We have been blessed for first person shooters in 2016 and after all the big games have taken their turn. This smaller developer in Tripwire Interactive have launched this Zombie “horde mode” style game today. And it’s some seriously crazy action that I’ve already played in PC early access but now taken on with my PS4 to bring you my final Killing Floor 2 review.

Between the waves of Zed’s and a keeping it simple approach to the game is some of the most fun I’ve had with a shooter all year. And one that I will be coming back to time and time again.

My thoughts are below, take them in and leave me a Disqus or Facebook Comment at the end to get people talking. Before you all head of to shoot up some Zed’s.

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Look and Feel – So Guts, So Gory

As a first person shooter all about taking on wave after wave of mutated creatures, you want plenty of visceral action and gore. The game massively delivers on both, with the presentation very solid indeed.

Killing Floor 2 Review 1The graphics look really smooth, maybe not to the calibre of the main shooters this year, but still really good. Particularly when it comes to creating a lot of guts and gore as you blast through the enemies. Blood and bits of flesh get everywhere, this was a promise from the developers and they really have delivered.

While you’d think this is just a soft feature, it really adds to the intensity and satisfaction of play as you blast enemies to bits.

Outside of that the Merc characters you can play have a good variety too them with some fun changes in appearance. This stretches to your equipment too and there is lots of that to go around (more later).

Shooting is fast and frenetic with a fantastic soundtrack to absorb you into this high intensity atmosphere. Technically there is the odd jerk here and there on the multiplayer mode that could do with a patch. But even when it is all going mad the game is exceptionally stable, even in the pre-release build.

Gameplay – A Real Blast

This is all horde mode, all the time. First person action kept to its most simple mechanic; shoot to survive. The game keeps it all very simple and as such it works so well because everything around that is really well done.

Whether you are fighting together as a team against AI Zeds or fighting against each other as players play as Zeds and Mecs. There is a lot of fun to be had at every turn.

You can control a variety of characters, using different perk trees and with varying equipment that can level up and even be crafted. While the game keeps it simply, there is a real sense of depth to the amount of things to do here.

The horde

Here you are playing against wave after wave of Zeds, who get stronger and more plentiful as the round evolves. Here you must survive the wave and the best way to do this is working as a team.

Killing Floor 2 Review 2The game does a great job of doing this as each round brings you together by the pod to upgrade your gear. Since you all start from the same place, it lends less to the lone wolf approach. And since the later rounds become very intense it’s essential to stick together.

But before all that, getting the right team together is essential. You pick you character, which is more for fun than anything else. Your perk is like your class, there are 10 of them each giving different combat styles. I liked the gunslinger which was great for fast shooting against foes at close and midrange. Others are more traditional like support and medic while Demolitionist was a lot of fun.

Especially blowing Zeds to bits with a rocket launcher.

As the waves increase the Zeds become stronger and more plentiful with a really rich variety of things to shoot. Crawling ones that spider around on the floor, bloated blobs saunter around with poison spitting out. Then bigger Zeds arrive with chainsaw arms and the “Fleshpound” with big mallets for arms that will crush the life out of you.

When they all get together, things can get really intense.

Your aim here is to survive the round and if you don’t, your team must do to see you revived. All die and it’s over. But, as you earn money for killing the Zeds you upgrade and buy more gear that you keep between rounds too. This is simple but really effective and makes learning new Perk trees fun as you level-up.

VS Mode

This is similar in that you are taking on Zeds in waves, but this time the players are the Zeds! Yes, you take it in turns to be the Mercs and the Zeds and see who the overall winner is.

This is a lot of fun and taking control of the Zeds, in the third person, really mixes up the gameplay. Plus, on the Zed side you get to respawn as a different type each time. Sometimes coming out as one of the big boss ones.

Killing Floor 2 Review 4Smashing up the Mercs is controlled with recharging abilities tied to different buttons. These are varied depending on which Zed you are, some have fire to blast out others wield big sword and then there are the stealth based ones that can cloak.

All of the classes you kill in the previous mode are there and it lends well to some fun PvP.

Every mode here comes with the option of playing on 12 Maps. All of which are a nice size with lots of levels and little areas for these nasty things to come and get you. These range from outposts, labs and gothic catacombs to mention a few.

Bottom line of the gameplay, it’s just an absolute blast! Everything is so much fun, even the little comments the characters make as you blast away the Zeds is fantastic. It’s simple, and there are only two modes which seems a little small but it’s so much fun there is still enough variety in there.


I love this game. It’s so much fun, brutal and keeps it simple which has plenty to do within that simple formula. The multiplayer encourages working as a team and doesn’t have the same amount of frustration for players, like me, that are not so great it traditional “Deathmatch” style MP modes.

It looks great, gore is everywhere and the small glitches that occasionally jerked the frame rate are very patchable.

With so much to do in the different perks and upgrades there is plenty to keep you coming back for more here. And considering it’s not a full price release you can easier accept that there is not a campaign or more modes here.

Although, I would hope this game gets enough support for them to make one as I would love to see it. But enough reading, check out the scores below, leave me a comment and go kill some Zeds!

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Killing Floor 2 Review
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