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PS4 News will keep PlayStation gamers updated with the latest news, trailers and updates for your PlayStation 4. For all you PlayStation Gamers out there, we know what you want to read about. All the latest details on video games coming to your PlayStation 4 from Sony first party studios to 3rd party developers.

We regularly update MGL with all the latest games that are available for PS4 along with new game announcements and big reveals from PlayStation and their partners.

Here you will find both PS4 exclusive games or exclusive content, news from other games developers releasing games on PS4 and cool PSN games from indie developers.

Horizon Zero Dawn Is "A Fully Fledged RPG"

In the above video the development team at Guerrilla Games talk about the awesome Horizon Zero Dawn that really took us by surprise at PlayStation's E3 Experience, In the video Mark Norris, Senior Producer guides us...

PlayStation E3 Reveals New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

The Ubisoft E3 event has been revealing some new information tonight gamers and we are right on top of things here on MGL. Check out the video above as PlayStation Reveals New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay That...

FIFA 16 FUT Draft and Career Mode Additions Announced at Gamescom

There was of course, more FIFA at Gamescom and we got to see some FUT Draft and Career Mode Additions made to the game. This comes in the form of a new mode for FIFA Ultimate...

Tekken 7: I dont like to fight on the Right – New gaming tech

Tekken 7 has a very interesting new idea in the works. Currently in Beta testing is the ability to allow both players to fight on the same side of the screen so no longer...

Dreams Stage Demo Looks Remarkable At PGW

Paris Games Week is being wowed by PlayStation and at the conference they showed off a rather stunning stage demo of Dreams by Media Molecule which looks something very different in the best possible...

Ubisoft E3 2015 Press Conference – Live

Preview now updated with Live Stream, Live Blog and more for all the Ubisoft action to come

Bethesda E3 2015 Press Conference – Live Coverage

The preview has now been updated with the live stream and live MGL gamer blog covering the whole event live & with all the videos and details if you can't make it until 3AM if you're in the UK

Silence is coming to PS4 alongside Xbox One & PC

The guys over at Daedalic announced their first multi-platform-release with Silence, we update you on the game's release on Xbox One last year  now the team have announced they are going to make Silence available to PlayStation...

Telltale News: New CEO and even more games in works

I love Telltale games, with Walking Dead, Tales from Borderlands and Game of Thrones all being amazing games. And now they have announced that they are working on yet another title. Newly appointed CEO Kevin...

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