EA Sports will release FIFA 17 next week, and fans all over the world are excited. While some believe that the FIFA franchise has more or less hit a pinnacle that can’t be surpassed, there are always some small adjustments and improvements that can be made to any sports game.

Naturally, players, teams, and leagues will have been updated to match reality — that’s why there’s a new title in this series each year — but there are also other changes that can be made that would keep the FIFA games on an upward trajectory.

In all likelihood these changes will be pretty incremental, and there are already some rumors as to what they might be. But this is more of a wish list than rumor mill, so without further ado here are five changes we’d like to see.

fifa-17-5-cool-fifa-17-features-11. Fluid Player Ratings

There’s always a lot of discussion about player ratings when a new FIFA game hits the shelves, and this year the major talking point is that Cristiano Ronaldo has finally overtaken Messi as the top-rated player in the game.

In my view, this is fair.

Ronaldo has had a more impressive run of late. Real Madrid won the Champions League and Portugal won Euro 2016 while Argentina fell in the Copa America and Messi promptly retired from international play (only to calm down and retract his retirement shortly thereafter). But regardless, it would be fun to see changing ratings become newsworthy this time around.

The ratings do change according to form with game updates, but a press release every few months to reflect these changes would make for some fun commentary and discussion.

2. Ticket Pricing

This is a subtly brilliant idea that was presented in a discussion about updating career mode (or manager mode) on the new game. These days, ticket pricing has a lot to do with how professional sports teams are perceived.

For instance in the MLB, the New York Yankees made lower level seating ridiculously expensive when they moved to a new stadium in 2009. With the team struggling in the last few years, few fans have seen it worth the money pay for that lower level seating, so attendance has dropped and the stadium atmosphere has suffered.

This kind of dilemma would make FIFA game atmospheres feel even more realistic. The need to adjust ticket prices to maximize income while maintaining high attendance and excitement would actually be a fun wrinkle.

fifa-17-5-cool-fifa-17-features-23. Better Penalty Shootouts

If there’s a persistent issue with top-of-the-line console soccer games, it’s that penalty kicks feel jerky and haphazard, and basically aren’t any fun. This is a bizarre situation, because penalties tend to lead the way in soccer gaming on most every non-console platform.

There are countless mobile games that have fun twists on shootouts, and in fact the fun twists on slot arcades at Gala’s casino online has a shootout game as well. There, “Football Rules” is more of a soccer-themed slot machine, but the bonus game is a shootout in which you’re basically guessing where to shoot or block rather than controlling the players.

Call me crazy, but that seems less frustrating than controlling players that inevitably go where you’re not trying to guide them in FIFA shootouts. Some twist on penalties, be it pure guesswork or some dumbed down arcade structure, could actually be a really beneficial change.

4. More Detail

This is a small and unspecific suggestion, but it’s always nice to see a little more detail in these games, even if they’re already incredibly beautiful and realistic.

The animation figures to be at least marginally better with each new release, but seeing little touches here and there while playing makes a big difference as well.

That might mean realistic interpretations of managers and other folks who appear on the sidelines. Less blockiness in audience actions, goals and sideline advertisements that move realistically when the ball comes in contact with them, and so on.

5. Indoor Six-On-Six

This feels like possibly the least likely adjustment, but it was mentioned toward the front of a list of fan suggestions for FIFA 2017, and it would be a whole lot of fun.

Back in 1997, FIFA actually did include an indoor six-on-six mode, and it was both fun and a useful training tool for players who wanted to get better at specific moves and tricks.

Bringing this back would be a great way to inject a totally new feature into FIFA 17 without really rocking the boat, and it would allow gamers to focus on the players they enjoy most, as well as on honing their skills with the stick.

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