This was the year I fell in love with my Playstation, this game was so near perfect it was unbelievable and did alot of things that I did not know computer games were capable of at the time. Metal Gear Solid to be is still the best in series, the quality storyline and cast of characters were incredible as well as the amazing gameplay. MGS was the complete package and took gaming to  whole new level for me.

Metal Gear Solid was not the first in the series with Metal Gear orginally being released back in 1987 in Japan and was known as a massive hit. However it was released sometime later outside of Japan for various consoles including the incredible Nintendo, there were some issues however. The orginal was a watered down version of its Japanese counterpart and was hated by the games creator Hideo Kojima, the fact that Metal Gear does not even make an appearence was just one of the many things wrong with this game.


Lets return to Metal Gear Solid, the Stealth based action game was something I had never experience before with it requiring patience and planning to get round some of the stages. The variety in bosses was breathtaking, Sniper Wolf for example had you engaged in a low sniper showdown with her Wolves howling and giving the entire situation a haunting atmosphere it really is one of the most memorable experiences I have had it gaming. One other moment that everone remebers is the Psycho Mantis boss fight where he read your memory card and had you change controller ports to regain control of Snake.

The scale of this game was huge with each new disc going deeper into the solid storyline and was packed full on more memorable gaming experiences then the last. Metal Gear Solid has it all it really is a must play game and the remake for the Gamecube was also a great experience for me revisiting one of my favourite games several years later with updated graphics. I highly recommend this title to anyone as its really is in a genre of its own. There have been several more titles released over the years with a ‘Phantom Pain’ being released sometime in the new future, but I feel the orginal Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation is the best the series has to offer.


Stay tuned to My Games Lounge as 1999 will bring you the best racing game ever.

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