Salt and Sanctuary Fast Experience Method


Before our review goes lives at 5pm GMT, David Game shares his Salt and Sanctuary Fast Experience Method.

The Third Lamb is a pretty difficult boss in your first run through, so in the Dome of the Forgotten, you can give yourself a leg up by following our speedy salt gain strategy. It’s pretty simple actually:

  • Go to the Dome of the Forgotten Shrine.
  • Equip the Grasping Ring if you have it for increased salt. If not, don’t worry.
  • Exit to the right and climb the ledges.
  • Kill the harpy-angel-bow-douche.
  • Climb the ethereal platforms to the left.
  • Cast Undersight or use a Phial of Undersight. This reveals the murderous Caspers.
  • Kill the caspers.
  • Wall jump to the next ethereal platforms. Get to the next ledge on the right.
  • Kill the next batch of Caspers (yes, ghosts. I’m calling them Caspers ironically. They’re not friendly).
  • Go further right and kill the next flying enemy.
  • Drop safely down to where the first batch of Caspers were.
  • Drop safely from there to the Shrine Entrance.
  • Worship the Shrine. Rinse and repeat this method.
  • Enjoy the salt.
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