I’m back from EGX 2017, the showcase of the latest games coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. I had a really good time sampling a lot of the games this year. So, here are my picks of the best EGX games 2017 for you to enjoy.

Below are my thoughts on 10 stand out games I played at the event and the event itself at the end. I was there the Friday and Saturday so i could not play EVERYTHING. So if I didn’t play it… I can’t add it to the list!

You can though! Get in the Disqus Comments at the end of the article and let me know the games YOU enjoyed the most this year. Feel free to ask me any questions (about the event… I’m not a life coach!) too.

10. Forza 7

Best EGX Games 2017 image 1Starting with an obvious one here, I know, but Forza looked gorgeous. I played this on the Friday, and used the Xbox Elite controller.  Its utterly stunning and easy to pick up and play, even for a novice like me.

Forza is the best car game about right now, and there is a good reason for that.

9. RoboCraft Infinity

I stumbled across this game within the Xbox booth, and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my lengthy time on it on both Friday and Saturday. The point of this game is to built robots and fight other players. Simple enough!

In the booth they did explain that this was only possible against AI at the show, but even so, the simple act of building a robot and testing it out had me coming back. One for us custom build nerds I guess.

8. Ascend

Best EGX Games 2017 image 2

Part of the Transfuzer section, this game was utterly gorgeous. I spoke to one of the students who helped design it, and expressed my awe at her talented, and the talent of all the artists involved.

I cannot wait to see this game get a full release, and I cannot see why it wouldn’t.

7. Rogue Trooper Redux

A cover based third person shooter, that is a port probably has no right being on this list, but it is.

It had a good tone, a good style, and played very well. Plus I have also seen its price point since the show and I am definitely picking this up.

6. Cuphead

Out soonest of the unreleased games on this list (tomorrow at time of publishing!), this was also, strangely the hardest game I played at EGX, by some way I must add. The delirious and vibrant presentation does wonders for what is a fun and frenetic shoot-em-up.

I had no idea what I was doing, yes I got beat down by a motorized duck, yes I am okay with that. Can I get this now? Do I really have to wait?

5. Super Mario Odyssey

The Best EGX Games 2017 image 3Shocked? Yeah, me too. I don’t like platformers generally, I especially don’t like the niche stuff they always seem to do. But having played a 10 minute demo of Mario Odyssey, I have to say it stuck with me as fun.

But also, the fact is, it is now the first Mario game this side of Mario 64 that has made me want to play a Mario game.

Now I know to some people suggesting disinterest in Mario is like setting fire to a national flag! But I honestly have grown a little despondent and disinterested in the plumber. But Odyssey was fun.

My girlfriend will murder me if I buy a switch though, so…. maybe time to write that will?

4. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

I killed 2 people, one with my shotgun, and one whilst they were reloading I ran in and punched them, then beat them to death with a frying pan.

In any other context, this is not okay. But in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds this is the norm. Whilst the queue was an issue, and the time afforded to players was disproportionate, the fact is this remained a lot of fun.

Not to mention it look really good and felt comfortable with my pad.

3. Destiny 2

I hated Destiny in the end, the DLC debacle, the rinsing of players for that sweet DLC cash. The 3 SEASON PASSES. The fact some of it was on disc already, the fact I never finished it, as I never bought the last DLC.

Destiny left me with a seriously bitter taste in my mouth.

It has also left me reluctant to try the second instalment, despite many of my friends and even some MGL crew recommending the game.

So at EGX, as it was there, I set about playing it. The team I was in was with a young girl I had never met, her friend and a random guy who none of us knew. We were pitted against another 4 players, and we wiped the floor with them. It was fun. A lot of fun. I don’t know how I feel about anything now…

2. Super Lucky’s tale

I think I am having a gaming midlife crisis. 2 platformers. 2. Like them both. Super lucky is just so damned cute.

I literally don’t have anything else to add, it is cute, a pretty game, is still fairly challenging. Will give gamers something to enjoy. And that cat, no not lucky, the evil ninja cat…. yeah, that thing has it coming.

1. Strange Brigade

Think Left 4 Dead, meets British stiff upper lip, powered by the Zombie Army Trilogy/Sniper Elite team.

This game was EXCEPTIONAL. I spent time on it in their Rezzed section, in the Xbox booth, in fact I played this demo AT LEAST a dozen times, and I still wanted more. Heck, I am itching to play it now.

It was so much fun, and I cannot wait to grab it and play it with my friends.

I even got given a coin and a lanyard, so I have Strange Brigade merch. So, I played with three people I didn’t know, still don’t know and we all played it our way. I will be covering this game more in future, let’s put it that way.

About the show

So, let’s talk about the facts. I want to praise what EGX stands for, but the event was over crowded, understaffed, and that’s before we consider all the issues with queuing.

One game you will notice is missing from my definitive guide is the much anticipated Sea of thieves. I was at EGX for two days, and unfortunately didn’t get to play it, three hour queues can be avoided if you have more than 12 machines.

12 machines? Nonsense.

So did EGX deliver? In a lot of ways, yes, however there was, again a massive disparity in the amount of available machines. Games like Forza 7 and the aforementioned Sea of Thieves having an allocation of less than 30 machines led to queues of several hours.

It leaves EGX with a practical issue, either the event needs a larger space for more machines. Or the space that is allocated should be allocated more for games than giant VR statues.

I have to say though, it was fun EGX and I will see you next time!

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