When I was getting ready for my Toy Odyssey the Lost and Found review, I was expecting a cutesy platformer. Something about toys and their plight of being left behind by their owners, and the adventures they have from there. The standard Toy Story style adaptation if you like. But in Hiker Game’s title, this was far from the truth…

What I got was equal parts surprising and disturbing. It’s a dark game and one that’s got a number of qualities going for it, especially in the storytelling. While the gameplay ultimately lets the game down, this is still a nice indie game worth checking out.

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Roguelike Toys

Toy Odyssey: the Lost and Found is a platformer, RPG, and is a ‘roguelike’ – for a while now the term roguelike has been one of those things that has made me cautious. I have played a great many games with the ‘roguelike’ subgenre designation.

Toy Odyssey The Lost and Found Review image 1Effectively in layman’s terms, roguelike means randomly or procedurally generated. It relates to this game in that the game map is eternally shuffled, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Odyssey starts with the player as a toy, Waking up in the bedroom of the owner of the toy, you are then given a small amount of detail in what you need to do, and meet a small cricket… Well, it may have been a grasshopper, is there any difference? Answers on a postcard please.

You’ll be guided by this bug, and other toys to fight…. The lost….

More Like Chucky

So here’s where the game gets kind of interesting, the game focusses on the notion that abandoned or lost toys are filled with a darkness that drives them to attack homes and toys that are blessed with an owner, and subsequently love.

What this does is make the game a lot darker than the idea of ‘living toys’ that we have seen before, it’s more Chucky than Toy Story.

Toy Odyssey The Lost and Found Review Image 2

The atmosphere in the areas you first enter is repressive and dark, you will come across enemies of varying strengths and styles, some with ranged attacks, others with close attacks, and some with a secondary forms (Russian dolls are not to be trusted).

The sound effects of children’s laughter and the slow, eerie music will set a creepy, dark tone that coincides with the creepiness of the story. This game is creepy pasta bait for sure.

Action Figures

So the gameplay, you have melee skills, special skills, and this leads to a lot of games having just a few options. Not Odyssey though, there are dozens of weapons to unlock in numerous categories, not to mention the upgradable armour and skills, the blueprints you will need to unlock the ability to make the weapons.

Toy Odyssey The Lost and Found Review image 3And how does this all tick over? Scrap and materials, you’ll find this by scouring the maps, it is worth mentioning that all of the games action takes place at night and each night the ‘house layout’ is shuffled.

This means that guy who you have to rescue, or that trader with the reward, or that key you just saw, will be moved if you go to the next night.

And how do you go to the next night? You die. Well, you get knocked out, but you get my point.

The game shuffles its rooms each night, meaning that each time you move to the next night or get knocked out you reshuffle the rooms, you also get new enemies and collectables – your keys reset on death though, so you know.

So each night you’ll want to quickly navigate as far as you can, collect what you can, but do this safely, and this makes that eerie artwork, and that eerie audio work all the more imposing.

You’ll soon have enough scrap to build up your armour, enough metal to make a better sword and enough plastic to fortify your base…. Oh yeah, there is a base building element knocking about in this game too!


So when I started to dip my toes into the world of Toy Odyssey: the Lost and Found I was cautious as I was waiting to see the same old generic indie roguelike tropes here, but actually, this game is a dark, smooth platformer with tight design and elements that will work to make you nervous.

Also if you are a completionist this game might give you yet more nightmares are there are literally dozens of weapons and skills to max out…. Good luck with that!

Check this one out for an interesting story and some cool ideas along the way as this Toy Story gets nice and dark. Check out my scores below and drop me a comment if you’re getting this one.

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