There are a few question marks around Bungie and Activision’s sequel to the original Destiny. I was a gamer who really wanted to love the original game, but soon moved away from it following a poor launch. It won me back but was the investment worth waiting months for? I’m not sure it was. So, as I start going with the sequel I hope to help answer the inevitable question, is Destiny 2 worth playing?

Thanks to the awesome people at Activision, and lots of coffee and sugar, I got a good number of hours on the game ahead of launch and over the launch night. I’ve got some thoughts on my experience so far so read on for those. Although Be Warned!! I will talk about the start of the game and parts after the Beta mission so watch for Spoiler Warning! markers in my text.

There is also a cool Let’s Play Video with more coming. Plus. this document is going to be updated and edited so it’s worth adding this article to your bookmarks. And MGL is pretty cool as gaming sites go, and we’d love to see you back for more. All my thoughts are below to check out plus our traditional side quest…

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I look forward to reading some good ones here gamers, don’t forget to give me something to read. I’d really appreciate you Sharing This too so more gamers/guardians can get involved and enjoy the article.

Getting started with your Guardian

I was very much looking forward to getting started with Destiny 2 and so far I feel it’s already a much better game than the original. There are a number of similarities still however, particularly as you get started. You can import an original game character or setup a new one here so certainly it has something for everyone. Consider the plot, anything you bring over doesn’t really matter anyway….

More on that later.

Character creation involves similar options as you choose from Titan, Hunter and my chosen class Warlock. You can customise your race from three (Human, Awoken and Exo) and choose gender here too. Plus, build face from a series of presents and colour pallets.

For those wanting that full RPG feel it’s probably not as deep as you would like. Destiny fans will know it’s all very similar and familiar too. For people who always go default character the options are quick and simple enough to pick up and just make something in a few minutes.

As someone who spends WAY too much time in character creation, I once again feel they could have done more here. Especially with it being a sequel a new race or some new options could have been nice but ultimately, I’m not sure it will dampen the experience overall.

Moving on from where the Beta finished

Into the action we go gamers and if you played the Beta you played the start of the game. Lucky for you, it’s time to do it again. Only this time you are slightly less powerful and don’t get a legendary weapon. Fortunately, things are easier to kill as a result.

If you didn’t play you start off after the invasion of Cabal who swiftly take over the last city. Things are not going well for the guardians and you step in to help stop them.

Spoiler warning! Plot points of the start of the game are mentioned in the next few paragraphs. Nothing not released in trailers and such BUT if you want nothing about the game’s start spoiled scroll down until you see the “Safe zone”.

Is Destiny 2 worth playing? Image 1

The basis of the story is the protection of the Traveler over the last city on earth is taken right away. The Cabal and their leader Ghaul is behind it, and he is one mean piece of work. His actions take away the light from you and every guardian. It’s a much more intense story than anything we saw really in the original game.

The villain is a very imposing dude. Big and power hungry with a rather… ahem, phallic outfit drooping down too. He’s what he needs to be so far, the person to destabilise the safety of the Destiny experience. Everything in the setup I really enjoyed.

Safe zone! The Spoilers have passed.

Not just for the puppies…

We are not just doing this “For the Puppies”! (Although it is strong motivation). We are playing Destiny for many different things and one think I am wanting to play for is a truly great storyline. This was sorely lacking from the original package that somewhat improved with The Taken King.

Already I feel the story has a lot more going on than the original ever did. I’m more engaged with what’s going on, finding out what’s next after the last city falls. It already feels Destiny 2 is more worth playing than the original in terms of story.

There is a sense or real loss, everything is slightly uncertain in a way too and I really enjoyed the post Beta gameplay section so far.

Little things like interactions with other characters have been improved too with a more, in-the-game style interactions. Choosing your abilities in the menu is more fluid too and the whole interface has had a bit of a facelift.

Of course it’s the other options that people want to play too. Since this is an evolving post Bookmark for some additions here on the various modes as myself and the team update the article.

So far, so good

Destiny originally was impressive in its excellent gameplay from minute one. Unfortunately, the wishy-washy way the story took shape and the whole situation you were thrust into didn’t ever grab me story wise.

So far the story is very captivating, the loss of the city makes me want to fight to get it back. The actions of the villain make me want to do what’s needed to take him down. Motivation is there this time from a narrative point of view and long may that continue going forward.

Is it worth playing? For those of you considering the game but are unsure if it’s worth it, right now I am on the side of “yes” it’s certainly a lot more of a game this time round. Visually, the game looks beautiful with some incredibly detailed textures. The gameplay is still excellent too.

I will update this article with more soon, plus get the thoughts of other guardians on the team here at MGL.

Don’t forget to let me know what you hope for in Destiny 2 in the comments and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook here for more update.

Until next time Guardians, game on

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