One of the best game experiences I had in 2012 was playing Arkane Studios steampunk masterpiece, Dishonored. And this year I’m looking forward to the sequel as a potential GOTY contender. So at EGX my first thoughts were: get on Dishonored 2 play as Emily and get some assassinations done.

And it’s so good I can even forgive it for being spelled wrongly (from a British point of view anyway)!

Here I’m going to talk about the game and what it’s like to play as Emily. Plus, at the end there is a collection of game information and trailers for you if you’ve missed anything.

Earlier in the week I wrote a similar article on Horizon Zero Dawn. While that is my big game of 2017, Dishonored 2 is on my list for the end of the year big hitters.

And after playing I certainly want more.

Unlike Any Other

It’s hard to be unique in gaming sometimes, especially with the first person experience. So when the original Dishonored came along it was really quite special.

The art style of the game was very unique with a blend of magic, industrial and old world coming together to make Dunwall. A city full of downright strange characters and an eerie darkness surrounding everything.

I loved it. But it didn’t stop there because the gameplay was also something unique.

I’m very pleased to say that feeling is back once again but with a nice twist taking on the game as Emily this time.

I played on PC with the gameplay (similar experience below) taking me on a cable car to my location. Here I was dropped outside of a clockwork house and soon I felt the joy of playing Dishonored again.

Amazing ideas, presented perfectly

The moment you get into the game it is presented beautifully. Outside had some gorgeous scenery as I made my approach the house. But inside the cleverness of the Arkane team was everywhere to see.

The clockwork house changes as you pull levers in certain rooms, the environment around you becoming like a maze to navigate. Your target, Kirin taunting you and puts you to the test against his new inventions.


They can detect you from all directions and are tricky to defend against. Combat isn’t the best option in Dishonored anyway, stealth is your friend here. But once I got to grips with the abilities Emily has at her disposal, taking them down was fast and efficient.

The three abilities I had at my disposal were “Far Reach”, a more demonic version of Blink Corvo uses. “Domino” this links enemies together to share the others fate; so kill one and the all die! Finally, “Shadow Walk turning you into a low crawling shadow demon who can rip people on half!


But the best part of Dishonored was how you could combine those powers together. And getting a group of guards with Domino then ripping one apart, only for that then to happen to the rest is brutally awesome.

A buggy conclusion

After taking my tour of the clockwork house I navigated my way to a maze area, again protected by clockwork robots that needed taking down. Once inside I moved the walls to reveal a hostage (his name escapes me but an old friend of Emily’s) he’s in need rescue so over my shoulder he goes.

Soon after taking him on board I see some guards coming out of the lift. So, after aggressively throwing the old man into a wall because I pressed “throw” rather than “put down” whoops, it was time to do some assassinating.

Now what happened next was interesting.

Dishonored 2 Emily Gameplay PowersI took down one guard and moved to get the other two. I shadow walked, crawling over the floor in demonic, shadow form and get to the back of one unsuspecting goon. The choice to kill is on screen so I go for the high chaos option and rip them apart! Lots of fun. I then hear “this cannot be!” or similar from the other guard and he runs off.

Nice to see a bit of humanity and fear in the AI here. How often do we see games where your monstrously powerful, armoured to hell and just killed about 10 people… but little, basic henchman comes charging at you!

Not here, this guy was terrified after seeing a person torn in two by a shadow demon. Fair enough if you ask me.

It was a shame then that my play was cut short as the code broke moments later. I picked up my friend who was surprisingly still ok after a chucked him at a concrete wall. Going up in the lift to the main floor and back to the carriage I came on. Robots appear to stop me, they do such a good job they stop the entire session and I’m done.

Let’s hope it’s this type of thing is what Bethesda are working on.

But even with that moment, my 20minutes or so with the game were enough to know a few things. Mainly that Emily is a very different character to play that Corvo. The game having two narratives to play only stands to make the experience longer and more diverse rather than just being the same thing twice with a few different powers.

It also has that special feeling that makes it unlike any other game out there and, right now, it’s one of the few titles that might compete with Uncharted 4 as game of the year. That of course will be decided in the coming weeks as we approach launch.

Be sure to pay a visit to MGL once again through October for more build up and all the other gaming madness that is to come over the business end of the gaming season. For now check out the official details about Dishonored 2 below with some nice trailers thrown in too.

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Game on.

Dishonored 2 Details

Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2 – the next chapter in the award-winning Dishonored saga by Arkane Studios. Play your way in a world where mysticism and industry collide. Will you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or the royal protector, Corvo Attano?

Will you make your way through the game unseen, make full use of its brutal combat system, or use a blend of both? How will you combine your character’s unique set of powers, weapons and gadgets to eliminate your enemies? The story responds to your choices, leading to intriguing outcomes, as you play through each of the game’s hand-crafted missions.

Key Trailers


Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the Lord Regent has been vanquished and the dreaded Rat Plague has passed into history. An otherworldly usurper has seized Empress Emily Kaldwin’s throne, leaving the fate of the Isles hanging in the balance. As Emily or Corvo, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca, the once-dazzling coastal city that holds the keys to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the Mark of the Outsider and powerful new abilities, track down your enemies and take back what’s rightfully yours.

Key Features:

The Assassins

As fully voiced characters, Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano now bring their own perspectives and emotional responses to the world and story. Use each character’s set of powers, gadgets and uniquely-tuned weapons in creative ways as you explore the world – whether you fight your way through the city streets or sneak across the rooftops – and which enemies you decide to eliminate or spare.

Supernatural Powers

Advanced bonecharm crafting and all-new upgrade trees allow you to customize your powers in vastly different ways. Become a living shadow to silently stalk your targets, link enemies so they share a common fate, or mesmerize your foes and dominate their minds. Choose from nearly infinite combinations of violence, nonlethal combat, powers and weapons to accomplish your objectives.

Imaginative World         

From the grimy, rat-infested streets of Dunwall to the lush, exotic coasts of a decaying Karnaca, immerse yourself in stylized locales created by Arkane’s premiere art and narrative teams. The world is a character in its own right, rich with story, architecture and eclectic characters. It is also punctuated by signature mission locations, such as the Dust District, ravaged by dust storms and warring factions, and a madman’s mansion made of shifting walls, deadly traps and clockwork soldiers.


Customize your gameplay options and difficulty settings for an even more tailored adventure. You can make the experience more challenging (or easier) by changing myriad parameters related to stealth, movement and combat.

The Void Engine

Dishonored 2 is beautifully brought to life with the new Void Engine, a leap forward in rendering technology, built from id Tech and highly-customized by Arkane Studios. Designed to support world-class art direction and take full advantage of the powerful hardware this generation has to offer, the Void Engine allows for significant advances to all game systems, including responsive stealth and combat Artificial

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