Right let me start off by saying I don’t believe I’m an old fashioned fuddy duddy, but there is one thing that grinds my gears, kids that do not have the maturity level to play certain games.

This isn’t a blanket statement as we all know people mature at different rates, and its not for me to tell parents if their kids are mature enough to play certain games, its for the parent to at least know what they are playing so they have the information to make the decision .

All games sold in the UK are regulated under the Europe-wide PEGI (Pan European Game Information), which means it is illegal for a person under the age of said game to buy it, or the retailers can face huge fines and potentially prison sentences.

This topic first popped into my head whilst I was on holiday, lying by the pool with my PSP playing God of War Chains of Olympus, now at this point I had played all the God of War games available on the PS3, so I knew what type of content this game would have in it, but hey ho if the name the God of War doesn’t give you a clue I doubt my ramblings will have any effect.

I digress, there were a lot of kids running round by the pool and of course when I break out the PSP, I see the little light go on in their inquisitive minds “whats that guy got there”, they begin to circle like vultures round their prey and start appearing behind me trying to look at the screen.

I was at a point in the game when I had just met the Persian King, knowing that an extremely violent and bloody battle was about to ensue, I wont go into too much detail but suffice to say it involved his head and a box, and the battle was closely followed by Kratos meeting 2 scantily clad women, I ejected the game and put Tony Hawks in before the battle commenced.

Im not saying that parents have to play the entire game before hand, but what I do believe and we all pretty much know how to use Google, is that as a parent you should research the game before hand, you will be able to find game descriptions, game play trailers etc all over the web and you may want to pay some attention if the Game is 18 rated, and ask yourself why?

With the recent release of GTAV (yes, that’s Grand Theft Auto 5) just do a little research into past games of the series. When you stumble across the big black leather suit and the giant pink thing, maybe you should start to wonder if this game is suitable for a 10 year old… otherwise prepare for “what’s that Daddy?” and try to come up with an answer.

That’s all for now, happy gaming.

The Gav of War




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