After playing and reviewing Never Alone I was instantly pleased to be getting straight to work on our Never Alone Fox Tales DLC Review, for you indie games fans out there, but also on a selfish note; I wanted more Never Alone.

So to start a new story was very exciting, and you see your character chasing a mouse off into the snow as you once again get involved with the two character controlled gameplay. This can be done cooperatively or single player by switching between the girl, Nuna, and the Arctic Fox as you need to. This comes in very handy for solving some of the challenging puzzles you will face to progress forwards, this time involving the use of a small “umiaq” or canoe.

You follow your path forwards and are soon blocked so must dive into the icy waters to free the path of your canoe in order to keep going. This then follows similar patterns to the original game where you must use the abilities of the fox to unlock certain paths in order to move Nuna. Then other times you need Nuna’s ability to move objects in order to clear a path for the fox.

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What’s added to this game is the underwater puzzles that see you blocking paths in order to shift the flow of water around, this can force you through an area or even bring the canoe out of a trapped position once you get it right… just be careful not to get yourself stuck in the process. These and all other puzzles in the title are really nice to play, it’s just that the main game holds so much more in terms of quality and variety.

They do, once again include more cultural insights which are really good to watch should you be interested, in which case there is more to this game than meets the eye. But if you are only here for the platforming then there isn’t much else to do but get through the game in a few hours and move on from it.

Being based around the original, Foxtales is still a good adventure and will keep people happy, it’s just not quite up to the standards set of the original title.

Never Alone Fox Tales DLC Review Format: PS4

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Never Alone Fox Tales DLC Review
  • Graphics - 8/10
  • Story - 7/10
  • Gameplay - 7.5/10
  • Lifespan - 5/10
  • Fun Factor - 7.5/10

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