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About MGL

Mix up your gaming with My Games Lounge! We know there are many gaming sites out there, here on MGL we like to mix things up and, one thing about us, we’ll be a bit different.

Of course you’ll find opinion from gamers, podcasts, reviews and features along with daily news updates and trailers.

Within all this you’ll find incredible indie games from some cool developers, and you can keep track of our Indie Dev friends on our dedicated blog.

Plus we’ll have a monthly updates on our esports exposure blog. Along with a monthly Gamer Dads feature for Dads (and mums/families) who love to game all from the perspective of our resident Gamer Dad, Rossco.

Check out our features page here for more details and the cool things we cover here on MGL.

History & Philosophy

2016 mgl cube 120My Games Lounge is entirely run by gamers, foundered by two older gamers Ross “Respawn Rossco”Denby and Gavin “The Gav of War” Cooper. Here’s a little bit about us and how MGL came to be.

After becoming frustrated with the questionable coverage of gaming sites we visited, we decided to make a gamer centred website.

We made MGL based on the principle “all are welcome”. Meaning, if you enjoy gaming in any way, whatever format from PC to console to Mobile device, you are a gamer and welcome on MGL.

All we ask is gamers here extend everyone else that same welcoming atmosphere.

With coverage we want to emphasise what is, for us, the key element of gaming: it’s fun.

Our articles reflect this, looking to the positive influence gaming can have on people’s lives. We’ll be critical where’s needed and always, always be honest about our thoughts especially on our official reviews.

MGL is all about gamers and gaming, and we if you share our principles please sign up for MGL here and join us.

Move on our coverage here and our Review Policy is here. And don’t forget to Follow Us On Twitter, Like & Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to us on YouTube for our very latest articles.

Thank’s for visiting our about us page.

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Ross ``Rossco`` Denby

For Press & PR Enquiries 

Twitter: Official MGL Twitter

Facebook: Official MGL Facebook

Email: [email protected]

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Gavin ``Gav of War`` Cooper

For Community & Member Enquiries

Twitter: Gav of War on Twitter

Email: [email protected]