Today I’m taking a look at the big Crackdown 3 features as the game heads exclusively to Xbox One and PC. There’s plenty to enjoy in this long-awaited action title. Plus, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the game’s potential as we head closer to the Crackdown 3 release date, 15 February 2018.

As one of the BIG February releases, we’re looking at everything from the crazy destruction to the star agent voiced by Terry Crews. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of trailers and gameplay as you go too.

Take a look below and leave me a comment if you’re picking this up, yes or no! On mobile? View as One Page Here.

5Over The Top ACTION!

Crackdown will always be about one thing: ACTION! I remember first playing the original and being surprised at how mad things got during some missions or just exploring the city.

It was certainly something a bit different back then and one thing that always stayed with me. The fact the game really did make things next level over-the-top.

Whether it’s creating the biggest explosion chain you can or bounding effortlessly up a skyscraper or using crazy weapons. I really do expect Crackdown 3 to bring the BOOM in a crazy way.

From characters to the missions you will take on. Plus the way your character levels up, all should make for a true action-game experience.

4Sandbox Gameplay

We’ve had some amazing games based around a sandbox city and it’s a formula gamers love for a sense of freedom. But in this style, rather than a full open-world concept, gives you a tighter area full of events.

As we’ve seen in the outstanding Spider-Man, much of the fun in the sandbox world comes from a combination of really enjoyable traversal. Plus lots to do that makes you want to engage with the world.

Random events, side-missions and collectables are all something we have seen before. But that doesn’t stop us doing them or creating lists of everything we’ve collected to claim all the achievements…

Or maybe that just me going too far!

With crazy stunts, huge jumps and vehicles to get around this city with an emphasis on both area and height should make for plenty of fun sandbox gameplay.

3Agents Including Terry Crews

You possibly know this awesome actor as Terry Jeffords or maybe Hale Caesar. Whatever Terry has been in, he’s been pretty awesome and brought some personality to the role.

But in Crackdown 3 you’ll call him Commander Jaxon and looks incredibly well motion captured in the game from the footage seen so far.

The comedy actor is a pretty cool guy and as you can see from the interview above suits the role, and game completely. I think he’s going to be one of the factors in the game being a success should the game come out to a positive reception.

Given you can choose between a number of agents, I do expect him to be a stand out character to play. It does make me wonder if the other characters will have less of an impact as a result, but I am personally looking forward to seeing his performance here.

2Epic Multiplayer

Get ready for some 5V5 multiplayer action. All powered by the Microsoft Cloud too to make it extra chaotic.

Here in Crackdown 3 you’ll be taking on others in the Wrecking Zone, a massive PVP arena where you can pretty much destroy everything. Walls, floors and everything on them can come crashing down.

Surely that’s going to be a blast to experience.

Agent Hunter has been revealed as one mode as you score points for taking down other agents and collecting badges. There are likely to be some interesting ones also in there to enjoy as well.

Plus the usual upgrades and weapons to collect for your agent, you may well be sending a lot of time in here having a blast.

1Pure Fun

There are a lot of things a game can be or things it can do. Some tell epic stories and others have awe inspiring worlds. Others want to have you shaking in terror if someone enters the room while you play.

But the core of playing a game is to have a load of fun while you are doing so.

Crackdown 3 is going for that with the gameplay, vehicles and upgrades to your agent. With your agent being held separately to the city, it’s possible to create different options of play too. Giving us all a sense of freedom.

Weapons will be devastating and I imagine the explosions and destruction will be something else. Bottom line, no matter what review score level Crackdown 3 hits on average, it’s going to be fun to play if that gameplay is right.

Thoughts on Crackdown 3 Ahead of Launch

I’ve been looking forward to this game personally for a while now. The longer the development has been going, the more concerned I have been about the final product.

Even to the point I wondered if it would get the Scalebound treatment.

But, we are in the week of release and the game looks a lot of fun from the trailers so far. It also does seem like the delays have been for the right reasons, to get he game to a standard everyone would want.

The best part about Crackdown 3 coming this week too is the Game Pass factor. As I mentioned in the look at the Big Games This Month(loads in a week!) this does make it very playable no matter what the outcome of the final product.

While I do think there will be a lot of fun on offer in Crackdown 3, a few things still worry me.


We did have a nice look into Crackdown 3 recently on Inside Xbox which was positive. But outside of this and a launch trailer it’s been VERY quiet from Microsoft.

Considering the noise and marketing around Sea of Thieves, a game that received average reviews in the end. Although, with updates is a much better game now than it was then.

With Crackdown 3 I’m not sure if they are being cautious or not…

Footage from the game looks cool. As I’ve said in the article, there is a lot of fun to be had here. Plus Terry Crews will be a top character thanks to his personality alone.

Being fun to play, having some cool visuals and action are good for any game to be considered worth playing. But with the last few Xbox exclusives (excluding the consistently outstanding Forza games) being underwhelming.

I do wonder if it’s going to be another. But I do remain optimistic.


The fact Crackdown has a lot of fans still, features Terry Crews and is on the Game Pass means it’s certainly going to see some play this week.

It’s in the action and gameplay quality levels where Crackdown 3 is decided.

If the story is so-so but funny, that will do to be honest. This doesn’t need to tell an emotional Red Dead Redemption 2 tale. No, this needs to be all about fun.

To do that the gameplay needs to hit the right heights in terms of real fast action and over-the-top abilities, plus lots of explosions then we are going to have some fun.

It can however go either way with this one. No matter what I don’t think the game is going to be reviewed in the same quality as Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3. It may even struggle to be the best game out this week given the schedule.

But, I think it’ll be a blast of fun for anyone who gives it a play. It’s going to be a good Xbox Game Pass title that’s for sure. Hopefully, it proves my doubts wrong. Now, over to you to leave a comment…

Will you be getting Crackdown 3?

After all that, what do you think? Are you picking up Crackdown 3 when it comes out? Either way, let me know what you think about the potential of this one.

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