Ever since I saw the first trailer I was looking forward to getting a 88 Heroes review done. It has such a completely random concept and was clearly a game going to be made for the fun if playing.

A concept often forgot about in this very serious gaming world we live in now. But Rising Star Games and developers Bitmap Bureau have combined to make what is a short but fun and genuinely funny game I love.

Read on for my full thoughts below and hit me up with some comments at the end and try and include as many “8” related puns as possible.

Look and Feel – Pixel-8-ed Platforming

From the moment you start the game you get the feeling you are playing a sci-fi B-movie with the most random concept ever. It’s nice gaming parody of classic B movies of the past with a pixel art style that just works perfectly.

88 Heroes Review image 1What I find the best part about the game is the design work and creativity that’s gone in to creating the 88 playable heroes. Each time a level begins or you die a new, random hero appears and all of them are fantastic in their design and variation.

The sound here brings it all to life in a slightly cheesy way. At first I thought the booming voice of the alien ready to destroy the world a little badly recorded. But it’s when you realise the way everything is a parody in the title it couldn’t work any on the way. It’s supposed to be cheesy and a bit crackly in its deliver.

Its a really cool looking 8 bit game, it’s more creative than it is specular in the presentation and that works fine for the tone of this adventure.

Story and Gameplay – Random-8-ed Heroes

The story to this game is one of the daftest ideas in a game to date for me. So a 8 minutes past 8, on the 8th of August 1988 the world is about to be destroyed by pesky aliens. He’s a doctor alien too, called Dr H8 of course and he is wanting some cash. 88 Octillion dollars to be precise or he’ll launch some thermonuclear weapons… I’ll let you guess how many he has!

88 Heroes Review image 2But to save the day we have 88 of the most pointless heroes in earth’s history to protect us. Apparently they called the best, but the best we’re busy. Best tag line in a game for a while!

As a game it’s all about platforming and getting through the level you start in and out of the door on the other side. Traditional things will kill you, spikes, traps and enemies with weapons such as swords or guns. You can get crushed by things too if you get under a moving platform so you do have to be careful.

While some of the ingredients are traditional, the game itself is anything but. Firstly you will receive a random hero at the start of each level. This makes the gameplay nice and varied and proves a challenge too as knowing the abilities or even the movement of your characters changes a lot. Also when they die they are dead, you won’t get them again and move to the next random hero. Collecting coins, yes 88 of them, gets you a revival of one of your fallen heroes however.

The best parts are the fact the evil Dr H8 is commentating and watching you as you go along. He’s got some laugh out loud lines and the game itself is downright hilarious, especially some of the heroes names and abilities. A few parody characters make for some good laughs too.

It’s fast, random and fun. It may not be the longest and there are a few cheap deaths here and there. But overall the gameplay is gr8. (sorry)


Sometimes you get get all worked up about games and the animations, bugs and frame rate errors and take everything very seriously. I mean, games are a lot more serious now than in the past in everything about them.

But 88 Heroes is a reminder that games can just be made to be fun and be funny at the same time. This genuinely made me laugh out loud on a number of occasions and had me playing with a smile on my face throughout.

It’s laugh out loud funny, takes a classic genre and adds something a bit different and it really is fun to play. Platforming fans should certainly check this one out! See my scores below and drop me a comment at the end, will you get this one? You probably should.

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