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Destiny: The Dark Below DLC Review | MGL Day of Destiny Special

Destiny arrived, and proceeded to be the mediocrity that was expected to be a masterpiece. Holding out hope, those of us that did their best to love Destiny despite its major flaws awaited what...

Serial Cleaner Review (Nintendo Switch)

Ever wanted to clean up murder scenes like Mr Wolf in Pulp Fiction? Or some rather poorly delivered insurance adverts? Well, here I am with this Serial Cleaner review for you, showing you can...

Life Goes On Done to Death Review

I've played many puzzle games lately. The Sun and Moon. 101 Ways to Die. More that I literally don't recall at the moment, I just know that they exist in a twisting, torturous tower...

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review

Another year and another Call of Duty. This is something we gamers expect to be the case, but this year it’s all been different. With Infinity Ward back on this one taking the job...

Blue Reflection Review

Blue Reflection attempts to bring Sailor Moon and Persona together in a magical-girl role-playing game. Unfortunately, it's hampered by its bland characters and forgettable story. Repetitive content only works when it's engaging or wrapped...

King’s Quest A Knight to Remember Review

Oh how good it feels to be back in Daventry, even for a gamer who’s getting older, I was only a baby when the original King’s Quest launched but as I grew up, so...

Middle Earth Shadow of War Review

One does not simply walk into Mordor. One bounds in, mounted on a Caragor with your own army of Orcs behind you! Welcome to the fun that will be my Middle Earth Shadow of...

Tearaway Unfolded Review

There are games that will excite you or dazzle you with stunning graphics or even get you addicted with vast open worlds that you simply can't stop playing. But every now and again there...

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review

I've been very conflicted in my opinion in this Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review.  It does what it does very well, for the most part, and it's unique in a way I've never experienced...

Rive Review

Imagine a tech-savvy bearded man. Envision him cramped inside of a four-legged robot, floating through space. Consider the robot to have unlimited machine gun ammunition and other upgradable components. The man-in-robot in question faces...