Originally released on the Wii U back in March 2013, TT games decided to let other consoles in on the fun and decided to release it on all current-gen consoles. Plus we get added couch co-op split screen mode that wasn’t present on the Wii U version. So here I go into the update and my full Lego City Undercover review.

In what I believe now is my favourite Lego game yet, Lego City Undercover is a game that I couldn’t stop playing and would love to see more of in the future.

Come with me as I discuss my exciting Lego cop adventure, and remember to drop a comment on Disqus or Facebook and share with your friends and fellow gamers!

Look and Feel

Playing on an Xbox One, the game ran without any hitches or framerate issues whatsoever, which made the usual Lego art style feel satisfying to look at and play. Lego games have always been great at portraying the childlike, innocent fun of playing with Lego toys while at the same time appealing to adults and people of all ages.

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For a Lego game, the map actually felt quite meaty here too. There are citizens everywhere, vehicles driving around the city roads, and I found myself trying to go everywhere to explore and find all the secrets I could.

Being an open world game, there were no loading screens while travelling around Lego City. Loading screens would, however, occur during fast-travel, transitioning to different areas and beginning missions, and although they seemed a bit on the long side for the type of game it is, it wasn’t enough to sour my experience and I’d forgotten about them once they’d passed.

The only noticeable problem (if you can even call it that) is that some of the CG cutscenes look slightly worse quality than the rest of the game. An example would be the very first cutscene which is not the best first impression. But with it being ported from the Wii U, it’s an understandable why it’s so low quality. However they would have made the game better had they taken the time to recreate them.

Story and Gameplay – Join the Chase!

Not following any stories from movies and the like, TT Games were free to make their own completely new story, and it’s actually really good. With an introduction that slightly resembles a happier, more upbeat version of GTA IV’s opening cutscene. You play as Detective Chase McCain, who’s adventure starts with him making his way back to Lego City for “a promise to keep, an old acquaintance, a debt of honour to be repaid“.

His words, not mine. You soon find out that an old criminal that Chase arrested once before has escaped from prison and is back on the loose, and it’s up to Chase once again to put him behind bars.

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Lego City Undercover is full of over the top, cliché tropes that don’t feel overused and worn out. Chase is a mixture of two of them: he’s a cop who is very good at his job and doesn’t get enough credit, but he’s also quite the joker. He is often spouting witty one liners and bad jokes which makes him an instantly likeable character.

The exaggerated voice acting of all the characters gives them that immature but amusing charisma that is entertaining to watch as they interact with each other. The clumsy and clueless Frank Honey, for example, is a man after my own heart, and a character I think many of us can relate to in one way or another. The game has a sort of ’70’s cop show’ vibe to it, as shown through the cheesy dialogue and disco-esque music that’s played whenever you unlock something new.

Getting addicted

The minute you are given control to play, you’re hit with that addictive lego gameplay, and the need to smash every object and gain as many studs and brick pieces as you can begins. It takes over your life, and you’ll find yourself replaying levels and scouring the city for all those secrets that you can eventually go back to as you unlock the different outfits that allow you to do different things.

For example, the robber outfit, as the name suggests, allows you to break into safes and pry doors open. While the farmer outfit allows you to water plants that let you climb walls, and to glide down from high places using a chicken. There are 8 outfits in total, and you will need to switch between them constantly to be able to progress through the story and to find secrets.


Lego City Undercover is a fantastic game, one that I really think you should play for yourself. It has so much charm and charisma, and all the characters are incredibly likeable. There are pop culture references and jokes galore, and for a standalone lego game I thought the story was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

It will keep you busy for a long time trying to hundred-percent it and collect everything, and it doesn’t feel too bogged down by the collectibles either, the game makes it fun.

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