As someone who’s an older gamer, getting on with some dance moves are somewhat in the past now. But equally, as a gamer dad, sometimes you got to play some games for the family. So this Just Dance 2017 review doesn’t just have my verdict on there. Count Mrs and my daughter into the mix as well.

Trust me, it was one intensive review that left us literally sweating.

Having played a some older versions if the game, this 2017 version had many features new to me. I liked them and here are my thoughts on the game split down into areas below. Please bear in mind this review is based on using the mobile app rather than the kinect version.

Is this a good dance game? One for the family? Absolutely, this review goes into how the game is accessible, has lots of fun modes to enjoy and is a fun, family game. Certainly one to consider for Christmas/holiday time.

Look and Feel – Cartoon Moves

Getting up and dancing around is the focus here so maybe you could forgive the game not looking the best. But actually, Ubisoft have done a very decent job of presenting the game nicely. Whether it be on the screen or on the downloadable app for your phone, it all looks colourful and fun.

Onscreen things are presented neatly in order to move around the different modes and options within them. Plus all the layouts make clear what you are going to be doing and what kind of song it is.

Just Dance 2017 Review Gameplay

Within the game itself you get some very fun animated characters to guide you through the dance plus there are avatars and backgrounds to choose for yourself that add to the fun. Colours and screen effects help to show who you are when playing with others. Plus you get a real sense of reward when you are doing well and the big YEAH’s and PERFECT’s flash on the screen.

Performance wise the game is great and I had hardly an issue with the app technically, although there were a few things that bugged me talked about in the next section.

It looks nice, is easy to navigate and is plenty colourful with my daughter and other half loving going some “Watch me Whip” action. It’s not going to wow you but it doesn’t need to, it needs to be fun and achieves that nicely.

Gameplay – Now Watch Me Whip

There is a lot in the package with Just Dance and you have plenty of songs, 40 in fact plus a 90 day trial with Just Dance unlimited to bring in even more tracks to dance to.

Perfect as Christmas time is coming up (yes, I know it’s still November!).

Just Dance 2017 Review appThere are a number of modes here to keep you busy, you can of course just have a dance and enjoy that for a good few hours. Especially using the App since you can get 6 people into a game in no time, just by downloading it from Google Play or the App Store. I found the app worked exceptionally well with my home network on Xbox One and connected us all very quickly.

Once in play you hold you phone in your right hand, as highlighted on the screen as you dance, and the motion sensor tracks your movement. I was not convinced at this before I played, and I don’t know how they have done it but, it’s really good. When your phone is connected, everything tracks pretty spot on and it’s quite hard to fool it too.

But as I said, when the phone is connected. This is the issue we all had, since it’s very easy to lose connection.  Catching a notification will nudge you out of the app and you start getting red X’s on the screen missing moves. Catching the screen lock does the same. Holding you phone in a very particular position is the key, but with some very active songs it’s hard to not move your grip.

To make better use of the app it would be amazing if they could get it to work in the background just in case any of the above happens. But once you get used to where to hold your phone it’s not so bad.

Just Dance 2017 Review Gameplay 2One thing that was great for my daughter particularly although we all enjoyed it, were the challenge modes in there. One was Halloween specific as we took on the Dance Quest to do some rather spooky songs. There are 3 songs in a round and your aim is to get one of you in the top 3 to unlock the next challenge.

Plus the Machine mode where you are trying to charge up an alien spaceship with dance power proved a hit too. Particularly as you switched between different dance styles which was a lot of fun and kind-of educational… Maybe?

But it was certainly a lot of fun to play. It might not be perfect but there is a lot of content here and more than enough for some family fun.


I really enjoyed Just Dance 2017 and my family had a really good time, even my 18 Month year old son was having a laugh trying to do some of the moves. My daughter and partner really enjoyed it all too and it’s something I’d recommend for family fun and exercise generally but particularly for Christmas time.

There are loads of songs, more with Just Dance Unlimited and there are so many modes and things to enjoy here. Using you phone makes it massively accessible even if they could make the App a bit better. Working in the background would be amazing if they can do it.

But I’d recommend this game highly, it’s fun for the family, friends getting together for a party and you’ll have a lot of fun playing.

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Just Dance 2017 Review
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