Destroy all Humans is a franchise that had  good following for a while, however life passes by and the games fell by the way side. Well, a port of the PS2 original has come to PS4, and I was tasked once more with collecting brains, and anal probing to my heart’s content. These are the joys that await you in this Destroy All Humans Remastered review with a nice face-lift.

But how does the port compare? Will it be another lazy port without touch-ups? Or will it put new life into an old favourite? Let’s have a look but don’t forget to leave me a Disqus or Facebook Comment below the article with your thoughts on this remastered game. (Not so much thoughts on anal probing… Seriously!)

Take Off

When you hear the term anniversary or special edition you tend to expect something resembling a reworking of the originals graphics. And whilst this version doesn’t carry either of those words in its title, if should have been a good opportunity to capitalise on nostalgia whilst dragging the franchise into the modern era.

Instead what we get is the PS2 version ported over.

Destroy All Humans Remastered Review 2The first thing that made me giggle was the fact that the game references the requirement to save to a PS2 memory card. That alone fulfils my nostalgia for the day. Also, as a footnote, can you imagine having just 56mb to save your file?

Some of the core assets are nice to look at, it would seem they have had a bit of a touch up but mainly the graphics are as they were on the PS2. But the overall textures are not great, one of the ‘fields’ looked like a brown-green smudge flying over it.

In flight

The game controls as if you are skating on ice, it is testament to the fact that the PS2 pads are so much less responsive than the PS4 pads are.

That said this doesn’t make the game more difficult, it simply requires adjustments to the players approach. Aiming the death-beam with the UFO skidding around is tricky, but after a few side-missions you should be blowing up churches with the best of them.

What is nice is that the minor cosmetics and control sensitivity issues. Destroy all humans remains good fun. Before long I was flinging cows and farmers around before extracting DNA and blowing up buildings like a pro.

In truth this game, like many other ports I have seen lately, will have an audience that likes it, but they will always invite criticism.

This criticism, despite whatever else you might think, is fair – at time of writing the world of gaming is reacting to the PlayStation Experience. Please take note of the work that clearly went into the Crash bandicoot port.

This is now surely the bench mark for ports. Whilst I appreciate that some games would require more work than the pay off would be worth to upgrade, but when I play a port, or anniversary edition I would hope for something like a touch up.

Brace for impact!

Destroy All Humans Remastered Review 1The world needs Destroy All Humans, it is a funny, destructive, easy to pick up and play game, I just feel that the lack of bumps in the build of this game ultimately hurt it.

The most glaring issue is with DAH is the DMV sequences being ultra letter-boxed.

The fact that some assets appear shiny and new, and others appear bland and lifeless is a real shame, all that said however, the over ruling part of this is the fact that this game is a lot of fun.

The tone and very retro sci-fi aesthetic that the games have is charming and appealing. I think that any future Destroy All Humans outings stand to do very well, and if you aren’t fussed about the cosmetic stuff then pick this up.

But what do you think, what is the best port/remaster on the current gen? Does a Destroy all humans revival appeal to you?

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Destroy All Humans Remastered Review
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