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Reviews are an in depth look into the latest PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Games and how much we at MGL would recommend them to our readers. We cover all the big formats and focus on Indie Game Reviews too to support their games.

We’ll be regularly covering all the latest Reviews on MGL, following our policies as listed out for you here.

My Night Job Review

Well. that was brief. My Night Job is a retro-arcade side-scrolling action game and doesn't go very much beyond that. I expected at least a few stages, but it all takes place in the...

Loot Rascals Review

I am back with another indie game to check over gamers. This time you get my full Loot Rascals review featuring what is a colourful, interesting Roguelike game from Hollow Ponds with a sense...

Dying Light: The Following Review

You are Kyle Crane, and Harran hangs on by a thread, you have heard rumours of immunity to the zombie virus, you must venture to the wide open spaces to track a cult and...

Pokemon Sun And Moon Review – “For Fans New And Old”

Every time a new generation of Pokémon is upon us, I find myself dodging both the fan sites and forums. This is because Pokémon is one of the most divisive of all the gaming...

Dead Rising Collection Review – “Heaps of Zombies In A Heap Of Games”

2006 was ten years ago, can you believe that? I guess if you have a calendar and the ability to add up then it's not that hard. But it really doesn't feel like that....

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Review

The Ultimate Ninja Storm series is the pinnacle of licensed anime gaming. With careful attention to detail, CyberConnect2 more-often-than-not faithfully replicate the events of the Naruto story and make it a visual spectacle beyond...

Le Tour de France 2015 Review

So having been asked to put together this Le tour de France 2015 review, I immediately did three things: Refresh some of my GCSE French, Download that Queen song and download a cockney bloke saying...

Skyforge Review

What kind of God will you choose to be, immortal? Welcome to my Skyforge Review where hopefully I can help you become the God you always knew you were! I first played Skyforge when it released on PS4 and...

Bayonetta 1 and 2 Review (Nintendo Switch – Updated)

The witch is back, and she arrives on Nintendo Switch with both the original title, and the sequel which only released on Wii and Wii U. This means gamers, like me, that loved the original...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

The world of Dragon Ball is in trouble and we need to fix time! Does that sound familiar? It should. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is basically an expansion of the first game with some...