We do of course love a good Indie Game here on MGLand we’ve been checking out Blitzkrieg 3 over the weekend following the game releasing on Steam Early Access and we are enjoying playing some classic RTS gaming and while the game itself lacks a little depth of the previous installments so far, with some continued update’s its showing some promise.

You have a few modes to play, single player campaign is very similar to the older games but has simplified the RPG elements to the game somewhat but you still have some very fun RTS gameplay that sees you taking part in some of the classic battles of World War 2. Multiplayer mode sees you creating units and defenses and taking on those of other players in more RTS mixed with some modern ideas of upgrading your buildings to give you more capabilities all done with NO micro-transactions which is only a good thing.

While in it’s present state the game lacks a little depth on previous titles its one to have a look at on Steam and see our more in depth analysis later this week on My Games Lounge. Some more information on Blitzkrieg 3 is below.

Standard Edition

  • Multiplayer game mode, allowing you to fight with real players from all over the world
  • Epic single-player campign, covering the entirety of World War II – from the German invasion of Poland in 1939 to the capture of Berlin by Soviet troops in 1945.

Delux Edition

  • Exclusive historical generals including Konstantin Rokossovsky, Erich von Manstein and Bernard L. Montgomery, each containing unique in-game abilities
  • Unique in-game tanks, replacing standard models in the players army: Reinforced Т-34-76, modified Sherman tank and Panther M10
  • In-game rewards – “silver plated nickname” (In the in-game chat, your name will be highlighted in silver, accentuating your status as a Blitzkrieg 3 special edition holder), and  silver “Statue of Leader” which will adorn your base (different for each faction)
  • An additional single-player mission featuring the Heavy Gustaf – the largest railway gun of World War II

Release Info

Nival is  an independent game developer renowned for their strategy games, have announced that Blitzkrieg 3, the long awaited next installment to one of their most beloved franchises, is out now on Steam Early Access in two editions. Nival have also released details of a limited time offer for anyone purchasing the game up until May 12th.

“I am a huge fan of Real Time Strategy Games, but finding a really good one to play is so rare nowadays which is one of the reasons we decided to make Blitzkrieg 3. We applied all of our 18 years worth of experience in Real Time Strategy in to this game to male it really innovative, to re-invent the genre, and to hopefully set a new benchmark”

Commented Sergey Orlowskiy, the CEO and founder of Nival.

As an added thank-you to everyone who purchases Blitzkrieg 3 on Steam from May 6th to May 12th, digital copies of the first and second part of the Blitzkrieg Anthology will also be included. Blitzkrieg Anthologies includes the first two games in the series along with all the official add-ons.

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