I love Mass Effect just like many of us gamers here on MGL. While the internet is in meltdown over animations we are getting together out thoughts on Bioware’s latest title and if it meets expectations. Rossco was unsure if it can meet them when the full game is here. Until it we have that completed and a review ready here are my Mass Effect Andromeda early impressions that certainly have more positives than negatives.

The internet can take things to extremes and there is more to this game than poor facial animations even though it may not live up to the original trilogy in the end.

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Starting up the trial for the first time, I felt super excited. Like a kid at Christmas. The Mass Effect franchise is one of my favourite game series of all time and I was so excited to get back into that universe. I was greeted onto the menu screen with slow, brooding piano music and clicked the custom character option.

Mass Effect Andromeda Early Impressions Ryder
Choose your Ryder!

I had a great time creating my Sara Ryder, and although it makes sense, the ability to customise your twin was also enjoyable and I spent a decent amount of time editing them to make them perfect.

The character customisation in Andromeda felt like it was one step forward, and one back again. In some areas it had definitely improved, like the hair options, and little details and imperfections on skin, but it seems to have lost a lot of the options that were present in the previous ME’s and even Dragon Age Inquisition.

No longer can you select a preset face and edit everything about it, there are no more sliders to choose different eyes, mouths, or noses anymore, so your Ryder might not look too different from the preset you wanted to change. This didn’t bother me too much (I was still able to create my perfect Ryder), but this might rub some people the wrong way. Unfortunately if you like the face shape of a preset who is asian, you can’t then change that presets ethnicity to be black or white.

I played with headphones, and this is definitely the way to play this game. The sound is INTENSE. Everything sounds so crisp clear and the music is epic, it literally gave me goosebumps and got me even more excited to get started. From what I played, I am very pleased with the voice acting.

Unpopular Opinion Alert

I didn’t actually like Jennifer Hales voice acting for FemShep, it annoyed me how her sentences always ended in her whispering and she never really showed even a fragment of emotion, which you’d think someone who has the fate of the entire galaxy in their hands would at least show a little of.

Mass Effect Andromeda Early Impressions image 2My Sara Ryder woke up, and already she sounded full of personality and emotion, and with the dialogue options I was choosing, I instantly liked her. Natalie Dormer also did a terrific job voicing Dr Lexi T’Perro, she didn’t sound out of place or like she was reading off a script.

Now let’s talk facial animations. They’re REALLY not as bad as people are making them out to be. Trust me. Playing with a custom Ryder, I didn’t notice any of these ‘problems’, so I’m personally not sure if it’s just a default Ryder thing, but even with a default Ryder from what I’ve seen, the animations don’t look that bad, people are just blowing it out of proportion.

Getting Into The Action

My first mission, which I won’t fully go into due to spoilers, really set up the tone of the game and how the exploration aspect will come into play. The environment was beautiful and I stood there for a good while just staring at it all before I continued. The details and textures looked awesome and I found myself looking in every nook, cranny and cave to see more and to explore the surroundings.

Mass Effect Andromeda Early Impressions image 3The combat is similar to Mass Effect 3. Your powers are tied to LB, RB and both together. There are ammo crates scattered around the battlefield so you don’t have to worry about picking up ammo drops from enemies, and the auto cover system feels really smooth. Just run up to cover with your weapon drawn and Ryder will automatically duck. This is handy in the middle of a gunfight when you’re moving from cover to cover, and clicking the right stick will change which way you’re facing so you can shoot with ease.

Thoughts So Far

I’m SUPER excited for the full game, and I will absolutely lose myself in it and I swear nobody will see me for weeks. If you have an Xbox One and haven’t tried it out yet, or are on the fence whether you want it or not, I highly recommend getting EA Access and playing the trial for yourself and see what you think.

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