18 Best Upcoming Multi-Format Games 2018 (and beyond) – Great Games We’re Excited About

We look at the big exclusive PS4 games coming in 2018 we can't wait to play, plus hint at a few more likely to arrive in 2019!


We are getting into the gaming for 2018 after the slow start that is January gamers. Now it’s time to look for those games you really want to play on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch in the coming months. To save you searching around, here you have a list of our 18 best upcoming games 2018 coming to more than one platform. These are ones we here at MGL are looking forward to, and think you will be too.

In the article there is our thoughts on the games along with some videos and information about them. Clicking on the numbered game title heading will also take you to the official game website for more info and pre order details. We also have a cool video version of this article to enjoy too, see it in the header or down the page.

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By: Capcom
Genre: RPG
Releases: February 16
Format: PS4, Xbox One

Ok, this is naughty as it’s already available (thanks to me struggling with this new video editing business and not releasing this sooner!). Sorry all but, it’s so good it needs mentioning on here for poor people like me with no money in January!

Monster Hunter World really has set the gaming standard of 2018 high early on. The reviews are very positive and putting it up there as a potential game of the year contender already in some places. Everything about this looks engrossing, challenging and hard to put down!

While I daren’t play a game of this size. I know many of the team here are on it and looking to bring some coverage for you soon!


By: Zoink Games/EA
Genre: Action Adventure
Releases: February 16
Format: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

I remember playing Stick it to The Man (a game I recently went back to on the Nintendo Switch) and thinking how much Zoink Games could be capable of. Fe looks like their really break out game and one that looks like something very special indeed. There is a lot of hype surrounding it of course thanks to the impressive reveal at EA Play. But, I think they have the team there to handle it.

This impressive platforming action-adventure looks one to really watch in February and one that the team here (especially me) thinks will be one of the best this year in it’s genre.

By: Hazelight Studios/EA
Genre: Co-Op Action Adventure
Releases: March 23
Format: PS4, Xbox One, PC

If the game didn’t look good, everyone would be interested in this one thanks to one crazy developer from The Game Awards. But, not only is Josef Fares a bit of a legend, his team and Hazelight are making one impressive looking game. A narrative driven co-op experience seems a lot of fun to me, especially in this gritty setting with impressive characters to play as.

Plus, we don’t have to just f**k the Oscars… we can f**k buying two copies too! Since one game between two will be enough to play co-op, even online. How this works yet I’m not entirely sure but it sounds and looks awesome. In march I think my thoughts will be something like, f**k not buying A Way Out.

By: Ubisoft
Genre: Open World Action-Adventure shooter
Releases: March 27
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Say what you want about Ubisoft and their games, there is one series that has been consistently excellent for me and that’s Far Cry. I was a big fan of 3 and the outstanding performance of the villain Vaas. But then the managed to do even better with Far Cry 4, an exceptional game that had everything you’d want from a sequel.

They look to keep the run going with this more American flavour of Far Cry hitting home on some more relevant issues too. Cults and far-right principals are on show here and the setting itself is also something to really get enjoyment out of. I hope the villain is as good as Pagan Min was and we really get another outstanding entry into the series.

By: Madmind Studio/PlayWay
Genre: Survival Horror
Releases: March 30
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Going into the “not for everyone” category is this interesting game called Agony that takes you onto a journey through hell. It’s as fun as it sounds in terms of the things you will see and experience in this 100% horror game that dares you to survive the world you are thrown into.

While not one I will play personally, I’d need to hide behind the sofa and see a sleep psychologist for a few months after I think. There are some members of the MGL team who love a great horror game and this one really stands out as a step into the terrifying that will make for one scary survival horror experience.

