It might seem as if I’m intent on laying in to Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness. Beating the current dead horse of the internet for my own personal gain. Speaking as if I could develop a better product than tri-Ace have produced. I certainly couldn’t. However, there are some developers that I feel could produce a far better experience in this space RPG theme. As a result, here are 4 Devs that Could Make a Better Star Ocean in my humble opinion.

Take note of the fact that this list a pipe-dream, and I’d prefer that tri-Ace continued their franchise with serious improvements.

Star Ocean Persona – Atlus

Given that one of Star Ocean’s biggest issues is its lack of personality, who better to give a shot of heart and soul in to the arm of a franchise than the Persona team?

When space is your theme, you inherently invite the expectation of a massive universe with interesting characters and places to visit. Not only that; being a party-based game, the player needs a sense of belonging and ownership over these people. What good is saving a planet or its people when you don’t care about them?

I’d rather not have the turn-based RPG system take over from the real time action, but in terms of world building, Atlus would be ideal for the task.

Star Ocean Chronicles X – Monolith Soft

No game strikes a chord with me as much as Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X. No game is more deserving of a wider audience than the Wii U. The talent behind Monolith Soft and their own sci-fi RPG series could lend itself well to Star Ocean.

As opposed to the large, empty spaces that are separated by loading screens, Monolith Soft would surely allow for an interconnected world. Sure, there might be pop-in, but I’d rather that than running slowly around a field of nothingness just to load in to another field of nothingness.

Another issue for Star Ocean is the slow movement and constant back-tracking. Do you know what could solve this? GIANT MECHS! Devices that’d be perfectly at home in a Star Ocean game. In fact, don’t let Monolith Soft near Star Ocean. Let them develop a new Xenoblade for current gen.

Tales of Star Ocean – Bandai Namco Tales Team

As the current king of action JRPG games, the Tales Of Team could do well with a space theme.

Their latest iteration was a bumpy ride, but the team still nails those battle sections better than most. Everything that Star Ocean tries to do with its combat feels like a loose version of the Tales formula. Granted, Star Ocean might have inspired this, but Tales Of games have tightened the loose screws. The evasion moves make sense. The defense system is easy to understand. It’s simple to keep track of your character actions. You feel totally in control of your special ability execution and can map far more abilities to your buttons than Star Ocean allows.

The Tales Of skit system gives a great amount of character insight using charming anime scenes as the group travels. Star Ocean attempts this too, but they force the conversations between people that hardly know each other but act as if they do. Not only that, Tales Of games allow for the player to pick and choose what conversations they want to see played out. Star Ocean throws them at you whether you want them or not, and the audio continues even in to battles which can get drowned out in the chaos.

Of all of the developers on this list, Namco Bandai’s Tales team is perhaps the best suited to the style of Star Ocean. Though again, I’d prefer they continue doing their own thing.

Star Ocean Reboot – tri-Ace

Last but not least, tri-Ace deserves a chance to start fresh. Despite this article, I don’t want nor do I see this series being taken away from them. That said, they’re handling it poorly in my opinion. Return to the roots, tri-Ace. That team knows their franchise better than anybody, but it seems as if they’re lost in the woods as it stands. I hope they’ll be granted the freedom to wipe the slate clean and take a good, hard look at what it is they want Star Ocean to be.

For all I know, they’re very happy with what they’ve produced. If that’s the case, keep doing what you do, but I can’t imagine a team of talented developers can’t see the flaws in their product.

That’s That.

Those are my top picks for teams with the potential to make a better Star Ocean. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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