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Our indie game reviews follow the same principals of how we score all games. We will always prioritise bringing our readers a quality, in-depth and honest review that gives our official verdict on the game.

This will be done as close to release as we can. Our first priority is to deliver the quality which may means you always get the best quality review we can deliver.

Red's Kingdom Review main image

Red’s Kingdom Review (Nintendo Switch)

Red's Kingdom is a fun rolling puzzle game where you control Red an angry squirrel who's on a mission. A mission to recover his stolen golden nut, winter acorn stores and rescue his kidnapped...
Strange brigade review main image

Strange Brigade Review

The Strange Brigade are called on in times of need. And when an ancient evil awakens in Rebellion's new title, they get that very call. With guns drawn and powerful amulets in tow, the...

Unexplored Unlocked Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

Unexplored is a 'rogue-lite' dungeon crawler game with puzzles and roleplaying elements. Developed by Nephilim game Studios and published by Digerati on the Nintendo Switch. You have to descend into the depths of the Dungeon...
Overcooked 2 review main image

Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 is a zany party style game that supports local and online multiplayer for up to 4 people. Here you'll be running a restaurant by preparing, cooking, delivering and cleaning up afterwards. Sounds...

Insane Robots Review

Insane Robots is a robot battling arena game that utilises card gaming in one-to-one duels. One that I was really interested in giving a go. So, how does it work out in my Insane...

Agony Review

When I first looked at the idea behind Agony I was really ready to play. I mean, a first-person survival horror game, where you are tasked with reclaiming your memories and journeying through the...

Everspace Review

Space might be the final frontier, and no one will hear you scream about how good this game is. But, you are safe to explore my Everspace review as the game is now available...

Forgotton Anne Review

Forgotton Anne is Anne is an Anime story-driven, 2.5D platform action/puzzle game. And is out now on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Honestly, if you have any of those, you should be thinking about...

20XX Review

20XX is a Mega-Man inspired action platform game out now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC. Developed and Published by indie team Batterystaple games, 20XX offers some unique gameplay features and two 2...

The Deer God Review (Nintendo Switch)

The Deer God starts out with probably the lowest ever screen resolution that the Nintendo Switch has probably ever executed a game in. The graphics style is very reminiscent of the 16bit home computer...