We go back to the world of Arkane Studios and Dishonored this week gamers and it’s something I’ve been waiting a long time for. The last game was amazing, one I thoroughly enjoyed thanks to wonderful gameplay but mainly a dark, surreal story. So what better than to look at the Dishonored 2 voice actors as part of the October Voice Artists Spotlight?

And what a cast we have to look at.

Last month we focused in on Matt Mercer and the outstanding Titanfall 2. But this time we’re going to go over the main cast of this game of the year contender.

Here you will get a look over of the main voice artists and what they bring to the game. This includes the main antagonists and their supporting cast. This is a table of all actors at the end of the article along with some thoughts and information on Dishonored 2 overall.

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To Dunwall we go.

The Big Names

The main protagonists in Dishonored 2 are two amazing game actors. Ones I’ll talk more on to soon. But supporting them are a wealth of amazing actors to bring some real quality to the game.

Now as we look at these actors I will say this, Arkane have done an amazing job of keeping the story very much under wraps. I don’t want that to change and will NOT spoil anything of the game. Thats assuming I know anything of course, like I said it’s all very hush hush.

Let’s look at the actors that caught our attention here.

Rosario Dawson Plays Captain Meagan Foster

Rosario is one headline actress to bring to the talent of Dishonored 2. She’s capable of playing the very powerful Gail in Sin City and the good natured nurse in Daredevil. Her performance in both very different but excellent. And she’ll continue to be a big player in all the Marvel series on Netflix going into 2017.

And while I’m sure she’ll be great fro her role in Dishonored, I’m a little sad we won’t be seeing her on screen!

But she’s no stranger to video games either, playing a key role in the outstanding Ratchet and Clank this year in Elaris. She’s also part of the Lego games playing Batgirl and is in the upcoming VR Game Wilson’s Heart. Although i’m way too scared to play that one.

She brings a level of class to the game and her range allows her to play any number of character types. She will play your ally in the game as Meagan Foster so expect her to be a friendly face from the start of the game. Little is known of the character so far but I’m sure she will play a great supporting role as you take on your missions.

Sam Rockwell Plays Mortimer Ramsey

Now Sam Rockwell is in one of my favourite dark comedy films in Welcome to Collingwood, a thief caper that is both funny and tragic in its own rights. He’s also a great actor at playing a character that’s slightly unhinged.

And also one you are not supposed to like… even though you do end up liking him. A classic Anti-Hero actor.

Dishonored 2 voice Cast SamHe was “Wild Bill” in The Green Mile who was an awful person but he played the crazy hillbilly to perfection. He also played a devious role in Iron Man 2 and is one hell of a crazy character as Billy threatening Woody Harrelson’s dog in 7 Psychopaths. His gaming history is very sparse however other than a small movie tie in game he did.

Dishonored 2 will be his biggest game so you’d expect him to be getting a decent role here.

As part of the plot he plays Mortimer Ramsey, someone part of the City Watch in Dunwall. That’s about all we know but with a actor of this ability I think he may take a larger role in terms of what his character does through the narrative. Will his actions be good or bad? I would guess that he’d be the perfect choice to be villainous given his performances in the past.

But whatever he does it’ll be quality and maybe a little strange which fits Dishonored perfectly.

Vincent D’Onofrio Plays

Another actor that comes from the Marvel TV series on Netflix, the menacing Kingpin from Daredevil. Vincent D’Onofrio is very famous for a number of roles and brings a wealth of acting ability to the Dishonored 2 voice cast. And he’s one who I can’t wait to see play a role in this game.

His big movie outing recently was to star in Jurassic World as we once again went back to the Jurassic Park universe. But his work in TV was with Law and Order: Criminal Intent is where he was most famous for years, before moving onto a number of roles in movies.

Dishonored 2 Voice Cast Kingpin

But for me, I was utterly mesmerised by his performance as Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin in both series of the outstanding Daredevil. He manages to make you feel so many things for the character, even sympathy at one stage he was so good.

Similar to Sam, he’s been in video games such as the Lego Jurassic World game as a movie tie-in and a Law and Order game. This will be his biggest gaming voice acting job but you’d imagine he’ll be perfect in the world of Dishonored with his distinctive voice.

Duke Luca Abele is his character and is a rather oppressive leader of the land Serkonos within the game. It’s clear from the very small bio this character is likely to be a villain of the game and one Vincent is likely to play that perfectly given recent work. He’s class may well steal the show here.

