Whenever a racer comes out it has to be either super realistic, or obviously arcade, and when an IP wants to set a good personal best (see what I did there) they tend to have to do some out of the box thinking regardless of which way they go. So i was wondering, putting my Riptide GP Renegade review together what I was going to find here.

Where does Riptide GP Renegade (henceforth Riptide) fit in, in the pantheon of racers? Well I share my thoughts on it below for you if you want to have a look at this very fun arcade racer, that maybe goes to heavy on the physics.

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First Lap

So in terms of what it is, it is quite easy to describe Riptide – it is a racing arcade sim, where the player races of what is effectively a jet ski, doing stunts to earn boosts and win.

Sounds easy right, well I’ll get to that.

Riptide GP Renegade Review image 1First I wanted to take a small section of this review to touch on the controls and appearance. The game is beautifully realised, the water is glistening and the courses show deep consideration and character, giving the player a real glance into the world the game is based in.

Destructible barriers and jumps are highlighted for the racers and make pulling inline for tricks to build up of boost power all the more enjoyable.

The thumbsticks can be flicked for tricks, but pulling these off can be tricky.

Off The Tracks

The first thing I have to complain about for this game is the inconsistent behaviour of the games physics. It is something I had real difficulty judging, and is the first of many inconsistencies I found in my time of playing the game. That said you could call these things part of the difficulty arc.

In one instance a jump will be landed, smoothly, effectively.

Yet a similar jump might lead to you being bounced off of the vehicle, despite a clean landing I was tossed of the boat off a simple jump, even without trying a skill.

This led to me losing the race… which brings me to my next inconsistency.

The difficulty of this game yo-yos much more frantically then the difficult on any other driving game I have experienced. My first efforts were losing efforts, which is fine as I expected to struggle whilst getting to grips with the new game, but then suddenly, after scraping third and being unable to advance to the next event, I destroyed the AI.

It was so glaring that I checked I hadn’t somehow activated some sort of uber-easy mode.

A Racer’s Story

The funny part of this was that I found this consistently, the yo-yo physics and the yo-yo difficulty kind of became a feature. Which is a nice lead in to the features of the game that are supposed to be features.

Riptide GP Renegade Review image 2

For example, each level is broken up into several stages, and much like many mobile phone games, progress is locked behind a minimum completion wall, and whilst this never seems to be beyond the player, it does help the game in its idea of pacing the story.

Oh right, yeah, this game is story driven. Basically you star as a racer, tricked into an illegal race by the king of obvious villains, and have to win your right to claim back that number one spot taken from you.

No, really, that’s the plot. The way you get back at this guy…? You take up illegal racing to prove your skill until you can race competitively and challenge the main villain in a final showdown.

After all that, the question remains, is Riptide any good?


Riptide has an arcade appearance and style, it however relies too heavily on physics that cannot decide if they are realistic or not. Many instances come to mind where I clipped a breakable wall, hit a ‘tabletop’ stunt and landed just fine, but a standard jump into calm water has thrown me off me vehicle.

And it is these kinds of inconsistencies that hamper an otherwise solid and enjoyable arcade racer. And yes there are some inconsistencies with the AI, but actually I draw this up to the fact the no two racers are the same.

Overall, whilst a fun game in its own right, there are certainly better racers.

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