Assassin’s Creed has gone 2.5D in AC Chronicles and this first episode, China by Climax Studios based here in the UK and Ubisoft who are creating a trilogy of stories in this series. Right away we can say that the game has a beautiful and unique art style and gameplay that will suck you in right away, the movement and level design strikes you right from the start and only gets better as you keep playing.

So far we it’s very impressive overall with a few points that could be improved on. We’re playing more over the weekend so bookmark this article for a MGLet’s Play, more comments and the Final Review!

First Impressions – 24 April

I have been lucky enough to play some great new games recently in Killing Floor 2, which is very addictive and also Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power (which you can win a copy of ). The release of Assassins Creed Chronicles maybe didn’t excite me to play as much as the others initially but when I did get my hands on it, it certainly made a big impression.

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My fellow co-founder wanted us to take control of Shao Jun, the lead in this title, in a full Assassin’s Creed game following AC2. I won’t disagree here in the slightest and many AC fans will also share our view but I will say, it’s better late than never and what Climax have done is create a very impressive 2.5D game that you’ll find difficult to put down.

Graphically the game is beautiful in its presentation, the cut scenes are like paintings with subtle changes and movements with decent voice acting/narration, they grab your attention and keep you focused on what you are doing in the game and paint a nice picture of revenge.

Once you take control of Shao Jun you are thrust into a prison that while does have it’s decedent charm, it would have been nice to start the game in a more lush environment to a prison but it’s still nicely designed. Things improve later and soon you are outside and leaping across some varied and colourful locations, it just may have been better had that been the first impression.

Little touches like the way the ground kicks up dust as you run or blood shoots from you victims are almost done like a hand drawn effect and it really makes the game feel like something unique and very special.

Gameplay wise you operate on a 2D plane but have the option to go into the background or foreground at times and also use some clever use of areas to get around and past guards. And here we have two types of play style merged into one.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles China Review in Progress

In each section you move have to get past guards with view cones and use distractions like fire crackers or whistling, swiftly moving to hide in the shadows and general nimble movement. After a while you get the ability to fight but the more stealth based option is the better bet. Here you can either be the Assassin or the Shadow. Move through the location like you were never even there and you get a Gold Shadow rating and points, move past striking from the shadows to kill guards and hide their bodies and you get Assassin Gold points.

Right now I’m using mixture but I love the kills I have to say, especially the hidden shoe blade kill!

Combat is a bit tricky are requires some precise timing or good luck, in honesty it is the weakest element of the game but the whole premise is to avoid it where you can. Other than this, and some less than striking locations early in the game, we are pretty happy so far and looking forward to bringing you more over the weekend.

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