The moment in played the original Sublevel Zero on PC I knew that this cool Roguelike title would be perfect for a console release. With some more time on their indie game project Sigtrap Games are back and now it’s on PS4 and Xbox One. So to follow up on my initial opinion, here is a Sublevel Zero Redux review for those who haven’t experienced this game yet.

It is certainly one to play for those into some cool Sci-fi, space shooter action.

Check out my thoughts on this version below, the original review here and don’t forget to have your say in the comments at the end using Disqus or Facebook.

Look and Feel – Space Tron

There are some choices made in games that make you fall for a game or wonder what the hell they were thinking. But here they get it just right with the classic, Tron like feel to the visuals with everything a bit retro… but cool retro!

It’s all very classic looking and the original game was too, however there appears to be a layer extra details on this version of the game.

Items around you have a nice glow to them now and key areas in the procedurally generated maps are highlighted much better. The overall design is a bit sharper too and it does look like some work has gone in rather than just a simple PC port.

The design is as cool as ever, the retro look of the sublevel areas you visit gave a nice aura about them with vibrant colours and changing styles of the locations further down as you progress.

All in all it’s the original game plus a really nice layer of polish added to it and with a cool soundtrack and nice controls. It’s great to play and suck you into this universe.

Story and Gameplay – Down The Space Rabbit Hole

An event that sees the universe tearing itself apart has happened. No one knows why, but humanity is all over the universe with a few still trying to figure out what happened.

You are one of those. But unfortunately you get sucked down into the abyss as you are close to finding an answer. Trapped you have no choice but to descend into chaos and find tech to bring you back to the universe once again.

Cool setup, ultimately it’s one that fits the game design perfectly as you set upon your decent. An adventure of exploration, combat and collecting resources as you explore the facility. It’s really cool and addictive to do so as well, even if the story doesn’t do more than set the scene.

From a first person cockpit view you fly your ship around the procedurally generated level. These have doors leading to new areas with sections being created on the fly. As you find hidden areas you are rewarded with loot, weapons and boosts etc. Death is permanent but you keep the things you find.

It’s a familiar story but one that really works for this game and makes it a perfect download title to have a bit of fun on. Nothing here is serious but it’s engaging and it keeps your attention.

The best feature is the cool map that is reminiscent of Super Metroid plus the general movement around the areas is so damn smooth. They have translated the controls nicely to the controller here too. While rotating on your access felt strange on the d-pad at first, I soon found it really helpful while everything else was laid out traditionally but highly responsive.

Loot comes at just the right amount and the combat is engaging too. The enemies however are still are always right behind the door you open, but just remember to shoot right away and you’ll be fine!

It’s a ready fun and entertaining game to play. Of course it’s Roguelike and will either work for you or not. But if any will work for you space shooter fans out there, Sublevel Zero will.


I really like this Sublevel Zero redux on console, I liked it originally so when I thought about reviewing a new version I was ready to go. It won’t be for everyone that’s for sure, but Roguelike or Sci-fi shooter fans will be happy.

It’s fun to play, the procedurally generated levels really work to mix it up and the combat is pretty good too. All wrapped in a nice, sci-fi meets Tron presentation.

There is a lot to like here, the enemies can spawn in annoying places and you can get a little disoriented at times. But that map and the lure for good loot will keep you going. Sublevel Zero was really good when it released and it’s even better now and perfect for console. Check my scores below and drop me your thoughts at the end of the article

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Game Reviewed: Sublevel Zero Digital Download, Provided By Publisher
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PEGI Rating: 7

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Sublevel Zero Redux Verdict
  • Graphics - 8.5/10
  • Story - 7/10
  • Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • Fun Factor - 8.5/10
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