highlight of the Show

Battlefield 1 stole the show. Well, I say stole. More like walked through the open front door, loaded the show on to the truck just outside with the keys still in it and drove away casually. The sheer scope of it just looks incredible. It deserved better surroundings. You might say it had Bad Company…. I’ll be going now.

Lowlight of the show

Mass Effect. Not because it doesn’t look good, because it does, but it would have been better to not show anything at all. As soon as they said “More in the Fall” right before the trailer, my heart sank. What a completely idiotic move to make. I’m shocked to see so much hype about it over Twitter.

Nothing happened. We saw space and a girl. Who cares?

Rossco’s EA Play Review

I hope I am not alone in being a massive Mass Effect and Bioware fan that was highly up for this event. ME is one of the best game series I have ever played since I grew up a sci-fi lover and I have been eagerly awaiting details on Andromeda for so long I just had the feeling that the EA Play was going to be the start of something special.

EA moved out of the main E3 event to do their own thing, that was something that got me thinking, oh, you only do that if you have something special to show! Like putting on your own party down the road from the king of parties, you only do that if you have something big going on, right?

I mean, you don’t throw that rival party to a millionaire down the road with a few bottles of cheap beer, half a tube of Pringles and a Celine Dion CD on loop and expect lots of people to stay! Or do you?

Sadly, the more I watched of the event the more I felt like I was eating soggy Pringles and wondering if my heart will indeed go on. I mean, what was there actually at the show? There was some clips of games we already knew would be coming as they are annual, especially FIFA. Like I said in my predictions piece, the new game features will be sold as all revolutionary and change everything about the game as they do every year. And while it was funny for a moment when Jose Mourinho arrived on stage, the interaction was awkward and he barely said anything.

FIFA 17 Features Detailed

The managers in the game are cool, the new Journey mode is ok but it’s still FIFA. Move on and give me something new and great to be wowed at and hashtag the hell out of on Twitter.

But that didn’t happen at any point, they just kept giving us montages and behind the scenes little shots as various people look to be working hard on these upcoming titles. But if they are working so hard, why can’t they show us some of them rather than talking about it everything that’s coming as we float around the country studio to studio?

Amy Hennig appears in the video and I think, yes, time to show me the good stuff with a clip of the new Star Wars action adventure game. That alone may have saved the show somewhat. But it fizzled out and we left on a solid gameplay demo for Battlefield 1 with the cool indie game “Fe” also there as part of the show. Sadly, it was all very poor even if I do think Titanfall looks fantastic…

Highlight of the Show

The aforementioned Titanfall 2, I like the fact they tried the multiplayer route with the game and had a lot of success but have ultimately realised a single player campaign is needed for the game to go to the next level. Too many games are all MP with token story mode so lets hope the lack of it really helps Respawn realise this is wanted by gamers out there, especially ones like me.

The gameplay and new Titan’s being available look awesome too so I can very much see myself getting involved with this one.

Lowlight of the Show

Tough one, and David has already said Mass Effect and I do agree with him. But since there were so many I will highlight the lack of a new Star Wars game that we have been itching for since Battlefront was overall a shallow experience that offered little.

No gameplay, no trailer and no name when it’s bee in development so long is not really good enough and they need to get better overall before Gamescom.

That’s enough from us, please tell us below your thoughts in the comments!

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