Final Fantasy XV Uncovered in 7 Minutes

Date, Special Editions, Anime and CGI prequel movie!


Sometimes conferences can get a bit long. Even when it’s presented by the Best Friends Greg Miller and Tim Gettys, there’s some stuff I could do without. Or maybe you just don’t have the time! Who does!? Well, if that’s what’s up, check out our “in 7 Minutes” special from David Game. This is Final Fantasy XV Uncovered in 7 Minutes!

Correction: I missed out the part where Nobuo Uematsu addresses the audience via video message because he couldn’t be there due to a Distant Worlds concert. My apologies.

Even bigger correction: THE FLYING CAR! I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT THE FLYING CAR! Damn. Sorry again!

Of course, if you’d rather see the event in all of its glory, you can check it out at Square Enix’s Twitch channel by clicking here!

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