All I can imagine is a scene with all three of these amazing actors together. Whether that happens or not, this could be a cast to rival Uncharted 4 for the best acted game of the year.

Corvo and Emily

Your two main protagonists in Dishonored 2 are going to be pivotal to the plot. Corvo is being brought to life for the first time from being a silent protagonist, but let’s first have a look at the actor playing Emily.

Erica Luttrell Plays Emily

We are with more experienced gaming actors now as the lady playing the much discussed Emily is Erica Luttrell. Her work has seen her take on roles in some great games including the excellent XCOM 2 and one of my favourite RPGs Diablo 3Not to mention Dragon Age Origins, Fallout 4 and Star Ocean V.

She’s got some really great experience to bring to this role in what will be her taking the lead here. Her work so far certainly deserves it. Having played as Emily in some gameplay at EGX already, I was certainly impressed.

She was recently interviewed about playing Emily on the Bethesda official website talking about her character she said:

“There’s so much I admire about her character. I would love to be able to do everything she does. She’s essentially a superhero. I would love to be able to sword fight like she does, and her Mesmerize ability is just so gorgeous and eerie.”

There’s more on Emily in this Spotlight video from Bethesda.

Corvo Actor

This is a slightly different situation here in that Corvo was actually a silent protagonist in the first game. So Stephen Russell will be bringing a character to life for the first time, that is one hell of a job. However, he’s done some amazing work in gaming and sounds just the man to take on that responsibility.

Famous for work in the Thief series you can see why he would fit into the dark, surreal world of Dishonored. But he’s also played roles in some amazing games like Fallout 4 alongside his fellow actor above. He’s also in Skyrim and Neverwinter Nights so he’s certainly got great experience.

What’s hard is the fact he’s taking on a role people already have affection for so he’s got a little pressure here, but I think he’ll do Corvo justice. It’s 15 years since the events of the first game so Corvo is going to be more mature and wiser in his persona. Stephen should be able to fit this nicely, especially after his work on Thief as the famous lead, Garrett.

Talking about the role on his interview on the Bethesda official he said:

“I think there’s a little bit of Corvo – a little bit of Garrett – in all of us. That person who kind of makes his own rules while at the same time having a very clear sense of honor, a clear sense of justice, a clear sense of his own mission and place in the world.”

There’s more on Corvo in this Spotlight video from Bethesda.

Bringing It All Together To Make A Great Game

Dishonored 2 is going to have one hell of a cast but we’ve seen games already play out with wonderful acting, but not so great in the game. Mafia 3 a Recent Example, but with Arkane making this one that is not something I worry about.

But what made Dishonored great other than the gameplay were the slightly surreal characters and the steam-punk (although some may say it’s a bit Cyber-Punk too) storyline that really got you sucked in. The ability to choose was also a key factor in this as each of your assassination targets could die or not, it was totally down to you.

So in Dishonored 2 it’ll be interesting to see how the player choices expands and relates to the story. We know that Emily’s throne is taken from her but that’s about it really. I certainly don’t want to know more until I play anyway. All I know is, if the story is anywhere near as good as the original, we are in for one hell of a game.

I can’t wait to play and get see some of these characters brought to life by these amazing actors. Not to mention get using those powers once again!

Due to the no early review policy by Bethesda there won’t be early reviews. Not great in some respects but there will be no spoilers either. Join MGL on launch weekend for some gameplay and some impressions.

Find out a bit more on Dishonored below. And dont forget to leave me a Disqus or Facebook Comment at the end too.

About Dishonored 2

Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2 – the next chapter in the award-winning Dishonored saga by Arkane Studios. Play your way in a world where mysticism and industry collide. Will you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or the royal protector, Corvo Attano?

Will you make your way through the game unseen, make full use of its brutal combat system, or use a blend of both? How will you combine your character’s unique set of powers, weapons and gadgets to eliminate your enemies? The story responds to your choices, leading to intriguing outcomes, as you play through each of the game’s hand-crafted missions.

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Voice Cast in Full

This is a table of the voice cast in the game, credit to IMDB.com.

Voice Actor Dishonored 2 Character
Rosario Dawson Captain Meagan Foster
Pedro Pascal Paolo
Robin Lord Taylor The Outsider
Sam Rockwell Mortimer Ramsey
Vincent D’Onofrio Duke Luca Abele
Jamie Hector Vice Overseer Liam Byrne
Erica Luttrell Empress Emily Kaldwin I
Stephen Russell Corvo Attano
John Gegenhuber Grand Inventor Kirin Jindosh
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