Our build up to E3 is picking up now gamer, we’ve made a fantastic start on our predictions starting with with a look at the PlayStation E3 Experience and the Xbox E3 Briefing. Those articles are live now so just click on them to open in a new tab/window. Your are going to want to stay here too you see because we have another single page list for you moving on to the game publishers now with a slightly smaller list of 6 Bethesda E3 2016 predictions.

Just like the previous editions just mentioned, this detailed list is what myself and a few other gamers here on MGL think may be shown by the Bethesda and crew at their conference on June 12.

The article is all below, no clicking required. Just scroll down for a read and enjoy a few videos and screens along the way. The list is ordered by impact, so what we think will give Bethesda’s E3 conference the biggest impact is number 1, referred to as the “Mic Drop Moment!” Lots of E3 build up and coverage coming up too with the other conferences given predictions too. Check the latest E3 2016 updates here.

Lots of Expansions and DLC

Bethesda E3 2016 Predictions Doom DLCWell yes, we are going to certainly see a lot of this and it’s coming in at the lowest part of the list because there are usually only two reactions to lots of DLC: “Meh” and “Ok”. The only people slightly happier are those with the season pass who finally feel that investment was worth it.

Ok, maybe I am being a bit harsh there gamers.

Doom is the big one here, many players are disappointed in the Multiplayer element of the game and you’d think that Bethesda and ID will be working hard to set that right. There were always planned expansions to the mode and with SnapMap too it’s logical to keep working on it. But while SnapMap is a unique and entertaining feature… there isn’t much point in it when the core gameplay isn’t that great.

Work to be done here guys.

We’d also expect to see more coming for Fallout 4 and this could be a large area adding on to the adventure. They tend to make big expansions to Fallout Games so I would expect anything to be announced to be more a full expansion pack rather than just some DLC, a whole new area of wasteland to die in explore could be on the cards here.

There might be a big section on this one; hopefully it runs as smoothly as they managed it last year to make this less dominant over the great games coming up.

Skyrim/Elder Scrolls Series Remaster

Bethesda E3 2016 Predictions Skyrim

Speaking of two types of reaction, this is a bit more of a split across the scale. I know many gamers develop massive rage when remastered games are mentioned, faces go red, teeth grind and people start shaking like a dog going for a number 2… it’s not pretty. But the other side of that scale are the people that would like to play a game again and looking a lot better, a camp I don’t mind being in.

After all, no one is making you buy a remastered title this is just an option for those who want to get it or missed the game first time. And one reason I like them is when someone launches “Cool Game: 3” and my gaming principals/OCD won’t let me play this until I have experienced the first two! Please say I’m not alone with this one.

Skyrim is certainly a game I would certainly like to play a remastered edition of, more so than most others so I do think for gamers like me this will be a positive reveal should it happen. Let’s face it, the last gen console versions of the game really struggled to run everything as dragon skeletons bounced around and Solitude sent your framerate down to 5FPS if you were lucky.

I’d like to experience the game running on my PS4 or Xbox One running at 1080p and with all expansions included. But here is the big question… what if they revealed more than just a Skyrim remaster? What if Oblivion and Morrowind were included too? People may as well break up with their partners now!

They may not of course but there is the possibility and I would love to see it for one.

Dishonored 2 Gameplay to Make Us Drool

Bethesda E3 2016 Predictions Dishonored 2On to the new games coming up and this one is going to be massive for Bethesda. We know it’s going to be there and it’s likely to be the kick off for the show too… and what a way to start!

The original game is up there with my favourites of all time due to the incredible story, dieselpunk setting and cool powers set in this rather nasty world. Everything about it was just right for me personally and Arkane delivered an amazing experience from start to finish. More bloodthirsty gamers I know were a little disappointed that the game rewarded you more for NOT killing people but I quite liked the fact you could get through the title without killing at all.

Not an easy challenge!

This time we are going to play as the classic Corvo and Emily which will be an interesting twist. From the way it’s been described you don’t character swap like you can in say, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate but you pick who you want to be at the start and play the story from their perspective.

Has this changed? I’m not sure, but I like this idea of returning to the old school a little with this style of locked in gameplay that provides replayability and want to know more about how it all works. Nothing much has been shown off since the reveal of the game in any detail so this E3 I expect a really good portion of the event to be dedicated to the game ahead of the release on November 11 this year.

Prey 2 Rescued from Abduction

Prey 2

This one is a long shot but not too far away from the realms of possibility. It’s been potentially re-confirmed, has a website and a few details… but then some of those have been around for some time after the cancellation. We are all a bit confused here I think.

None the less, the original game was one of sci-fi genius in terms of plot, visuals and gameplay so a return to this franchise is something Bethesda must be keen on given its huge fan base and downright outcry for the sequel to be completed.

Prey 2 did have its moment to shine at E3 previously, everyone was in awe of it and ready to see more. Then it was no more. Cancelled and officially confirmed as being done. But, much like Tommy, it could be that the game has actually be abducted by another studio and be worked on either completely separately or in combination with the original development team.

Stranger things have happened in the world of gaming, but this… it’s a wildcard.


Bethesda E3 2016 Predictions QuakeMore first person gaming you say? Why the hell not! Bethesda have made a big impact by bringing back Wolfenstein to the next generation consoles, then moved on to Doom this year leading to a solid single player experience but lacking in Multiplayer areas.

The next logical step is to revive Quake for the new generation next.

I do however think this won’t happen if Prey 2 is confirmed so it’s either this one or the other but surely, a new Quake game would bring the house down.

Bethesda E3 Mic Drop Moment: The Next Elder Scrolls Title

Bethesda E3 2016 Predictions TES6This is the moment I want gamers, I want to sit there at 3AM in the morning really tired and heavy eyed one moment only for Bethesda to get my Elder Scrolls adrenaline pumping as they reveal the next in the series, leaving me unable to sleep.

The Elder Scrolls VI would be one of the biggest games announced at this years E3 if it happens and, what’s more, it wouldn’t really tread on the toes of any other Bethesda projects right now.

Fallout has done very well and no doubt any expansion will be out before TES6 so why not get some information out there on this one? I would love to see it but I do have one concern after the amazing Skyrim. See, the introduction of Dragons and the whole idea of absorbing their souls for your own power was incredible and really made Skyrim a much more fun game than previous entries in the series.

How do they create something along these lines in the new game? Dragons flying around and getting you into fights regularly was amazing as was the levelling system and ability to fus ro dah things away from you at any moment. Whatever they do, they need to make something just as special at least to make it really work.

But this is Bethesda Softworks I’m talking about, so not really much cause for concern. The other question is then, looking at the image above, where will it be set or might it be set?

That’s another long list done gamers, thanks for reading our Bethesda E3 Predictions and don’t forget to comment below using social media accounts to leave your thoughts and your lists. Plus, you can hang around on MGL and look at the Sony E3 Predictions and Microsoft E3 Predictions while you are here. More to come with EA Games, Ubisoft and Square Enix Prediction articles over the next few days.

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