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Reviews are an in depth look into the latest PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Games and how much we at MGL would recommend them to our readers. We cover all the big formats and focus on Indie Game Reviews too to support their games.

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Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise Review

If you've got to ask yourself why we're doing a Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise Review, it's too late: you're already dead. Franchise catchphrases included, Lost Paradise is an incredibly fun action adventure...

Blue Reflection Review

Blue Reflection attempts to bring Sailor Moon and Persona together in a magical-girl role-playing game. Unfortunately, it's hampered by its bland characters and forgettable story. Repetitive content only works when it's engaging or wrapped...

Michonne What We Deserve Review

I’m here looking at the finale to the Michonne mini-series, everything is about to come together following the events of the first two episodes and THAT choice at the end of episode 2. But...

Sine Mora Ex Review (Nintendo Switch)

Sine Mora Ex is a horizontal side scrolling shooter game, which fits comfortably into the category of shoot-em-up. Digital Reality has co-developed this Switch version with Grasshopper Manufacture. Whilst gamers may have already experienced...

J-Stars Victory VS+ Review

As a man that enjoys the content of "Shonen Jump" for the most part, you'd think I'd fall in love with J-Stars Victory VS+. You'd think the vast roster of classic and modern icons...

Grand Kingdom Review

Grand Kingdom is a turn-based strategy RPG game with a comic book presentation featuring anime-inspired art. It boasts a surprisingly large amount of content, but the majority of it is a grind, leading me...

5 Star Wrestling ReGenesis Review

Wrestling games. How many are there these days? WWE has an unfortunate monopoly on the genre and, as of late, I feel it has affected the quality of the franchise even after the transition...

Mega Coin Squad Review

Mega Coin Squad is a simple but addictive game. With its retro-inspired visual style and bite-size coin-collecting levels with leader-boards for high scores, it doesn't matter that you can get through it within an...

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below Review

Dragon Quest is a beloved franchise of many Japanese Role-Playing Game fans, but its days of glory since the merger of Enix and Squaresoft are a thing of the past in regards to its...

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was announced back in 2013 and from the get-go it was supposed to challenge everything that people know and expect from traditional Zelda games. It is...