Horizon Zero Dawn is one amazing experience and one we here at MGL can’t stop playing right now. With all the reviews getting out so early we are still catching up, but we really have been sucked right into the world of Aloy and these amazing machines. Whether you are the same as us, or are waiting for funds or even a price drop, here are the 7 reasons we think Horizon Zero Dawn is a must play game.

We don’t want to boss you around or spend your money for you, but this game has so much going for it we simply feel it has something for every gamer out there.

Read our thoughts in the sections below. Did we miss one? Are we wrong? Use the Disqus Comments at the end to let us know what you think.

7It’s Gorgeous

For us here at MGL we are not big on appearances and don’t think graphics are everything, and certainly don’t make the game. But they are a massive bonus when it creates something special. Especially when it comes to storytelling and pulling you into a world like this one.

From the moment Horizon starts, even before the new game is even started are pulled into this gorgeous world and the story of Aloy. Everything from the facial details to the foliage around you as you move and the wet-look your clothes and skin get as it rains or you go for a swim.

This game is stunning and is up with Uncharted 4(review) in terms of console graphical performance. So much so that photo-mode is genuinely worth using since you’ll stop to take in the views at times anyway.

6An Amazing World

Even in the early moments of the game you really get the feeling you are in a wide-open world with so much to find. Then things open up further and you see the depth of everything you can do. Some people on the team got well over level 20 before they really get into the meat of this land.

But then the game opens up more and more as you hit milestones and you realise the variety of it all.

There are forest areas with some beautiful natural areas to enjoy, snowy regions that take you into areas so cold looking you may start shivering. Ruins of the old world, our world if you like, are all around all decaying that make this game incredibly unique. As an open-world to explore and just get lost in, this is one of the best.

5Aloy is awesome

After my article focused on Aloy as portrayed by Ashly Burch I was really coming in with high hopes for the lead of this game. Thankfully it was realised as you first build a nice connection with her from a young age in the introduction. Soon taking on her quest as a young adventurer and one of PlayStation’s best characters to date.

What’s best about here though, she is partly shaped by you. Not to the levels of Shepard (or the Ryder twins!) in Mass Effect but her responses being under your control in terms of emotional involvement make her feel unique to you.

Even in moments when you don’t get to choose, she is really well portrayed by Ashly and her dialogue is always nicely put together, especially her little comments as you interact with the world.

4Mysterious locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Is A Must play game Image 4

The interesting part of Horizon other than the face value ideas is what’s hidden beneath everything you see going on. Sure the amazing post-post-apocalyptic world is unique and special in itself, but the questions as to how it got the way it did and the rise of these amazing machines are massive in this game.

Along your journey around the world you’ll find things that are hints at the bigger picture, making collectables genuinely interesting to pick up rather than a simple chore for you trophy hunters out there.

Getting into cauldrons, machine controlled underground areas, gives you some benefits and give you an idea of where these beasts come from. While the main plot also lets you know what’s going on as you play, a lot of it is down to you to explore and find out.

3The Amazing Machine Robots

Speaking of those machines, we can’t get this far down the list and not mention the amazing robotic creatures you meet around the world. The biggest thing to say about them all is how much variety you find as the map opens up and you see all the different classes of machines.

Watchers are the main headline creature of course but soon you are taking on giant panther like beasts or the highly aggressive crocodile like machines near the waters in the western areas. Not to mention that big boy the Thunderjaw and the ice spitting robotic birds.

Most of the main creatures were detailed by Sony in some cool videos but to meet them, and take them on in person is incredible. What also stands out is the quality on the AI with some creatures really taking some skill to take down on the harder difficulties.

All of them are incredibly designed however and really make this game what it is.

2Addictive missions

Horizon Zero Dawn Is A Must play game Image 6

Open worlds are everywhere in the gaming world at the moment. You can’t get away from them and their mechanics. It takes something special to stand out as exceptional here and this is what Horizon does with its addictive missions.

Even as you get into the story you are wrapped up in Aloy and what’s going on with her exile from the main Nora tribe. But as you explore the wonderful world you get into all kinds of situations and adventures you’ll find hard to pass up.

Camps with bandits ready to be taken over lie in wait and will tempt you to clear out as you go past. Following trails from people as they flee the machines or simply lose their way will get you hooked investigating what happened in Witcher 3 style hunts. You’ll find it hard to stop picking up every quest going and even hunting down the collectable items.

1Perfect Combat Mechanics

Finally one thing the entire team can’t stop talking about is how damn good the combat feels in Horizon Zero Dawn. And it’s something we’re all approaching differently too.

The stealth element is amazing and you can really take down the machines or with a silent and deadly approach should you want to go unseen. Or you can get in there and take things down from distance with your bow, or mix it up close with some fast shooting bows and melee combat.

What’s best though is how good it all feels regardless of your style. Especially when you take on the big machines and the corruption areas that can be a big challenge. It’s wonderful and never feels to get old which will certainly help keep you coming back for more in Horizon, even when the main quests are all done.

There are a few things that stop the game being perfect, a few bugs have hampered us slightly. Plus the skill tree is overly simple for such a big game. But overall this is a wonderful experience and one all gamers could enjoy in different ways.

We hope this helped you decide on the game or affirmed your opinion on it. Do you agree? Is this a game most gamers could really enjoy? Get commenting below using Disqus or Facebook Comments and we’ll check out what you have to say.

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