With the sequel about to release, I thought it best if Rossco Revisits this month was on the original Watch Dogs. A game that came with a mass of hype and expectations, but never reached the level predicted for a number of reasons. So here I’ll focus on 5 features Watch Dogs 2 must get right to make this series worth continuing further.

That’s a big statement of course, but should it not deliver why would Ubisoft continue with it with so many other IP’s doing well?

But it’s not like the concept, ideas and potential is not there in Watch Dogs, but first time out they failed to capitalise. They must do it right this time. And with Ubisoft releasing the game Tuesday 15th November (tomorrow as this publishes) on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This could be our last game in the series of it doesn’t deliver a great game this time.

Here you have a complete package of an article split into 3 parts. The first is a look at the features and improvements needed in Watch Dogs 2, including an accompanying video with me playing and narrating the original game.

Part two is a preview of Watch Dogs 2 while part 3 is a fact-file of the game including official details and videos all in one place. If you are unsure about if you want to get Watch Dogs 2 or not, you should be closer by the end of this!

As ever, please drop me a comment about the game and the article if you like. Both Disqus and Facebook Comments are available at the end of each page. I’ll read them, promise! OK, let’s hack our way into the original game.

1The 5 Features Watch Dogs 2 Must Get Right

The original game was one of epic build up, loads of hype and some amazing presentations. Only to release as a good game, but not the expected final product. In the end, what we got didn’t live up to the expectations.

What it had in great ideas it lost them in their execution, and with a rather dull lead character, I soon lost interest.

For more of my thoughts, watch the Rossco Revisits video below.

Below are the details old like to see improved on in Watch Dogs 2.

1. Make a Better Start

key features watchdogs 2 Original WashingLike I said in the video, why advertise and promote a beautiful, open world game that full of amazing, fun things to do (more on that later). Then start the experience in in storage cupboard… looking at 1080p washing going around in a Next Gen washing machine.


Obviously the game doesn’t need to let me loose on the world right away but why start there? He had to find that person at the begging of the game to beat him up and try to get the information.

Why not just start me around the corner with a beautiful sunset as I drive to grab the guy. Then give him the questioning (but still, somewhere better than a cupboard!).

Watch Dogs 2 is under scrutiny from gamers like me and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. The sequel needs to be WOW from the first minute and really suck us all in.

2. An Exciting Protagonist

Watch Dogs 2 First Trailer 2I liked the idea of this cook guy walking around hacking anything he wants, being a against the system sort of spy looked awesome. The reality was a dull guy who was trying to be the love child of Solid Snake and Jack Bauer but with the personality of Buzz Killington from Family Guy.

He just never convinced me nor did he interest me.

Everything was just a little middle of the road. His motivations could have been dramatic since it was the death of his niece, but it didn’t have the impact he should have done. Then there were his cut sequence moments where the man was simply dull and I found myself wanting to play as his companions instead.

In Watch Dogs 2 we know we are getting a new lead, but they simply cannot make the same mistake again. Marcus must be more interesting, have more character and motivate me to find out more on his story.

3. A More Interesting Story

key features watchdogs 2 tech
Now, this is not to say the story to Watch Dogs was Bad, I just found it all highly predictable. Now I won’t spoil anything here but there are some choices at the end and there are a few twists in the plot along the way. They certainly did try to make it something to enjoy, but like a number of things in the game, they didn’t make them count.

There wasn’t one turn I didn’t think was coming through the game, and with the Main Character and the villains not being overly convincing it left me a bit, mehh.

The ending was certainly better than the beginning however so there is some elements to build on here as DedSec are going to war with cTOS this time. This more open confrontation should lead to some richer story elements if done right. Hopefully we get something a bit more exciting throughout the experience to keep us playing.

4. Better Driving

Watch Dogs 2 First Trailer 1Like I said in the video above. I’ve been in games with planes and helicopters that felt less floaty than the cars in Watch Dogs. I have no issue with arcade style, loose driving physics. GTA does it more recently it was done in the somewhat Harshly Treated Mafia 3 too. But here in Watch Dogs it was painful.

This sapped the fun right out of any side quest involving driving for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no racer who wants to see Forza style physics. I’m not particularly fond on racing titles; I just want it to feel good when I get into a vehicle, especially to complete a mission. I found the driving frustrating and gave so little motivation to come back to the open world lost any sense of fun.

This has apparently really taken a focus within the development this time around. Ubisoft have made this clear in their videos (See them Here) that this has been developed based on player feedback which is only a good thing. Let’s hope getting around San Francisco Bay and getting those driving missions is a lot more engaging.

5. Make it Fun!

key features watchdogs 2 TakedownOpen World games are supposed to be fun! Let’s hope we get some of it this time. The driving of course was a big cause of this but the missions in the city could have been more entertaining.

Creating giant sandboxes is Ubisoft’s strength so it was a bit disappointing to see the game not quite be as fun as other releases. Chances are they are going to go big on the addictive factor with Watch Dogs too.

This all comes together and we have one awesome game.


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  1. […] 5 Key Features Watch Dogs 2 Must Get Right At Launch – Rossco Revisits. The original game was one of epic build up, loads of hype and some amazing presentations. Only to release as a good game, but not the expected final product. In the end, what we got didn’t live up to the expectations. What it had in great ideas it lost them in their execution, and with a rather dull lead character, I soon lost interest. […]


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