One of the games we couldn’t wait to get our hands on at EGX Rezzed was the recently announced Sublevel Zero by Sigtrap Games a game being made right where My Games Lounge is based, Yorkshire! This is awesome but also begs the question… why did we go all the way to London to play it?

Crazy logic aside we had a great time and in the video we spoke with the developer and creator of Sublevel Zero, Gary who is very proud and humbled by the response the game is getting from the gaming community. We played it, we spoke to him and we think the game was one of the best of the entire show, hence why it’s so busy and a little noisy in the Indie Room!


Playing the game on the Oculus Rift is an experience of immersion that really suits the game. The classic Sci-Fi graphics style has the look of a modern Tron style world with glowing walls of light everywhere, striking colour and interesting designs. For EGX the level was built using the procedural mechanics; each time you start a level it generates from a Seed and becomes static and share-able with friends which is a cool feature, but for stability they continued to use the same layout for demo purposes.

The level design was striking and the control of the ship was smooth, perhaps a little too smooth using Oculus as my motion sickness crept into the game a few on some more crazy barrel rolls and dips. But not many people suffered from it and as a person sensitive it may be something to watch but may well not affect everyone like it did myself.


Fortunately playing on the screen the experience was just as exciting with some great combat and loots of items to loot! Other than the potential sickness the only other criticism so far that we could make, and a few other gamers noted as well, there were a few two many things glowing to tell the difference between what to shoot and what not to shoot. But the developers have confirmed that this is something they are going to work on now until release of the title this summer.

With a cool crafting system for loot, where you can combine 3 items to make a superior item or use them right away, sharing of maps, the added intensity you get from a permadeath structure Sublevel Zero is so far everything it promises and has tight, responsive controls and really stands out as one of the best games on show at this years EGX Rezzed.

Enjoy the interview and we have More to Come From EGX Rezzed HERE and more from Sublevel Zero very soon.

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