Since we are enjoying international women’s day, we here at MGL thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate our favourite female characters in gaming. There have been some outstanding characters in games, both new and old that have become iconic. From classic characters on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC who makes our 25 best female games characters list?

Check them out below, there are 10 of them but they are NOT ranked in any order. They are all awesome in their own rights. Don’t forget to get involved with us on Facebook choosing your favourite gaming female. Pick the best for you in the Disqus comments too at the bottom of the page. And please use the buttons above to share this on Social Media!

25Clementine – The Walking Dead

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First woman on the list is one of my personal favourites, Clementine. From The Walking Dead Telltale games series players have been with her as she’s grown. The world is hard for her but you are in control of her choices and create your own Clem’. She’s incredibly strong and a wonderful character.

24Female Shepard – Mass Effect Series

Another female lead character you can make your own. Mass Effect has a warm place in our hearts here on MGL for the team. FemShep was one of the first on our lists when thinking about strength and character. The performance from Jennifer Hale is outstanding throughout too, making her one of the best voice acted females in gaming.

23Samus – Super Metroid

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A classic character makes an appearance as Samus Aran from the Metroid series is one we simply cannot leave out. She’s infused with Chozo DNA for added abilities, reactions and strength. Plus, she’s got one hell of a cool suit, one that for a long time hid the fact she was female! The games are classics and with a new title on the way, we’ll be seeing her again soon enough.

22Bayonetta – Bayonetta 1&2

Another of my personal favourite characters and games. It felt so good to play Bayonetta again on the Nintendo Switch once again (my Review is here), and Bayonetta is amazing. She manages both to be sexy while exceptionally powerful. You certainly would not mess with her, and she’s in great shape for someone over 500 years old too. We all can’t wait for the next game.

21Jennifer Tate – Primal

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This one was insisted on by our writer Natalie who just loves both the game Primal and lead character Jennifer Tate. The classic game Primal, fully playable on PS4 right now by the way, originally came on the PS2 as a mixture of action and horror. The game has a bit of “Cult Hit” type status with a love or hate quality, but Jennifer herself is much loved. I know one fan that would love to see her make a come-back!

20Elena Fisher – Uncharted

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As a big Uncharted fan I will be going into a little section for some of the great characters created by this series. The first is the incredible Elena from the series who is Nathan’s partner for the most part. She manages to have a certain gentleness to her while also being really tough at the same time. Her voice actor Emily Rose is so good in Uncharted 4 that it makes for one of the best performances in gaming.

19Chloe Fraser & Nadine Ross – Uncharted

A double act here to make a single point. Two women came together in the outstanding Uncharted The Lost Legacy and made a bit of a statement. In a game series all about Nathan Drake he was nowhere to be seen, yet they didn’t need him. Chloe and Nadine are great characters played so well by Claudia Black and Laura Bailey, I certainly would like to see them lead another title.

18Evie Frye – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

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With the release of an updated Assassin’s Creed in the excellent Origins, we can almost forget how good Syndicate was. Still on the classic game engine the game introduced us to the Frye twins and Evie. Being able to play as both was a great mechanic, and especially taking control of Evie was a break from a very male dominated series. Like any good sister, she likes to put her brother in his place too!

17Anya – Wolfenstein

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Our man David loves a bit of Wolfenstein as does reviewer of The New Colossus, Neal. The game has a couple of great female characters including Anya. She’s mother to the protagonist, William’s children in the game but knows how to hold her own too. She’s taken on Nazi soldiers and treat the wounded.

16Engel – Wolfenstein

Best Female Games Characters Image 7

Not all female characters need to be good! Here we have one that David and Neal really love, for being so damn bad! The villain of Wolfenstein 2, Engel is one of their favourites in gaming for playing one of the best villains out there. David may even argue she’s the best female villain in gaming and included in one of the best scenes ever too. No spoilers though, just play this great game.

15Emily Kaldwin – Dishonored

As a big fan of the original Dishonored, I was unsure who I would play in the sequel first. But once I got to play as Emily there was no way I wasn’t going to experience the story from her perspective. She’s driven, incredibly powerful and the game even feels more like it fits her than Corvo too. I reviewed this great game here, and I would highly recommend you play as Emily if you haven’t already!

14Billie Lurk – Dishonored

Another from Dishonored, this time we have Billie Lurk from Death of the Outsider. She’s also in the original game and the sequel as one of this dark universe’s strange characters. She’s both caring and driven by revenge most of the time and a very adept assassin. Her relationships with other characters, particularly The Outsider have some great moments and choices to make. A story and character to experience.