By: Rockstar Games
Genre: Open World Action-Adventure
Releases: October 26, 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One

Throwing out some controversy here gamers, I wasn’t a huge fan of Red Dead Redemption at first. I really had to grow into the game, but once I got into the story of James Marsten I was hooked, and while the open-world wild west is a lot of the focus, it’s the story I always remember most. Given Rockstar also made a great story with the outstanding GTAV I hope they carry this on into Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s a hotly anticipated game and one that is likely to have that Rockstar polish that sees it high up there as one of the games of the year. I’m really looking forward to playing it and it certainly looks great in the few teasers we’ve had so far.

Recently (but after I recorded the video to go with this article!) we know know the game is coming in October to include a Battle Royal mode… interesting idea.

By: Dontnod/Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Action RPG
Releases: Spring 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

This one really hits two of my triggers. It’s an action-RPG (tick!) set in a world filled with Vampires, including you (tick)! So, I get to be a vampire and prey on people in order to survive and fulfil my bloodlust in a 3rd person RPG. This all sounds my kind of thing, and many other gamers out there might well be thinking the same thing.

Now Dontnod have really tried to be creative before, they did of course develop the excellent Life is Strange in the first series. They also did the largely missable Remember Me, but there were some great ideas in that game too. Hopefully everything comes together for this one because it certainly looks great so far in everything they’ve show off about it.

11Call of Duty 2018 (Black Ops 4 Rumoured)

By: Treyarch/Activision
Genre: First Person Shooter
Releases: 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Oh the game we love to hate, unless we love it then we hate the ones who hate on the game. Personally, I’m happy with Call of Duty generally and I think the futuristic shooters have actually been good games. The campaign modes particularly have been excellent, if anything WWII let that trend down in many ways.

This year we are expecting to see the return of Black Ops from Treyarch and when the reveal comes we’ll know more about the setting and era we are in. Regardless of anything else the series is a huge seller.

The 2018 release of Call of Duty Black Ops IV is expected to sell 25 million units globally, which is why it’s ranked among the game the top selling games of 2018 already!

By: EA
Genre: First Person Shooter
Releases: 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

From one big shooter to another! This time we have the next entry into the EA Battlefield series, but what the hell is it going to be? Well, after the huge success of Battlefield 1 I don’t see EA mixing things up too much. Rumours about Bad Company returning are around but being dismissed for this year at least. So that being the case I think another classic war situation for Battlefield makes sense.

Do they go the obvious route to World War II after The Great War setting? Possibly, the issue there is the comparison to Call of Duty and they don’t often go fully head-to-head like that. Maybe a different war setting could be brought in, but I don’t expect it to be a modern day outing this time.

Regardless of what, I’ll looking forward to knowing more!

By: 4A Games/Deep Silver
Genre: First Person Shooter
Releases: 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

I have been very impressed with the look of anything to do with Metro Exodus. It was originally showed as part of the Xbox E3 presentation and then was shown off at Gamescom with some impressive (and very cold looking!) gameplay. The setting, the story and the gameplay showing so far all look mighty impressive.

There is a lot of references to the Metro novel in this one too so we could be in for a great storyline along with a great game. Personally I love how this world looks so dilapidated and bleak and the thought of getting through it in that monster train. Looks awesome this one guys, one of my top picks from this list.

By: Ubisoft
Genre: RPG
Releases: Autumn//Fall 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Well, after making such great pirate combat in Assassin’s Creed this type of game was always a likely outcome. And it looks like it’s one of those games where it’s hard not to be intrigued as to how it could work. While there is the Xbox Exclusive Sea of Thieves to come too, Skull and Bones if offering more to single player gamers.

There is a story mode that can be enjoyed solo or with a co-op team. Plus the multiplayer element is here too. With a big open world and lots of customisation there seems a lot to this to get people really hooked if it makes it this year.

By: Spiders/Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Action-RPG
Releases: 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

The moment I saw the reveal trailer for Greedfall I was interested in the game. When I knew it was by Spiders, the creators of The Technomancer and Bound by Flame I was hoping for this to be their real break out game. The Technomancer was a nice step forward for the development team at Spiders, focusing on their approach to tactical combat and small sandbox worlds.

