With release closing in fast, this my look at the big Anthem game features as the game heads to PS4, Xbox One and PC in hours now. Plus, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the potential of this online action-RPG as we head closer to the Anthem release date, 22 February 2019.

It’s one of two pieces out today on Anthem (come back later for more!) from me as a big Bioware fan, I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while. While there are questions, there are some big features coming to Anthem you need to check out.

Take a look and don’t forget to leave me a comment if you’re picking this up, yes or no! On mobile, view as One Page Here.

5I Am Iron Man A Freelancer

Yes, Anthem does have a look of a dream Iron Man game experience. Hell, you can even make it some kind of party with War Machine and the Hulk Buster experience if you bring your friends along.

In the game, you are a freelancer, a kind of mercenary with a code and conscience as you venture out into the world. To do this you will be heading out into your Javelin.

This is the mech, exo-suit that allows you to survive this sci-fi fantasy world with a few class choices to make. The jack of all trades, The Ranger. The big damage taking, hard-hitting Colossus. The fast and brutal Interceptor or the elementally charged, Storm.

All of the Javelins look appealing and all of them fly around like you are Iron Man. Certainly something I can get behind!

I’ve made a helpful (hopefully!) guide to the Javelin classes here. Check it out and let me know which one you will play as your main.

4A Massive World – In All Directions

I love a good open world, especially where it’s scale makes me feel almost intimidated to look at when I start! I’m certainly one to get into the map early and zoom out as far as I can and just see the scope of what I’m going to play.

There is more than the standard when it comes to Anthem however. This world doesn’t only go big across the map, it’s the feeling or verticality that stands out most here in terms of what to expect in Anthem.

You going to need to blast around in your Javelin to get into the caverns, caves and underwater locations hidden in this map. Not to mention go up and scale the huge rocky areas and no doubt places yet unseen.

One key point to all this working is making it seamless however. With loading currently a big worry, although noted for a day 1 patch and likely more patches to come. I do hope the scale of this world isn’t lost in the issues the game has in early access loading areas all the time.

Bioware and EA get this right, it’s going to be a lot of fun out there. Get it wrong and and Anthem will struggle.

3Go Solo Or Bring Friends

No doubt you will expect this as it’s the big selling point. Anthem boasts that the game is both enjoyable to play solo and with your friends. How much that sways to with having to play co-op is up for debate for now.

But you will be free to choose as you can team up with companions, or matchmake with others at random to take on the challenges of the world.

My big question over Anthem personally is how much is this solo promise genuinely achievable? Given Bioware’s fan base, you would hope we are catered for since I’ve very happy to go at missions alone.

For other “lone wolves” (sounds much cooler than anti-social, miserable ****) out there, follow MGL for my updates on this point as the game launches.

But, according to the developers you can do both!

2Bioware Sci-Fi Fantasy Story

Bioware have told some epic tales. Mass Effect brought me one of my favourite twists in a game plot once Sovereign revealed itself to be my true enemy. Plus my Grey Warden’s origins and endings in Dragon Age will live with me for years to come.

Here in Anthem, we are promised something different due to the nature of the game. But with that same, Bioware story feel to it.

Where that all fits around the looting and shooting I don’t know. Hopefully in reasonably balance with the gameplay that does look a lot of fun.

It’s my big worry here, more on those later, but this is a massive part of a Bioware title. Normally I have much more choice over that story too, will it truly deliver an epic tale like I’ve experienced from Bioware over the years?

I can’t wait to find out.

1More to come

It’s tricky to think about games differently. In the past we have been of the fixed mindset that a game’s launch define’s it forever. I mean, it’s how it was in the good old disc days, before patches and fixes were possible.

Back in the day (yes, us old people do say that) games went out on discs and big bugs either called for a VERY expensive recall and re-burning of the CDs. Or it was there forever.

Games like Anthem only exist because we can patch, change and expand upon console games now. And with that means perspective on the title at launch won’t be the same in weeks and months to come.

With ongoing activities, more content planned and what already seems like really positive communication on patches, bugs and suggestions mean Anthem won’t just be a “thank you, next” game after the campaign is done.

More free content is coming to Anthem and that can only be a positive if the game is trying to increase the quality as it goes.

Thoughts on Anthem Ahead of Launch

Anthem game features image 2

I have so many thoughts, hopes and worries! From the moment I saw Anthem I was very much up-for the game. I’m more a solo player but I like the option to have other close friends join in with me if I like.

I love Bioware titles over the years too. Plus the core gameplay looks excellent outside of the surely noted (and patchable) technical issues seen in the demo and the early access.

However, it’s still up in the air where Anthem will land in terms of the true reviews that come out after the official launch. While people are playing, it’s early access and subject to change so whatever is said may have credibility, but can’t reflect the final product just yet.

Smoothness, ongoing support and content is the key to Anthem working. So far the letter two is promised but from the issues with loading and technical glitches smootheness of the experience is something to watch out for.

I am still very positive on the game, but there is a deeper concern to think about…


Anthem game features image 3

Wow, where do I start on this section? Yes I have a number, but not over whether Anthem will be enjoyable to play. Technical issues at launch and pre-launch aside, it does look like the core gameplay is going to be a good action shooter with RPG elements.

Yes, the whole grind for loot and “bullet sponge” enemies debate will be there. But that’s nothing new to this type of game. I do worry somewhat about the fast overheat on your flying ability however, particularly in big battles it seems an overly short overheat time.

My main worry on Anthem is where the traditional Bioware elements here to really make it feel like one of their titles. No real choice and consequence, not much in the way of dialogue options and character interactions.

The gameplay really does have a lot to make up for in terms of what a traditional Bioware game is like. Right now I think that is going to be the big one that defines where the game works or doesn’t.


Anthem game features image 4

Right now Anthem looks much like the launch of the original Destiny. It’s not going to be anywhere near the finished product on launch day and people are going to have to accept it will evolve with the updates, or decide Anthem is not for them.

I do think the overall feel of the action will be enjoyable, I’m less sure on the story and attachment to the characters. Or even the true feeling of a Bioware game.

I’m still ready to enjoy playing, but if you want the finished product I think it might be worth waiting a few months to pick this up.

Likely early reviews will be updated along with the game, and we may have a more definitive Anthem experience towards April or May.

But that’s my take on Anthem, what do you think? Leave me a comment below…

Will you be getting Anthem?

Are you picking up Anthem when it comes out? Or are you going to wait for it all to settle down? Get in those comments and let me know your thoughts.

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