8 Amazing New God of War Gameplay Features We’re Excited About

God of War is releasing soon and we look at the new features that stand out about the game in our preview.


We are seriously getting excited for God of War here at MGL gamers. The latest Kartos adventure from Santa Monica Studio has us all wondering if this could be one of the best games of 2018… maybe one of the best ever. With the game launching on April 20th exclusively on PS4 with Pro support, here are 8 new God of War gameplay features the game boasts.

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9What stands out about God of War to you?

We like to keep you involved here on MGL, it’s not all about what we think! I want to know…

What about this updated God of War really makes you want to play it this month?

Personally, I think the new norse mythology and new weapon stands out the most to me. I can’t wait to start throwing that axe around! But that’s me, what about you? Get in those Disqus and Facebook comments and let me know.

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8New Combat System

Perhaps the most controversial change here is the combat system. Gone is the wide view and the action focus on the combat. Here in the new God of War you’ll have a tighter view of the battlefield, a little reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games or the recent changes to Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The latter there really did take the series to new heights with the change to shoulder button combat that is more intense. The same is happening here in God of War, no longer are the face buttons the default combat system, although it’s apparently an option to use them.

Instead, it’s a much more strategic combat with combinations mapped to triggers.

So far the gameplay looks a nice mixture of the updated strategy and the classic God of War brutality! Something we are happy about here, and it’s summed up by the new weapon too…

7The Leviathan Axe

The chains are no longer Kratos’s main weapon as the Blades of Athena/Chaos are replaced with this beastly Axe. Being older, more beardier there seemed the need to make Kratos feel slightly bigger and heavier in the game. This is reflected in his rather meaty weapon too…

I mean the axe, don’t be childish!

The axe has an element of Thor’s hammer to it as you can throw the weapon and call it back. This is not automatic however, you need to instruct the weapon since there are combinations you can take on.

With the axe trapped inside an enemy you can go in with your fists or shield and smash them to bits. And, lining up enemies in front of you in line with the Leviathan Axe as you recall it, can do some serious crowd control damage.

So far the weapon has showed an ice style magic on there with abilities tied to Kratos and his spartan rage. I expect there are more to unlock as you progress and soon we’ll be enchanting it with other elements and abilities as we play.

6Boss Fights

One thing the series will continue the theme of is epic boss fights. While much has changed in the game, this is one thing to expect. But, when you consider the new mythology we are experiencing here. Plus all the changes to the combat system, expect things to be a little different too.

The big change, to what we know so far, is the QTEs being replaced with true combat. There is always the need to strategically be aware of the enemy and it’s attacks here.

Plus, we are going to see some big enemies. But we are going to feel the scale still from the tight, shoulder perspective of Kratos rather than the epic scale of the original games, where you almost fade into a tiny spec.

It’s all about that closeness, feeling what Kratos is and making each fight feel like it might be your last. Where the originals it seemed more like Kratos was always going to win, but for us messing it up. Here it’s all a bit more challenging, especially the boss fights!

5RPG Elements

New God of War Gameplay Features

Depth is all over this new God of War and gone are the red orbs for upgrades, we are into RPG style leveling here. You’ll be upgrading your Kratos how you want to play in this game and it’s sure to be something to really help with the more challenging confrontations.

From what is out there right now, it appears to be something like the Tomb Raider type modifications. You’ll have the choice how you develop your weapons and Kratos through the game.

While they are keeping a lot of this under wraps, it’s clear there is a lot of potential here. We may see modifications to the Leviathan Axe. Or maybe new weapons entirely to play with as you progress in the game. Certainly added quality to the game that should add to the more personal experience of God of War this time.

4A New World To Explore

The original games were mainly a linear experience with some elements of finding hidden secrets. Here we are taking Kratos and his son on more of an expansive adventure.

While not open world, creative director Cory Barlog has confirmed this was not something they wanted to do, the game does want you to explore the locations. This means that as you take on the story and the world there will be plenty of other things to do.

To make this work it appears there is more of a adventure pace to the game rather than action. Where before it was rarely quiet in the previous God of War games. Here we’ll be focusing on some quieter sections that allow for exploration, problem solving and of course story.

Another change here that sees this being a very different game to what the original titles have been.

3Kratos’ Son, Atreus

I’ve been saving this one, but we can’t get away from the fact this is no longer a one-man-army. Krotos is on this journey with his son, Atreus who will be with you though the game and will be key to a number of elements in the story.

Firstly, both he and Kratos have lost his mother Faye although her death remains a mystery for now.

Atreus though has also been without Kratos for some time too. His relationship will develop through the game and the adventure with you. But there are also a lot of questions around his character which the story of the game will no doubt reveal as we play.

But, he is the son of The God of War and therefore is no ordinary boy. On the journey he will be helping in combat with his bow (when he learns not to shoot Kratos with it!) and control over some magic elements too. He’s also support with solving puzzles and reading the language of the land you explore.

I can only guess but, could we have a The Last of Us moment in the story and actually control him for a section? I wouldn’t be surprised.

2A Deeper Kratos

Kratos was angry. I mean, not like he’s just conceded a 94th minute goal of FIFA angry. All his family are dead kind of angry. But, for me, that had ran its course for me by the end of the final game.

In effect, all of the first 3 games are very much in a small space of time in his battle against the gods. That behind him it was time for his character to calm down… although only a little bit.

Kratos certainly has moved on and grown up in this new God of War. And he’s grown a quality beard too. As we all know, with great beard comes great responsibility!

He’s an older, wiser and seemingly calmer Kratos on the surface. He’s still distant in many ways, as we’ve seen in the story trailers much of his emotions towards his son are clearly there. Expressing them appears to be the challenge.

But he’s no less tough either. It’s also clear from the gameplay he’s still got that viciousness within him when challenged. But also the tactical awareness that maybe would have been replaced with aggression and chaos previously.

Bottom line for me: Kratos now has more than one dimension. He was cool before, a simple angry character with an awful past to make him that way. Now though, he’s more than that and it’s going to make this story even better to see develop.

1A New Mythology

The gods of Olympus and the war with Zeus was amazing. As someone who loved the greek mythology growing up, I was loving this side to God of War originally. But, once again we got to a point in the series where there was no place to go. Especially with the ending to 3, a game well worth playing even now.

But this new God of War starts a new story with a new mythology. All of which set in the Norse regions. It also means newcomers to the series don’t need to play all the other games to catch up. Much like Uncharted 4, you can just play this story and get a lot out of it alone.

Here we have the more human related world of gods. Norse gods are a bit closer to the people of the land rather than the immortal beings that live on mount olympus. Obviously Zeus was a horny devil and was always making babies. But generally, Norse gods are a lot more grounded in comparison.

This is another reason the game is going into this newer style, it suits the beings that Kratos will come up against. Who will feature? I find it hard to believe people like Thor, Loki and Odin won’t make an appearance. Even if it’s somewhat close to the Marvel Universe, I think they will have their own interpretation and, I expect Kratos will introduce himself in his usual way.

I can’t wait to find out more about this side of the game personally.

Will you be getting God of War?

Impressed? There are some impressive, new God of War gameplay features for us to get very excited about before April 20 gamers. But, has it impressed you on our list, or elsewhere? Or do you think it might be too different to what the fans expect? Let me know either way in the comments below.

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