While a lot will be made if the announcement of a sequel to Destiny. We are pretty sure it’s happening, so it’s somewhat of an inevitability. There are rumours we may see something at this year’s PlayStation Experience or maybe The Game Awards. While it could be merely more Sparrow racing, it’s interesting to speculate on the Destiny 2 improvements we want to see announced by Bungie.

Bungie have been on a bit of a journey with Destiny that has seen it criticised, loved and evolved over the past two years.

Now after playing so long we’re here to look at 10 things we really want to see in Destiny 2 to improve the experience. The list is below with our thoughts but this isn’t all about us. Leave a Disqus or Facebook Comment at the end of the article with your thoughts too!

Right, get your Ghosts ready were about to launch.

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1Base The Game On The Best Architecture

The original Destiny came along with massive expectations of being the beginning of true “Next Gen” gaming. But they made the game able to run on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While this still looks a significant upgrade, the core of the game still being held back by last gen technology.

Hence the move away with later expansions.

This time the game needs to aim for the best, and I mean PS4-Pro and ready for the Xbox Scorpio. Of course the difference between the Pro and standard PS4 is mainly the ability for 4K but that should be the standard now.

2Bring A Really Rich Story Elements To The Core Game

There is actually a lot of information and details in the Destiny universe. The issue is you need to go and find it yourself. Taking your Grimoire card collection and doing a lot of reading. This wasnt’ the best way to tell the story, especially when the core game was rather low on content.

This time they should really make that story mode have some impact.

Give us missions and scenes that are different from the rest of the game’s “shoot and loot” principle. I’m not saying stop that, but there is room for more variety here. Include some more conversations, investigation style missions and more dramatic scenes that connect you emotionally to your character and others in this universe.

3Get The Cast Right, And Sustainable First Time

It was cool having Peter Dinklage my Ghost in Destiny. That was until he stopped talking! Yes, there was a bad decision with the cast of Destiny that made the nature of expanding the game not have the same impact as it could have.

They need to get it right this time and get some good actors in that are in the gaming industry. Oh, and treat them nicely while recording too!

Trading the Ghost voice to Nolan North was a great move, but also what they should have done originally. If Bungie want to bring in big actors, they need to live exclusively within the story mode. Or be properly contacted to come back at set times for more. But, let’s face it there are more than enough great game voice actors out there to use.

If they can sort out the strike issues of course.

4Make Our Choices Matter

At the start of the game I picked my character as an Awoken male first time. Yet later in the game I met with the Awoken in the story and it meant absolutely nothing. I also picked my class at the start of the game, a Warlock. Other than who I spoke too for mission briefings and rewards, again nothing.

It’s tough to make a MMO style game with freedom of choice. But they can improve here for me.

The Taken King had an exclusive mission for your class that added a nice amount of variety when switching things up. This needs to happen more in Destiny 2. Plus, there could be more impact with the race you choose too. If the story and conversations are deeper, we could have an Elder scroll style system where people respond to you differently purely on race. Making some missions harder and some easier.

5Bring In Some Procedural Game Mechanics

There are a few things in Destiny that make the exceptional gameplay lose some of its enjoyment for me. The shooting and how it all controls is exceptional but the variety is where it lets itself down.

I mean, once you’ve killed a few Fallen the rest are all Clones. Plus they all appear in the same place in the maps (more on those later).

This time it would be better to have the enemies land and appear more randomly. Not getting rid of certain set-piece conflicts, but it feel more like the enemies can come from anywhere rather than always three to the right, two to the left as you land on Earth.

I’d also like to see some enemies looking different and coming with varied weapons and tactics. A procedural design on enemies and their appearance, ability and weapons of choice would certainly help keep you more on your toes.

6Expansion the Solar System and The Sandboxes

While there were a number of locations in Destiny, all of them decent in size and with a have a good amount of variety about them. They never felt truly expensive or did they make me feel like I was part of a big universe.

It was all very tight and close together to say how many races were around.

I’d really like to feel a much grander scale with Destiny 2 and have far more of the solar system to visit. Plus, when I get there I’d like to see a much more varied sandbox with places to go that are NOT part of missions. Places I can just find and get into battles finding rare loot or hidden items while I explore. Maybe even make some missions NOT highlighted on the map and you can just walk into them.

7Expanded Levelling System

This might be the RPG gamer in me, but I think the progression and upgrade system in Destiny 2 could use some expanding. Giving more options and choices when it comes to creating a unique character.

It’s going to be tough due to the balance issue when it comes to multiplayer factor.

Being the same MP character and main game one means the abilities do need a real sense of balance. But I still think it’s possible to do this and give players more freedom on how to make their character suit them. Be it their defence, attack or special abilities that they choose to focus on.

8More Engaging Regular Updates and Special Events

Do you remember when Sparrow Racing was a thing? Destiny remembers. It also seemed like a great idea at the time. Except that the genuinely enjoyable content was light and this new “Live Team” wasn’t living up to what I wanted personally.

The thing about holiday events and side activities is that they’re meaningless without a core of interesting and rewarding things to do.

Sure, the game has daily, weekly and Nightfall events but their wells eventually ran dry. What about an upgraded Vault of Glass raid? A new, hardcore monthly quest that guarantees an epic reward? I’m sure the more engaged Destiny players will have much grander ideas and expectations for Destiny 2. I’m just speaking from the perspective of a lapsed veteran Guardian.

9Ship Upgrades and Space Flight

Having just completed Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, I know it can be done. No more relegating our Legendary Ships to loading screens and rare cut-scenes! In Destiny 2, I want to soar in the stars.

Think of the countless amounts of upgrade possibilities! Assuming they don’t integrate ship combat with the multiplayer, there could be multiple gun types, engine parts and all sorts of what Destiny does best fitted in to your ship. To make it truly feel like your own.

10Expand The Gamer Universe

Gamers are begging, actually begging for Destiny to come to PC. While the console community is awesome, one that I am apart of. There is a mass of people who want to experience Destiny on PC so why not let them?

But then, why stop there?

There is another big step Destiny 2 could take, one that would take some negotiating considering the deal with PlayStation. But why not let anyone play anyone. PlayStation Guardians Vs Xbox, Vs PC ones. That truly would make Destiny 2 a history making, revolutionary game. I don’t say this expecting it to happen. But if Bungie want to make an experience a real step forward for gaming, this is the way to do it.

And there ends the list of Destiny 2 improvements we’d love to see. That’s just us of course gamers but seeing some of those come to light (get it?) would really make this game as special as it should be.

But then there’s you gamers out there, many of you have been playing Destiny for years. What do you want? What do you agree with, what do you disagree with and what do you want to see?

Drop us a Disqus or Facebook Comment below and let us know.

Until next time gamers. Game on.

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