I’ve been getting to grips with a number of titles recently and really enjoyed playing a number of racing titles. One that looked really interesting was this racer from indie VooFoo Studios so get ready to enjoy my Mantis Burn Racing Review.

Mantis Burn Racing is another game in a very competitive genre. Some racing games go for hyper realism, some for accessibility, or just good old arcade fun and there are a myriad of variations in between.

So how does Mantis compare with other racers, does it snatch victory, or does it get left in the dust? Check out my thoughts and scores below and if you have played this one, or are thinking about it, drop me a Disqus Comment at the end.

Lap 1

Mantis Burn Racing is a game that throws back to concept racers like Micro machines. It is a top-view racer, in which you plough through a circuit as quickly as you can, each car has varied stats, and therefore different cars are better on different courses.

It seems that the development team have made the attempt at making the tracks feel a bit different based on you car. But the standard, middle ground vehicle handles everything well enough that I never really HAD to experiment with different ones.

I did, for the purposes of seeing how the other cars affect things, but it never felt like I needed to. It’s just a little too easy to go standard with the game and not really feel challenged for it, which is a shame.

Mantis Burn Racing Review image 1

Lap 2

Mantis is fast, the courses are well designed, but the camera is a pain. It can be adjusted, but for the amount of twists and turns in some of the courses, especially shorter circuits, it can be very difficult to keep up.

The stylisation of the game limits what can be done with it. While it’s a really nice presentation, to do it this way you really need a perfect camera. This really isn’t.

it is here that I really had my first real problem with the game. The balance is shot, there is no way to sugar coat it, no way to hide from it. The game is to balance what dark souls is to ease of access.

The multiplayer is good fun for the experience I had. But fairly quickly the race breaks down to everyone picking the most balanced vehicle they can and trying to cut each other off at the tight corners. That or remembering the most accessible short cuts which do make for some nice moves when you know your track.

Whilst this isn’t a hardcore racer, it is definitely going more the route of a ‘last game on the game night rotation’ – it is fine for giggles and chaos, but the single player content really struggles.

Final lap

The issue with this game isn’t its production values, which are surprisingly good. The soundtrack and appearance from the main menu into the core game aspects and even colour choices, are all very good

Mantis Burn Racing Review Image 2It isn’t even that it doesn’t pose as a good game, at times the multiplayer is fun, vibrant, and if you had a full room of mates this could be the perfect party game.

The issue Mantis Burn Racing has is the longevity. I cannot see myself picking this up, other than for party game giggles due to it’s lack of single player content. And that is a real shame, because I did enjoy it. The fun is there with this game and that is a huge part of a game like this (or any for me personally). And  I do think it is a well refined package for the most part.

However that niggling boredom that sneaks in whenever playing this game solo will soon make it sink into the background for many racing fans.


Mantis Burn Racing, for all the things it does very right, lacks claws to grab the attention of the gamers it will so desperately need. Perhaps the addition of a combat survival arena and weapons can add to the package and, making the full package unlocked at square one might be a huge advantage for this title.

Pick it up if you have game nights regularly and it will be your new Micro machines. But if you are a casual, or single player oriented gamer, you may struggle to find all the charms this game can offer you.

Check out my scores below and get in touch using the Disqus Comments at the end gamers.

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