13Futaba – Personal 5

Best Female Games Characters Image 7

If you have a spare 200 hours free you can get to know the exceptional Persona 5 and the great character Futaba. I don’t quite have that time but David did and loves this game and this great character too. He particularly likes that she has a weakness when it comes to social interaction and keeps away from society and school. Yet, she has incredible skills that really do come in useful during the game.

12Velvet Crowe – Tales of Berseria

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One for the Tales Of fans out there we have the awesome Velvet Crowe. David is our resident Tales lover and finds her one of the best characters in the series. She’s pretty cool too as a human powered by demonic ability to consume the souls of other demons. Having been through tough experiences she manages to eventually regain some of her emotional stability.

11Aeris – Final Fantasy VII

Best Female Games Characters Image 9

Oh how impressive Aeris was when THAT cutscene at the start of Final Fantasy VII. There were also some tears later in the game, not by me… no, none at all! She is one of the iconic women of the Final Fantasy games and one of my personal picks for this list.

10Theresa – Fable

Best Female Games Characters Image 10

Another one of our women that is a lot older than she looks! Theresa is a character from the classic Fable, a series many of us here on MGL love and really are hoping rumors of a new game are true. As a profit type guide, Theresa plays a big part in Fable and involved in some of the games best moments. A really cool female character.

9Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

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Staying with classic games and going even further back, we get to Jill Valentine and Resident Evil. Jill was my favourite character in the original game back when you could play as her or Chris. She’s as highly trained and capable as she is beautiful and one of those iconic female lead characters for games through the years. A true gaming great.

8Fetch – Infamous

InFamous is one of the best exclusive games series on PlayStation and Second Son brought us Fetch. She is a character with the unique power of Neon and you can control her and it in First Light. Her past is a rather tragic one involving running away from home with her brother, turning to drugs and then losing her sibling. She’s out for revenge and is not afraid to use her special abilities as a Conduit. A great character in a must play game.

7Morrigan – Dragon Age

Best Female Games Characters Image 12

Dragon Age is one of my personal favourite games from one of my favourite developers. Bioware made a wonderful female character in Morrigan, one that really made the first game. Again, an outstanding Claudia Black performance brings her to life in this and the excellent Dragon Age Inquisition.

62B – NeiR Automata

Enter a battle android to our list in 2B or YoRHa No.2 Type B to be precise. She is amazing in her character in one of the best games of 2017, NieR: AutomataThe game is one of our favourites and the story of 2B and her fellow Android 9S is one to experience. She’s not to be messed with though, and she won’t be friendly if you get the camera too close!

5Cortana – Halo

Best Female Games Characters Image 13

From androids to AI, we get to the Halo series and the amazing Cortana. She is a artificial intelligence created from a human mind and as such retains certain human traits. She’s playful and even a bit sarcastic about things at times too. But recently, in Halo 5 something changed and things are not the same. We are still waiting to know the next step in this tale, but we do know Cortana is an amazing female character.

4Ellie – The Last of Us

Best Female Games Characters Image 14

She might look young here, but we are soon to see a more grown Ellie as we get closer to The Last of Us Part II coming out. At 14 she is surviving in the world following the outbreak of the fungal pandemic. She is different though and the protagonist Joel is recruited to help. Soon however they work together with Ellie helping Joel to survive as much as he helps her. They create a special bond through the game in on of the best stories ever told in gaming.

3Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn

I did a piece on how Ashly Burch was playing Aloy before Horizon Zero Dawn released. I knew that with such a talented voice actor behind the character, Aloy was going to be amazing. But to actually experience this game and her story is something else as this outcast finds her place in this world. A year on I still can’t stop going back to this game and a new icon in female gaming characters.

2Retro Lara Croft – Original Tomb Raider Series

Best Female Games Characters Image 15

Where is Lara you’ve been thinking? Maybe even shouting, well here is the original Lara Croft for you as expected. The original games back on the PlayStation were something of a genre defining title. And Lara was a female lead we all loved. Lara become a household name and the fact she was British was something special for us here in the UK too….

1New Lara Croft – 2013+ Tomb Raider

And now we move to the final name, and YES, Lara Croft is here again. See, wondering all that time and she’s here twice. This is because the new Lara Croft takes the character in a different direction since the 2013 release with Camilla Luddington taking over. The game took on some of the Uncharted traits along with classic Tomb Raider style elements. But Lara was the big change, she became Lara the survivor against all the odds. It was a really great move and created two great games including Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It may even result in the best video game movie ever too. Time will tell on that one.

Thanks for reading gamers, we had to stop here so don’t be sad if we missed your favourite. Being honest this started a top ten between the team, went to 15 then 20 and we finally had to call it at 25! Had we kept going it would have been ready international women’s day 2019.

Over to you instead, put your own favourites in the comments below for us using Disqus! We didn’t mean to leave any great ones out, but we had to stop somewhere. Feel free to pick your best from our list and let us know some more.

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