Greedfall looks another step forward and once again, has some great ideas. Where Spiders have struggled is the final layer of polish that can be hard to attain for a small studio. Can this be the one where they really get it right? I certainly hope so, there is a lot of potential in their games. This one could be their best yet.

By: THQ Nordic
Genre: Action-Adventure
Releases: 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

I did really enjoy the original Darksiders game and the sequel was excellent too. Both of which I recommend as a remastered copies are out there. To see the game realise a sequel following all the issues with THQ in the past is awesome too. It was one of those I didn’t think would happen but, so far all looks very good with this one as we take control of female protagonist, Fury.

Once again the events are happening at the same time as the events of the last two games. Once again there will be action combat, problem solving and some cool powers to use too. More than one for the fans this, it looks awesome.

By: Cyanide/Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Action RPG
Releases: February 16
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Another cool looking RPG, one based on the story “Call of Cthulhu” which will see the game focusing on some rather dark, horror themes. While being an RPG there are also some stealth elements in this one and it looks one of those games that could be a very good title.

The developer behind this, Cyanide have released some very decent games recently. The Styx games stand out the most as something they could develop the game engine from. It’s not AAA levels of development but it could well be a worthy game to watch out for. Certainly one we have our eye on this year.

By: Bandai Namco
Genre: 3D Fighting
Releases: 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Following on from the great work on Tekken 7, Bandai Namco will be bringing back the action of Soul Caibur this year. Any fellow Sega Dreamcast gamers out there will have a bit of a soft spot for this one, that game was amazing back in those days. Overall the series has seen some good entries along the way and this time is looking really polished.

We’ve only seen a little so far but it looks mighty impressive. More is to come and it’s a game we are really looking forward to. Especially to see who the console exclusive characters might be… got some theories? Get them in the comments.

By: Bandai Namco
Genre: Action-RPG
Releases: 2018
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

I remember seeing the reveal trailer for this one drop and being highly impressed. Later in 2016 we have seen the game take shape too with some very nice gameplay. It’s one of those that looks to be one to really watch for this year.

There are some supernatural themes happening in this post-apocalyptic world full of vampires and other monsters. With RPG elements to the game and some impressive visuals already, it’s one to watch out for the release date on. Could this end up making it in early 2019 though? It’s a possibility.

By: Bioware/EA
Genre: Co-Op Action-RPG
Releases: 2018/2019
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

When I started this list I was assuming this one was coming as promised, but recent news has stated that EA might allow Bioware to push this one into 2019. Either way we know the main team is behind this project, the ones behind the outstanding Dragon Age Inquisition rather than the disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda.

It might need some extra work and time to get out there, but it does look an impressive game. We were impressed so much on it last year we wrote a special feature on the game here. Whenever it does arrive, I hope EA don’t rush the game through and ensure it’s ready to go this time. It has huge potential and looks awesome, providing the story matches the gameplay.

By: CD Projekt Red
Genre: Action-RPG
Releases: “When it’s ready”
Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC

I love CD Projekt Red’s attitude with games, thy really did make an amazing game in The Witcher 3. One that is an Open World RPG fan’s dream game in many ways. But their next project has been out there for some time with no update. Could 2018 be ther year Cyberpunk 2077 arrives?

They have promised this one “when it’s ready” and we know they like to take their time with their work to get it right. I do think we’ll see something of this game this year, maybe some more details and a hint of a release window. Will that be in 2018? I certainly hope so but I have a feeling it might roll into 2019. But with The Witcher 3 engine very polished you would think some of the work on this one could be done quicker given their experience. Fingers crossed for a surprise for this year!

Well that’s the list, which game as you looking forward to THE MOST? Which will be day one purchased and which will you be leaving alone? For me I am waiting on A Way Out and Far Cry 5 initially… I will get excited about the others later. I look forward to seeing what you think though gamers!

Get in the Disqus or Facebook comments below and let us know. Our team are looking forward to reading them. More lists coming up gamers focusing on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch exclusives! Until then,

Game on.

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