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Meet the MGL authors team, a passionate group of gamers who love to write about video games.All these writers are gamers first and foremost but love to share their gaming stories and bring their opinion on all things video games.If you want to join in and get writing send an email with some example work, either a review or opinion piece, to rossco@mygameslounge.com.

These 3 authors are the main contributors to MGL, creating articles, reviews or news updates on a weekly basis.

Ross Denby AKA ``Respawn Rossco``

Rossco is the co-founder of MGL and loves a game with a good single player story. His nickname "Respawn Rossco" comes from his inability to play online shooters, yet he continues to try! His articles are all about enjoying gaming no matter the format you play, he updates MGL daily with news, reviews and in-depth articles.

Latest Articles From Rossco

Starlink Battle for Atlas Story Trailer Revealvideo

Starlink Battle for Atlas Story Trailer for PS4, Xbox One and Switch Released

We have some new footage on a game that really impressed us recently. This new Starlink Battle for Atlas story trailer arrives as the game...

Marvel Spider-Man Review

True believers! We finally have a truly outstanding Spider-Man game (don't forget the hyphen) thanks to the team at Insomniac Games. A title that...

David Gault AKA ``David Game``

When he's not reviewing the world, David Game spends his time providing himself with an alias that leaves nothing to the imagination. Visit his Twitter @DavidGameGames if you want to follow and be updated on most of the My Games Lounge review content!

Latest Articles From David

6 Reasons I Can’t Wait for Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 – (Best E3...

We saw some amazing footage of Ghost of Tsushima at E3 2018. Since the show I have been thinking back to the moment I saw...

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Review – “Two Steps Backs”

If the Ni no Kuni 2 Review has taught me anything, it's that Ni no Kuni II is the most disappointing game I've ever played....

Neal Noakes AKA ``Malachi``

Neal loves Pokémon, skyrim, oblivion and every third shooter. He covers Indies, Xbox and PlayStation. He writes obscure references into most of his work, see if you can see them all. His favourite food is chicken, he hates crowded places, and will fight you if you disrespect Prototype. He can be found on twitter and Instagram where he mostly posts about gaming and his many writing pursuits.

Latest Articles From Neal

Strange brigade review main image

Strange Brigade Review

The Strange Brigade are called on in times of need. And when an ancient evil awakens in Rebellion's new title, they get that very...

Titan Quest Review

Myths and legends come to life in this isometric top view hack and slash dungeon crawl RPG. As a PC game, Titan Quest has...

Natalie Hines

Hey there! I'm Natalie and I've been gaming pretty much all my life. I'll play whatever looks good to me but I have a soft spot for RPGs. Character customisation is my thing and I'll spend hours creating the perfect character (literally)! Coexist!

Latest Articles From Nat

Hyper Universe review main image

Hyper Universe Review (Xbox One)

As if we didn't have enough MOBA's in the world today, Hyper Universe adds one more to that list but does it with a...

Go Vacation Review (Nintendo Switch)

A long time ago back in the ancient days of 2011, Bandai Namco released a sports game on the Nintendo Wii. Titled 'Go Vacation',...

Lawrence Bowyer

Gaming since 1977 on the Atari, was lucky enough to live through the era of the emergence of home gaming technology. You name it I've probably played it, from home computers to modern generation consoles. Particularly interested in RPG, RTS and handheld console gaming. Yes I'm an old gaming dude!

Latest Articles From Lawrence

Red's Kingdom Review main image

Red’s Kingdom Review (Nintendo Switch)

Red's Kingdom is a fun rolling puzzle game where you control Red an angry squirrel who's on a mission. A mission to recover his...

Unexplored Unlocked Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

Unexplored is a 'rogue-lite' dungeon crawler game with puzzles and roleplaying elements. Developed by Nephilim game Studios and published by Digerati on the Nintendo Switch....

These authors and gamers make this site what it is, an expression of true gamers opinion. Our contributors bring their opinion on games in form of articles and reviews, read all about them below.

Cat Gillan AKA ``Shotgun Kitten``

Hi all! My name is Cat and I've been gaming since 1997! My main genre is survival horror, but I like to dabble in some retro and RPGs. I would love you to join me in appreciating all things horror, gaming and cosplay! Happy gaming! <3

Lewis Milligan AKA ``The mighty Thrain``

Lewis is a PC and PlayStation 4 gamer and streamer. He loves a good strategy game along with a rich RPG or MMO. On MGL he is reviewing PC games along with contributing to the Let's Plays and Podcast.

Gavin Cooper AKA ``The Gav of War``

Elder statesman of MGL & Co-Founder. The Gav of War aka Gavdalf, just Gav really:) I started gaming on the Rowtron, (yup look it up), Atari 2600, Amiga, Megadrive and in the Arcades. I do lets plays, reviews and rant a lot on twitter. I game to have fun, that is all