We are just about recovered from the fantastic show from PlayStation at Paris Games Week. It was a surprise to me and the team here to see some many titles on show, particularly some impressive new and upcoming PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro titles. The Last of Us Part 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War were all on show. Plus we saw the new game Sucker Punch has been working on for over 3 years now.

Personally, I was really emotionally strained watching the new Detroit: Become Human gameplay. And totally blown away by Concrete Genie’s amazing concept and visuals.

So, rather than mess around with lots of clicks on different articles, or next buttons and page reloads all over the place I’ve done this round up. The headline games and other videos from the Showcase from Sony PlayStation at Paris games week, including the whole thing if you like. Since this is a pretty one-stop-shop for everything you need… do Share This and help fellow gamers save clicks!

As ever gamers, we have a distracting side quest for you to do by getting into the comments section…

Side quest

Which game stands out as THE BEST from the PlayStation at Paris Games Week?

I know many will say The Last of Us Part 2 and it’s a fair pick. For me it was the emotion pulling Detroit but I look forward to hearing what you think in the Disqus Comments below the article.

Full Show

So the show got started a while before with some indie game announcements and conversations between the panel. The main showcase is where the meat is and comes with some impressive games to show.

Below is the whole thing from the start of the Showcase, you can skip back to the pre-show if you like but pressing play just starts of right as the Showcase does!

The Last of Us Part 2 Cinematic

On to the big one gamers, damn this looks so good. I was a little confused at first since the clip goes in a different direction to what i was expecting. There is also some unusual references from the characters here regarding the infected population and other characters.

Neil Druckmann also gave a little insight into what is going on, but didn’t give much away. Nor any clue as to the release, but it’s more than worth a watch.

Ghost of Tsushima – New Sucker Punch IP

This kicked of the main show as the big opening reveal, one that had me a little confused what it was. I was also shocked this is the new Sucker Punch game since I really expected them to stay somewhere in the InFamous universe.

But it’s already been seen with Guerrilla Games and Horizon Zero Dawnwhere the new IP became better than the safe, established franchise.

This is all about being a Samurai in another open world setting, but a more reality based one in Japan. The game takes place in 1274 and focuses on real war. It all looks very cool, and there was another short interview with the development team to enjoy too.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Now, it says a lot about the quality of the other games that Spider-Man was not top of my list because the Gameplay Last Time was spectacular. No pun intended… honest.

This time we get more of the Peter Parker side to this new story. The game follows more than just the Spider side of his personality and like good Marvel stories will concentrate on his alter-ego somewhat.

This was a nice touch, perhaps not the same impact as the E3 gameplay but it really shows where the story is going.

Detroit Become Human Gameplay

This was a hard watch! As a man with a daughter of my own, I struggled with this entire scene emotionally. But that is what great games, and particularly Quantic Dream games do: get you feeling something.

To do that in a trailer rather than the game itself is also rather impressive.

Once again, if you have seen previous gameplay, we are shown a scene featuring one of these AI humans that live to serve people. Again the power is in your choices as you let the scene play out how you decided it do during the gameplay. Like before there are some very bad outcomes and some… better ones are possible too. This looks a return to form and it’s coming in 2018.

God of War Gameplay

Kratos is edging closer to his return in a non-remastered game with the new God of War coming early 2018. The latest gameplay shows some more action as you take on some monsters father and son.

It’s all looking mighty impressive and the change in the combat looks like it’s going to work nicely. I was also impressed with the contribution to the fight Kratos’ son makes helping direct you to enemies and even supporting you in combat.

I’m a God of War fan from the previous games but I do like this change to the formula and it will feel like a new IP almost.

Concrete Genie

Wow, just wow. I was stunned by this, I was a bit turned off at first as it looked less special in the first few moments than it actually is. Keep watching because this is outstanding creativity and a game that looks stunning.

The premise of the game is all about creating living artwork around the town while some not very nice kids are trying to stop you. But you carry on and create creatures to help you through your journey by unlocking paths with their abilities.

Visually its gorgeous and the creativity is off the scale. Let’s hope this delivers next year.

Destiny 2 Expansion – The Curse of Osiris

More on some known games now and we got to see the latest expansion details for Destiny 2. The sequel is one hell of a package on it’s own, one that is far better as a package than the original could dream of.

Now we know we’re heading to Mercury to meet Osiris and some rather mean looking Vex that are here to change our reality.

It seems we are in for some more story content here and a new Vanguard member in Osiris too who was Ikora’s mentor. More of what is a great game can only be good, we also know it’s here before Christmas!

Shadow of the Colossus Remaster

A classic of a game, Shadow of the Colossus is coming back again and it’s looking very very nice. This classic is getting the full remaster treatment on PS4 and it’s one of those that really deserves it.

Here we get to see some of that amazing, Team Ico gameplay looking all polished in HD.

One to re-visit or to experience for those who missed this classic.

Other videos from the show

This was not the end of the show either, there were plenty of other titles shown off including an appearance for Aloy in Monster Hunter World. Plus there is more on Far Cry 5 and the co-op mode.

There is more to enjoy below too from what was a really impressive show. All in all there was a lot to enjoy at the show which was a lot more rich in content than I was expecting. With the PlayStation Experience to come in December there might yet be more!

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