So here we have our 5 Star Wrestling Review by Serious Parody, available now on the PlayStation store priced $24.99 North America , €24.99 Europe and £19.99 in the UK.

I enjoy Wrestling and go way back to the times of the Honky Tonk Man and Ravishing Rick Rude, bet you didn’t think I would pick those two as examples. Ive played many a Wrestling game throughout my time from the Arcade to the current generation .

With 8 Wrestlers to choose from including Raganbrok ‘The Conqueror’, ‘Raging’ Andy Organ, HarVee Dee and more, lets take a look a 5 star Wrestling.

Gameplay Modes

In 5 Star Wrestling you have the option of an Exhibition Match, Quick Play and The Challenge mode. As opposed to a career mode you have to play your way through a list of matches all with specific challenges to perform in order to achieve the highest rating you can.

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With over 400 challenges let me just give you a few examples of the challenges you will face.

You have 9 different challenge towers as I will call them along with the individual tower of each wrestler.  The Generic towers include Wrestling Match, First Blood, Submission, Last Man Standing and No holds Barred etc and going through these you fight with different wrestlers from one match to the next.

Each tower consists of 26 challenges and 40 Stars, Stars are the rating for how exciting and varied your match is.

In each match you  also have 3 objectives such as wear your opponent down with 3 pin attempts, perform a strong belly to belly suplex,  running forearm smash, win by submission and make so and so bleed, I think you get the idea.

No if buts or maybes that’s a lot of stuff to do albeit in a more non conventional way as opposed to a career mode.


The look and feel of the overall game is not bad. The Arena’s are sparse with no crowd, think your first training gym in Fight Night.

The Wrestlers themselves look good and it easy to tell from their names and the visuals just who their real life counterparts are. This is a good aspect however I may have been inclined to completely make up new wrestlers as opposed to imitations.

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In my Main Event match between Curtis Angle and Ragnabrock on the Wrestling Match challenge tower it was just the same as all my previous matches. There was no sense or buzz that I had made it to a Main Event, which I won by submission with the famous Ankle lock. I at least wanted a watch or something, I had just beaten Ragnabrock so call me superficial if you want but I didn’t feel like I had achieved anything.


This is 5 star Wrestling best aspect by far, but for me also the most disappointing, its almost brilliant. A limb based damage system means you can easily target which parts of your opponents body  you wish to wear down. With tons and I mean tons of moves for every Wrestler, I had a look through the move list and I think they pretty much have them all. From corner moves, top rope moves, submissions and finishers, every little variation of a particular move can pretty much be done. Its almost an unbelievably impressive array of moves.

Its too slow and ponderous and this just mean that overall matches lack excitement, the response times from control input to action just seems slightly off but maybe I’m just rubbish. I also feel the grapple distance is wrong, when I’ve clearly been far enough away from my opponent but yet he has managed to still grapple me, this does work both ways however.

Many a time I have attempted to run into the ropes only for my Wrestler to run right at the corner instead, all with the backdrop of my screams ” no I didn’t press to go that way”

Grappling at thin air as your Wrestler is facing the wrong way also distracts from the gameplay.

Once a rhythm is established things can flow more smoothly and thats when you start thinking this is good only for something to go slightly array.


I am a sucker for completing things like this. Must beat game. So the non career aspect doesnt bother me apart from getting my watch when I win a main event. I have played through 1 entire challenge tower, a match in all the other towers and all the way through Gregg Hearty’s individual tower.

Unfortunately, if I was not reviewing the game and I fully believe in putting in hours to give a fair appraisal and I have. I would have turned it off after an hour.

I Think 5 star Wrestling maybe the most frustrating game Ive played recently as I kept thinking to myself, this here, this there, make it a bit quicker, get the contact sprites bang on and you would really have a good game that I would be plowing through to complete the challenges.

This is a released game and needs to be judged on that accordingly, I have encountered numerous glitches and thinking back, something strange has happened session Ive played.

5 Star Wrestling is almost good, we all like different games and that’s the beauty of gaming.

As always I’m more than happy to discuss any of the points I have raised in my review. Please do get in touch should you wish.

Star Wrestling Review Format: PS3

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