Stealth, Sniping and brutal xray kill-cam moments are something to love about the Sniper Elite series. These are back in the most complete package yet from Rebellion, with more emphasis on player choice in large sandbox levels than ever before. While I’ve not had the game long enough to deliver my final scores, enjoy this detailed Sniper Elite 4 review in progress for now.

But there is plenty to talk about with the game here, as I focus on testing the multiplayer elements are stable in the next few days.

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Here are my thoughts so far with the game having managed to start it over the weekend and play a good amount the past few days. If you have it or are thinking of getting this one, please leave me a Disqus or Facebook Comment to read at the end.

Look and Feel – Triple A Indie

It’s easy to forget Sniper Elite 4 is an indie title. The visuals and overall presentation are so striking at times, it feels very much like a Triple A game. From the moment you start you are greeted with a lush environment, glorious lighting effects and some nicely timed environmental animations.

All of which are executed brilliantly and represent the developers best work to date.

Sniper Elite 4 Review Image 1As for performance it’s again really smooth, there is nothing so far that has given me any cause for concern. The frame rate and graphics on standard PS4 are excellent, only spoiled on occasion by background loading here and there.

Everything else keeps you wrapped up in the game nicely and looks excellent.

Where the game is at its best visually is when you trigger that X-Ray-kill-cam moments that are still awesome, 4 games in (even more including the zombie adaptations). Bone cracks, organs explode and blood bursts from enemies as you take them down from distance. Or vehicles are blown to bits in detail as you blast the sweet spot and take out the Nazi soldiers around it.

Any game where you can take a guy down from hundreds of yards away by blowing up their testicles has to be a bit special

It’s amazing, a wonderful feature on one I like to see happen as often as possible.

Visually the game is great, and the sound holds up nicely with some solid voice over work. As a game engine and presentation, this is easily Rebellion’s best work to date.

Story and gameplay – Sandbox, Stealth and Strategy

One thing to get out of the way in this game, because everything else has taken a big step forward. Again the story is a bit flat, it’s more a series of set missions with people involved than a story that really connects you to its characters. There are moments of course but that’s not the reason to play Sniper Elite 4.

Find that important and you may be disappointed.

This game is all about gameplay; really tight and enjoyable stealth gameplay that will make you want to be perfect in the level. Detections and getting spotted will not do for me personally, and you’ll be finding vantage points and making your enemies carefully to not be detected.

Missions take the form of tasks within a large sandbox area this time. You have objectives and markers plus bonuses to complete. This will be no surprise to veteran players of course. But where it differs is the size and scale of the area you are in. Everything is bigger, more fleshed out and comes with more options than ever before as you take on your objectives your way.

Taking down enemies feels great once again, especially those perfect shots either your rifle. taking the time to muffle the sound so you avoid detection by nearby Nazi soldiers. Any game where you can take a guy down from hundreds of yards away by blowing up their testicles has to be a bit special… Even if it’s hard to watch as a boy!

The kill-cam makes this special too and really makes you feel those big kills. The fact you can turn it off though, and have a wide range of difficulties to choose from, including ultra real to reasonably simple makes Sniper Elite 4 a very accessible package.

More to come here especially around the multiplayer element but, so far the gameplay delivers exactly the quality you’d expect, with the sandbox levels making all the difference.

So far…

So far i’m really enjoying my time with Sniper Elite 4, I had time to play over the past weekend but I really want some multiplayer time before I give my final score.

As its stands though, I highly recommend this game for series fans and new comers can easily pick it up. Story wise it’s nothing more than mission briefings and some people within those missions to target. You are not missing much coming in on the 4th game in my opinion for those (like me!) who don’t like starting mid series. Here though, it’s fine.

This is good for new people of course, but also the this is down to the fact the story is the weakest area of the game. Everything else is a massive step forward, the game looks great, plays amazing and… Did I mention that kill-cam?!

This is triple A quality from what is a wonderfully talented indie developer and already I believe its worth playing without multiplayer reviewed here. Once I complete more check back for the scores and further details. Drop me a Comment Below if you plan on getting this one or still aren’t sure. Check back later this week, or subscribe to the MGL notifications (the little bell) to get updates to your browser.

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