Reviews are an in depth look into the latest PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Games and how much we at MGL would recommend them to our readers. We cover all the big formats and focus on Indie Game Reviews too to support their games. We’ll be regularly covering all the latest Reviews on MGL, following our review policy which is outlined below.

Review Policy on MGL

Every review on MGL follow the same principals of how we score games. We will always prioritise bringing our readers a quality, in-depth and honest review that gives our official verdict on the game.

This will be done as close to release as we can, which of course depends on when we acquire the game and how long it takes to complete. Our first priority is to deliver the quality which may mean the release of the reviews may be delayed if the reviewer is not comfortable.

Our guideline is to release a review within 10 days of a release. You can always track our Gameplay Diaries for updates as we play the game with impressions and some first-hand experiences.

Look and Feel

We’ll always include a section on the game’s appearance, presentation and atmosphere. This will look at the graphics of the game and its performance graphically too.

The presentation of the game overall including things like menus, navigation and cut-scenes. Additionally, this will look at the elements that make the atmosphere of the game like soundtrack, voice acting and even the artwork of the environments.

This will be reflected in the overall review score.


If a game has a single player mode or a storyline to follow we will complete it and give our verdict on the plot, characters and how it all works as you play through the campaign.

We’ll avoid spoilers as much as possible and give an honest and objective verdict on how well the developers have told a story.


If the game has online multiplayer or is primarily a multiplayer focus title, our reviews will have a dedicated section for it and look at the modes available in depth. This will give you what we think are the best modes, where the game can improve and what it’s like to play overall.


The most significant part of most games for most gamers, what is it like to play. All the details on the experience of playing the game through, what works and what doesn’t. Taking an objective look at all the elements promised from the game before release, and how they have turned out in the end.


Games can look great and have solid gameplay mechanics, but just not be that fun to play. We always give an idea how much fun the game is to play. This will be reflected in the summary text, along with the lifespan of the game.


Surprisingly, games still use scoring systems and so do we. Most of the review is in the text but we score the review at time of release too. This is a score as the game releases and as we play it so if a patch has been applied we’ll take it into consideration, if not then the score is as it stands on release.

We may revisit some review scores but only if the core game is altered in a big way. Patches will not count here.

Everything on MGL is about being fair to the reader and ensuring you see the best gaming review you possibly can.

We score the game overall out if ten based on the elements of the game, also scored out off ten. This is not a mark of perfection, this simply can’t exist in a world of preference and opinion.

Our scores are based on how much a game element, such as graphics or gameplay impress us during our playthrough. The more impressive the higher the score.

Overally game scores may be more or less than the average soley on the reviewers preference, for example if the game is better than the sum of it’s parts as a package, they may increase the score slightly. This score is again, not a mark of perfection but how worth your time to play the game is, should a game get a 10 overall then this usually means the game is a must play and, in our opinion, has something for all gamers to enjoy.

We try and be as objective as we can with our reviews and where we can, we get second opinions on our reviews from the team before publishing in order to ensure our review quality is as high as you gamers deserve.

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